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  1. Look, friend, I don't think the mods want a debate thread in this sub-forum, but luckily for you, we are 72 pages in here: Back on topic, lol:
  2. ZACKLY! We are on our second multi-page flat earth thread and there has still been no proof showing us to be doing anything close to this:
  3. Trolling a fake moon landing thread with off topic idiocy? Golly gee, who would do that? Who benefits perhaps? @Messenger, It's not like a "former scientist for Lockheed Martin" could possibly be controlled opposition. You funny! Deathbed confession... hah!
  4. As shown above, gravity is simply not needed to explain anything here. Give these questions an honest shot: Why do you need gravity to explain why 10 pounds of rocks falls to the ground while 10 pounds of helium rises to the sky? Why do rain drops fall through air? Why do air bubbles rise through water? It is called relative density... perhaps we agree here? Einstein is certainly wrong, but it has nothing to do with anything traveling faster than light. Once he removed the aether from the equation, nothing else mattered (pun intended). In fact, had there never had been physicists such as Airy, Michelson, Morley, Gale, Sagnac, Kantor, Nordmeyer and others, we would likely never even of heard of Albert, nor the idiocy that was attributed to him.
  5. Great idea, whoever came up with this forum! Some can learn more from a meme than any other way.
  6. Oh, this is getting exciting! Here's my plan. We need to sink up on four days, both the following two equinoxes and the two solstices. That would be ideal. If you could just be available for the solstices, that would be fine as well. We need to set our cameras up identically, angled up at 180 degrees. We will use spirit levels to make sure our lenses are pointed correctly. On the next available of the four (or two) days: Or very close to the above we will start recording just prior to first light and we will stop recording just after darkness. That's really it. I will then put the two shots together in one video, side-by-side, and we'll compare. What say you?
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