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  1. I've been on the train a couple of times and not worn a mask. The only one not wearing one though unfortunately. 

    The conductor never even mentioned it to me, but if he'd have asked I'd have simply said that I have a medical condition. I think most of these conductors would feel awkward asking and would just assume you have a hidden disability or medical condition.

    Not that it's any of their business if they do ask (not obligated to disclose my medical history), but my medical conditions caused by mask wearing are hypercapnia and anxiety. Both technically true ?

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  2. I wouldn't wear a mask on the plane. I'd claim a health condition if challenged.


    Tanzania might be a good shout for a holiday. Their president called bullshit on the whole thing, didn't he? So I think it would be pretty normal there

  3. I decided against it. Can't be doing with all the ridiculous rules, I wouldn't find it relaxing. I understand the police are stricter in places like Spain too

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  4. 12 minutes ago, TruthSeeker27 said:


    It is not my job in a technical sense, no, but it feels that way to me. Perhaps the word "mission" or "calling" would be more fitting. You may see it as fruitless but I don't. From my online correspondences I can confirm that I have successfully awakened others. True, they were more willing to listen than some, but they weren't quite there. Most recently a Canadian woman and myself have been talking quite a lot about this 

    When I say "it may end badly", I refer to this being ultimatley a losing battle. If enough people don't wake up, it is over. Why do you think David recently asked us to share his work? He literally asked us to help spread his messages recently on Bitchute. He did that because he knows, like I do, that to stand a real chance we need numbers. We need more people to resist. Everything is going exactly as they planned at the moment. If it carries on like this, and we reach the grand finale, it will end badly. I don't advocate taking to the streets (not yet at least). All I ask is that we try our best to help others wake up. Show the truth and expose it. 


    Am I unhappy? Perhaps. But not when I'm working to help others and trying to expose the truth. Then I feel good about myself. I feel as though I am making a difference. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know...but I think I am making a difference.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing


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