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  1. I actually feel pretty handcuffed on what I can even say here, but it would be great if this could somehow get to David. @GarethIcke?
  2. Look up "replicable." And see the post you literally just quoted. I literally just described the method, as this must be done so those who follow can, in fact, have a chance to either replicate or not replicate the results. Keep in mind, the results will be the raw footage timestamped side-by-side. I hate giving ammo to nasa trolls, but I have issues both with Eric and also his idiot mod who goes by shpankme (or something close). Eric was the guy who gave us the Zetetics and all of their work, but how the hell did he even learn of it? And I love his presentations, but his idea of a research forum is far different than mine. Dude? We in?
  3. Hi, Theo, it's been too long, lol. This is for observational purposes that can then be replicated. That is all.
  4. Folks, why would they have to continue to fake the 24 hour sun if it existed? Think!
  5. γνῶθι σεαυτόν or "Know thyself" is probably the most famous of the Delphic maxims. It was first attributed to the Greek god, Apollo. Apollo was their god of music, harmony and light. γνῶθι σεαυτόν was carved into the entrance of the temple named for Apollo at Delphi, centuries before Christ.
  6. Trolling a fake moon landing thread with off topic idiocy? Golly gee, who would do that? Who benefits perhaps? @Messenger, It's not like a "former scientist for Lockheed Martin" could possibly be controlled opposition. You funny! Deathbed confession... hah!
  7. Oh, this is getting exciting! Here's my plan. We need to sink up on four days, both the following two equinoxes and the two solstices. That would be ideal. If you could just be available for the solstices, that would be fine as well. We need to set our cameras up identically, angled up at 180 degrees. We will use spirit levels to make sure our lenses are pointed correctly. On the next available of the four (or two) days: Or very close to the above we will start recording just prior to first light and we will stop recording just after darkness. That's really it. I will then put the two shots together in one video, side-by-side, and we'll compare. What say you?
  8. Sorry to our ufo, ssp believers, but space, as this [near] "infinite vacuum" is 100% a man made construct. CHANGE MY MIND! If this can be done without the use of logical fallacies such as, but not limited to: Argument from authority - Wikipedia <---You can't just freemasons say this is true Fallacies of Presumption <---You can't assume something NOT PROVEN and then base everything off that Reification (fallacy) - Wikipedia <---YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMETHING UP AND TREAT IT AS REAL False premise - Wikipedia <---Obvious (at least should be) False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. Keep in mind: Fallacy... a failure in reasoning which renders an argument invalid Good luck!
  9. If you could only leave out your crazy, because some of your other thoughts seem spot on.
  10. For anyone interested in this topic, please give yourself about seven minutes to watch this video: Bottom line? This is exactly what we see in all their fake, purposely deceptive videos claiming a 24 hour Sun!
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