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  1. I have printed off your last post, Weedo and will show it to my daughter when I see her on Thursday morning when we meet on the old tractor bridge. Thank you for taking the time to answer me and I am truly sorry that you have been ridiculed for your beliefs. Unlike your critics I have no complaints where you are concerned. Thank you so much for the kindness you have shown me regarding my problems. You take care now, Danny.
  2. Hi, Weedo, I was out walking with my eldest daughter yesterday and we ended up sat in the bright sunshine on an old tractor bridge over a river. I ended up telling her about some of the stuff that has been happening at home with me. I didn’t really know why I was telling her about my woes because I thought that I would be just talking to myself. Strewth, if she did not come right back at me with pretty much the same astral explanation that you wrote to me about. I thought, now, where I have heard this before? I smirked a bit and she thought that I was taking the Mickey and so got a bit stroppy with me. When I shown her what you had written she came back with, “see I told you so, dad. I just wanted tell you that and let you that somewhere in time on an old tractor bridge over a river you were in the thoughts of two strangers. The house where I live has had its fair share of strange happenings in the past, but the last few years things have heated up a lot with more activity and I have had more than my fair share of what I term as, “bedroom visitors of late.” For the most part they just stand and stare whilst other times they seem to pass by unawares going about their business. Men, women, and children of various nationalities seem to have taken it upon themselves to drop in on me from time to time. I particularly like the term “magical sabotage.” Does that mean psychic attack? A long time friend of mine once gave me some advice many years ago, he said, “always be polite with people and choose your words wisely.” I have tried to live with that ethos but I have not always been that successful. So maybe somewhere along the way someone, with the knowledge, has gotten the hump and taken to psychic attacking me, it’s just a thought... Portals and vortexes are a strong possibility because I live over old mine workings with underground streams flowing through them. My daughter tells me that water is a good conductor of energy, hence the activity in my home. I can deal with the night walkers by turning over and going to sleep, but the paralysis thing is a different ball game. “Do I believe in a higher power?” I do talk to Something in my quiet moments with the hopes that the Something is listening.
  3. Thanks for the support, Weedo it means a lot to me. I am trying to come to terms with this sleep paralysis thing but I am not doing too well with it. I had another experience with it during the week and came out of it with my heart pounding. I wonder how many people with weak hearts have died in their sleep with heart attacks because the stress involved with the experience. I found what you wrote really fascinating to read and I liked you visual examples immensely. I once read about lower entities gathering around the novice when it comes to astral travelling. Apparently they liked nothing better than to put the wind up the newbie traveller and sink him back with a scare he won’t forget in a hurry. I honestly do not know what has been going on the past year with this stuff. I do know it all seems so very real and in the now. One thing I cannot understand is how something non physical can lift a bed quilt or put their weight on the bed so you can feel it? Once again thank you for your time in writing up such a well thought out response to my post.
  4. I can only speak for myself, Weedo but whilst it was happening there was only overblown anxiety and no rational thought on any sort on my part. The whole experience was bad enough but hearing it mocking me like gave me the resolve to do it, if at all possible, some serious harm. It has happened to me quite a number of times over the past year and I have been going to bed of late with some deep trepidation waiting for it to happen to me again. I have read a lot of explanations about the whys and wherefores of this phenomenon but whether it is all in my mind or a genuine paranormal experience the fear remains the same.
  5. This experience has been happing a lot to me over the past year. Usually it kicks off when I turn out the light and then turn over to go to sleep. The last time it happened I felt the duvet lift and something crawled in and spooned me from behind. It was all very subtle at first and then the paralysis took over and I was fighting the experience for all I was worth. I struggled fiercely with what was happenning to me and was calling for my mother. I am a grown man and my mother has been dead a long time so I was really scared by what was happening at the time. All the time I was straining to move and could hear myself shouting out for her and then whatever was behind laughed at me. This gave me more determination to break free from it and I managed to start moving my hand up to where I thought its throat might be with the sole purpose of getting a grip of it and strangling the snot out of it. I came out of it with my heart pounding when my wife came into the bedroom to see what was going on with me. I am not a soft man and have been in a few scrapes but the fear when it happens, is so overwhelming that I would not wish it on my worst enemy.
  6. She awards the George Cross and he gives us the double cross.
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