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  1. Where is their wailing and gnashing of teeth for the innoculated dead and injured?
  2. Where's Dame Esther when she's needed?
  3. As a result of the dissent on the streets by the Chinese peasantry it is quite possible that the majority of corpses shown piling up in hospitals, funeral homes and morgues died from CCP lead poisoning and not some viral infection.
  4. Heckscher & Company suppliers of the finest quallity German piano wire since 1883 come to mind.
  5. Does the old lady have grounds for unfair dismissal?
  6. The BBC and ITV for have for years filled the viewing public's psyche with hospital soaps giving the notion of a caring NHS, but the reality of that nonsense is that the cemeteries are full of doctor’s mistakes and their medical shenanigans.
  7. My comment was just a nudge to remind us of the amnesia they are cultivating behind their never ending list political charades. They broke up the dissent of the marches by throwing out a few bones of contentment and now a lot of people are too busy gnawing on them and seem to be letting things slide. That is excellent comeback, Tinfoil Hat especially your soap character analogy.
  8. Let's not forget that while they hum their buzzwords those responsible for the last three years of nonsense are conveniently forgotten about.
  9. Reviled reviled reviled: Double speak for we still hate the peasantry.
  10. Where was he when all the dickery was in full swing? Another bearded wonder trying to turn water into wine for his own benefit.
  11. In her photograph she radiates a quality of womanhood never seen amongst females- a sad loss indeed.
  12. As I go about my business I am beginning to notice a lot more ambulances waiting outside of people’s houses. Their propaganda told us that 'thousands will die’ but I never saw the corteges on the road to back up what they were trying to feed us. Now I am seeing a lot more ambulances and wondering whether these jab cabs are the new hearses. .
  13. Protect and Survive, Oh yeah, don't forget to wear your masks and to keep your distance as well.
  14. There is nothing like a good war to bury the truth of the shenanigans of our government over these past two years.
  15. I was a bit taken aback by the ban but The Gabb Cabby later posted up a vidio saying that the ban was for two weeks and not twelve. This is not the vidio but it does show that they were in each others company so I see no reason to doubt him. Cheers.
  16. solowrist


    Your Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch humour is mint but you've set my hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia back years.
  17. My wife pointed out that the "Queen" was wearing her brooch on the her right side. If you check out images of her, you will always see the brooch worn on the left.
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