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  1. 46 minutes ago, Shining-one said:

    Every single government would have to be persuaded to go along with a plan to depopulate their territories. 

    Is that such a stretch? Every single country has so far gone along with harmful lockdowns, economic destruction, masks, unnecessary vaccines; despite all evidence against such measures. Those leaders that haven't gone along with it are vilified or dead (Magufuli).


    A cursory look at Bill Gates' twitter timeline tells you he only cares about two things - vaccines and climate change. In his view, for a sustainable planet, we need less people consuming fewer resources. The only logical aim of all this crap is depopulation, one way or another.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

    I've found it the same. Like speaking to a BBC echo machine. Weirdly, even some of those who are normally anti-establishment will talk about the need to fight against certain legislative aspects of what's happening but stay firmly fixed on the overarching need for everyone to be injected with these gene-altering drugs. Trying to explain the differences between traditional attenuated virus-based vaccines and untested messenger RNA prophylaxis treatments, and the potential implications on health from their use, is met with hostile wilful ignorance. Trying to explain that there's a much bigger picture is met with ridicule.


    I'm stunned by the apparent success of the psychological attack on people's perceptions of the world.

    I think the psychological damage was done in the first few weeks of March/April 2020. The intensity of the propaganda and lockdown was extreme and there was literally no one anywhere in the media giving a counter narrative.

    From the off, I called bullshit on it, educated my family and talked over the news to highlight the spin and manipulation techniques being used and thankfully all my family saw through the MSM very easily. For those who weren't exposed to any kind of counter-narrative early on, there's now a huge confirmation/choice-supportive bias to overcome.

    It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled.

  3. I just got round to watching the Super Bowl half time show. As many have commented on here before, the symbolism and messaging in the Super Bowl half time show is often presented in a brazen way by the cabal, but this year was unbelievable:



    If you can't be bothered watching the full performance, you'll get the gist from the last two minutes. The fully masked up zombified backing dancers, blinded by the lights (media brainwashing), interchanging between a kind of communist/satanic march and dancing energetically and freely. In the end, the camera pans to The Weekend with fireworks in the background, and when it pans back, all the zombified backing dancers are lifeless on the floor.


    All very dark. I don't think this ends well for anyone marching to the tune of the cabal. 


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  4. On 1/15/2021 at 4:06 PM, Michael said:


    The problem is that you cannot count on it, when a country refuses to go along with these enforcements. That might also change rather quickly, because whoever refuses to go along with it, will face pressure.

    Secondly, moving from one country to another is not something one should take lightly, as the culture,climate and language are different and it always seems easy when talked about it, but is a heavy commitment to actually go through with it.


    If you want to disconnect yourself from the system, you have to go to the outback in a bigger country where barely anyone lives. Thats what i would do if moving to another place is the only way out.


    Other than that keep on fighting with all the others that are in the resistance. Its helpful if you find likeminded people in real life and plan out how you can support each other.


    The NWO is going nowhere, unless we overthrow it. Running away might work for you, but most likely not for your kids or the kids after that. There is no easy way out, its probably one of the toughest times humanity ever lived in.

    Yep. The President of Tanzania has been duly killed off...



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  5. UK Column News brought this guy to my attention. 


    According to his LinkedIn, he worked for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation between 2008 and 2011. His view of the impact the current vaccines (*note, he says we'll need different vaccines in future to solve the problems the present vaccines will have) is summarised:


    "Basically, we’ll very soon be 
    confronted with a super-infectous virus that completely resists our most precious defense mechanism: 
    The human immune system. 
    From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the 
    extensive and erroneous human interventon in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of 
    our human populaton. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of 
    efficiency in turning a relatvely harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destructon"


  6. 9 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    There has been a lot of discussion lately on the Coronavirus Megathread about HIV and AIDS. The topics are of course related but perhaps discussion of HIV and AIDS should have its own place which is the purpose of this thread. Some key points for discussion are:

    1. Whether the HIV virus has been isolated and shown to exist. What is HIV?

    2. Whether, if there is an HIV virus, this causes the disease of AIDS.

    3. If AIDS is rather a collection of symptoms caused by other conditions, lifestyle choices and/or the toxic effects of drugs (prescribed or otherwise).

    To open the discussion, I have posted two videos from a conference, hosted by Esai Morales,which was held with the purpose of questioning the HIV and AIDS narrative. The speakers were:

    • Sean Current – a gay man with an HIV positive diagnosis. He had been an AIDS activist but has now turned sceptic. He regrets backing toxic drugs which may have contributed to the deaths of friends.

    • Christine Maggiore – a very compelling speaker who was diagnosed as HIV positive when pregnant but in excellent health. She had never taken drugs and had had no contact with anybody else known to have HIV. Because of her excellent health, she was repeatedly tested with varying results – from positive to indeterminate, then testing negative to antibodies followed by more indeterminate results. She became involved in HIV causes but was shut out for asking questions when things weren't adding up. In the Q&A section, she points out that 70-90% of babies born testing positive to HIV later test negative within 18 months if not put on AZT.

    • Paul Philpott – a medical doctor who, since his days as a student, has devoted himself to the academic study of HIV and AIDS. He has found that all the original AIDS patients from the late 1970s and early 1980s were drug users - their partners also had immune suppression, as did blood transfusion recipients. But the partners too were also taking drugs, and immune suppression in transfusion patients isn't unusual, so two schools of thinking formed – scientists who hypothesised that a contagious virus was the cause of AIDS and those who believed that it came down to lifestyle. Paul Philpott believes that the direction accepted science went in all came down to who had the best funding rather than who had the best data. He asserts that non-contagious causes better explain AIDS which has failed to spread outside the risk groups (as has HIV).

    • Kary Mullis – Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the PCR test (more below).

    Ethel has already posted the first video in the recommended viewing section which I came across when checking if we already had a thread on this subject. The second video is specifically of Kary Mullis' talk which includes the now famous clip where he says that PCR tests do not tell you if you are sick.


    Regarding the input from Kary Mullis, at around 11:45 into the second video, he relates his personal story which led to his finding no evidence that HIV causes AIDS. After the inventing the PCR test, whilst believing the mainstream narrative at that point, he asked other scientists repeatedly for evidence to show that HIV causes AIDS – just a simple quote that he could put into a paper to the NIH. Nobody could provide this stating that it was just accepted knowledge. He then started asking other scientists when they personally came to the conclusion that HIV causes AIDS. There were no satisfactory answers to this either with responses typically being that the belief had come from the New York Times or the news. Even Dr Luc Montagnier (credited with discovering HIV) and virologist Peter Duesberg both stated that nobody had ever proved that HIV causes AIDS. His own searches were not throwing up results either so Kary Mullis therefore arrived at the conclusion that there was no evidence of the connection between the alleged cause and the disease.


    An excerpt from 'The Medical Establishment vs the Truth' by Kary Mullis can also be found here:



    I would also like to specifically ask @Ed8 for the data that shows that those who don't take antiretrovirals develop AIDS and die sooner.




    Appreciate the mention but those videos are too long and I just don't have the time. Here's a fully referenced (acknowledge that Fauci is one of the references) article from the first page of a Google search 



    I'm not a doctor or medically trained but I go with what makes sense to me - what speaks to logic and I agree with the below


    1 hour ago, dumbcritic said:

    Yes, there is an HIV virus, and it has been isolated. As for AIDS, think of this as a late stage of HIV infection that occurs when certain immune cells (CD4+ T-cells) either drop below a certain level, or the person develops opportunistic infections regardless of their CD4 count.


    There are very few people dying of AIDS these days (in the West, not so much Africa) because those who are HIV positive are put on anti-retrovirals. To me, that seems self-evident. And there's plenty of anecdotal evidence (admittedly my least favourite kind of evidence) that HIV positive people who decline treatment end up dead, prematurely https://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/2012/feb/21/death-denial-hiv-aids


    My gut feeling (watching Bill Gates' videos) is a lot of the science behind HIV/AIDS is embedded into these new Covid vaccines - the way RNA integrates into the DNA of the host cell (hence may not be isolated). In the same way, these new vaccines will alter the immune system and attack the CD4 cells in an insidious and perhaps undetectable way that will cause slow and painful deaths (similar to AIDS) in millions of people who take them.


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  7. 8 hours ago, mike hunt said:

    I think HIV was discussed earlier on this thread. And the conclusion was like Cov-Sars-2 there is no evidence for its existence. Also the PCR test is used to identify HIV in a person? And Fauci was one of the main drivers into the investigation into HIV in the 1980s.


    These points were brought up earlier.

    Well that's another argument that makes you look daft then. How do you explain the symptoms and then ultimately people dying of AIDS? And you can't claim it's the antiretrovirals killing people because the data shows that those who don't take antiretrovirals develop AIDS and die sooner.


    Just because you can't see these things separated from a cell under a microscope doesn't make them not real. 


    My guess is that the cabal are going to use your exact argument to deny the existence of nefarious mRNA strands in the vaccines - they've bound to the cells in the body, can't be isolated, so therefore don't exist.

  8. Is there a thread on this forum for stock market ideas?

    Personally I have done very well from investing in Volex PLC in the past couple of years. The Chairman and major shareholder is Nat Rothschild and they do electric cables and cable assembly (everyone will need an electric car cable soon).

    It's clear to me that certain individuals run certain companies for a reason (I put Nat Rothschild in that bracket) and I expect Volex will continue to climb.

    If we can profit by seeing where we are been taken and by whom, then why not?

  9. 2 minutes ago, mike hunt said:

    Keeping telling people - Cov-Sars-2 virus has  never been isolated! 

    Correct me if I'm wrong mike, but it's impossible to actually separate any virus from an infected cell membrane, so in that sense it's not possible to actually isolate a virus and view it under a microscope. Covid-19 is no different.

    I don't think denying it's existence is a good line of argument to take. Evidently, contagious virus's do exist - how else do you explain HIV spreading among gay guys who had sex with each other? 

  10. 56 minutes ago, Clare Wise said:

    So, question - is the Wuhan virus a natural cull as nature tries to rid itself of the human pests?  



    41 minutes ago, Clare Wise said:

    Appreciated, stay safe. x

    Please say you're being ironic

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  11. On 1/23/2021 at 2:32 PM, makjagger said:

    Any ideas to what their aim (sinister) is with the vaccine? 

    Could it be to weaken the immune system to shorten the lives of future generations? Or perhaps making the already vulnerable people more susceptible to diseases or illnesses. Or maybe its just a placebo to those who share the theory that the covid is just a hoax or simply another strain of the flu. 

    This is a question that has been at the forefront of my mind since the start of this false flag and I still can't work it out. Putting myself in the shoes of a billionaire psychopath, I think of what I might want to achieve. These are:


    - total control/world domination/enslavement of humanity.

    The vaccine passport acts as a means of control. This will progress to everyone being microchipped and eventually merged with AI. 



    - immortality.

    The vaccine is the start of a genetic experiment to test the effects of mRNA. They have collected DNA from all the covid tests and now all vaccine recipients are human guinea pigs. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/391/contents/made


    - depopulation/sustainable planet.

    The vaccine may effect life span and fertility and accelerate depopulation (birth rates across the west are already collapsing. 



    - eugenics/genetically superior human race.

    A psychopath favourite. Originally I thought they might want a docile, obedient population and perhaps those that refuse the vaccine would be the ones to go. However, thinking it through, they just don't need these people. The machines do the work now. They view the majority of the population as surplus to requirements, even contempt/a drain on resources. Those that take the vaccine are putting themselves at serious risk. There's no way those in the know are taking it. Those queuing up for vaccine are exactly the people they view as most surplus to requirements - the elderly, the cinincally vulnerable, the thick/inured.


    So yes, short term I've concluded the agenda is depopulation. This is their golden chance and they won’t waste it. Although there are longer term plans and I don't expect this to be the first vaccine.


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  12. 2 hours ago, Big-C said:

    If there is one thing for sure, there is no way the vaccine will be a placebo. This is the one big opportunity for the illuminati to get something in to everyone's body. If you think that you won't be taking the vaccine then think again. Only self-sufficient people with no need to work or travel could possibly have the luxury of foregoing the vaccine. Without the vaccine you won't be able to go to college or university, you won't be able to get a job, undertake training or do driving lessons or take a driving test. Travelling on trains and planes, forget about it. Open or keep a bank account, no way. You will have no money, no where to live and nothing in your future. These devils now have us by the balls. Our only hope is for opposing political parties to emerge, and the UK is nearly four years away from the next general election. Can you hold out that long? You got four years of wages in a savings account? No? Hold out your arm please!

    I wouldn't count on a general election ending this shite

  13. 18 hours ago, DarianF said:


    I was hoping it was just saline solution, to scam everyone to give up their freedom. But obviously with all the deaths, it's definitely something far more sinister.

    Agree. I was open to the possibility it was a placebo too but the adverse reactions suggest not.


    12 hours ago, Malbec said:

    This is the kind of crap people are spreading on social media.... so anyone with concerns (probably based on instinct if they haven’t actually done any proper research)  will be lead to believe that any effects are temporary pull yourself together kinda thing 🙄 


    How can they absolutely confirm the side effects are temporary. To me, the "vaccine" symptoms mirror early HIV infection. And as we know, you can have HIV for years (sometimes 10?) and be totally fine before slowly your immune system just stops working (AIDS).


    There are more red flags around this experimental gene therapy than a CCP parade and those who take it get what they deserve - the pretence of short term freedom for a lifetime of unknown health consequences.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    This preliminary report into the Moderna mRNA "vaccine" dated Nov 12th 2020 found adverse reactions as per the graph below. The reactions are far worse after receiving the second dose with far more being "severe". In some cases, it seems that 100% of recipients had certain side effects - especially pain, systemic symptoms and local symptoms. Headches, fatigue, fever, chills, nausea and myalgia increased greatly upon receiving the second dose.





    Almost like HIV symptoms

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  15. 31 minutes ago, Malbec said:

    Just wondered how people are doing with supermarkets etc.. it is cowardly saying I’m exempt, I think, but I actually am and only say it when I have to.  I had to go to court yesterday with work and explained I’m exempt (which I always do) and obviously was asked for proof which I said I don’t need to produce.

    Was hoping to say the same in Tesco today without being overly challenged, but I didn’t get asked on entry... and for the first time EVER, a lovely lady shopper said “good for you” and we chatted for ages :-) was so lovely that’s never happened before, even though I’ve always wanted to find someone on the same friggin wavelength. Oh and this was after hearing 3x young female receptionists at the dentists all talking about how they won’t have the vaccine ... so I asked them about it when I paid and they said risk to fertility etc, which was also refreshingly positive for once 😃

    I'm doing alright. I've still never worn a mask. I've also never disclosed my specific medical reasons either, which would be hypercapnia (effects from breathing in own carbon dioxide) and anxiety (being forced to submit to a fascist technocracy) - both therefore technically true.


    When the stuff about supermarkets getting stricter first came out a few days ago I was confronted by staff in Tesco three times about wearing a mask. Once on entry (as per), by the Manager in the store and then by a woman at self-checkout. When I told the Manager I was exempt he tried to get me to wear a lanyard for some reason (how on earth a lanyard protects anyone from a deadly virus god only knows - less science behind that than the masks) and I think he went away feeling a bit silly when I refused. The woman at self-checkout was even more bizarre. She was wearing a mask and a face shield and asked if I was disabled. I said I wasn't. She asked why I wasn't wearing (with a bit of tone) a mask and I told her I was medically exempt. She was like, "ah ok then". Then she came up to me and said, "they're horrible these masks aren't they". I said, "I don't know, I've never worn one". What a braindead woman. Very sad.


    So all in all a totally weird shopping experience but it's what we're all used to by now. I've never had a heated confrontation - I'm quite a big guy and I speak in a very calm, monotone manner so I think it'd be hard for things to get out of hand. 

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  16. As we descend further into fascist, Orwellian technocracy, my family and I are starting to consider escape routes - places where it might be possible to avoid vaccine passports, compliance-linked UBI, state surveillance and away from a helplessly brainwashed society that is only getting worse. 


    Tanzania holds appeal - sunny, nice beaches, no masks, no vax. Although possibly in the pocket of China (as is much of Africa) so who knows what is down the line.


    Does anyone have any ideas?


  17. 22 hours ago, Ch. Miller said:

    Have you tried using a badge like this in a store?

    Not yet. I don't live in Scotland. I've been on the train a couple of times without a mask and the conductor never asked why I wasn't wearing one. You don't need one of these cards and you don't have to explain your medical history to anyone.


    However, I'm going to print these off with the law on the back to cover my back if I encounter an uneducated and over zealous security guard.




    I'll also make it clear that it's an offence under the Equality Act 2010 to discriminate against someone due to illness or disability.


    I really don't think it'll come to that though.

  18. 9 hours ago, Ed8 said:

    What's everyone going for? Health condition for me. And I'm going to be very narky if anyone asks me why I'm not wearing one. No one with a health condition or disability should feel intimidated to wear one



    I will be printing off and laminating these cards and sticking the regulations on the back 



    I don't see how they're enforceable if "severe distress" is an exemption. I only think you'll be fined if you're a total arse with an over zealous copper. Has anyone got the figures for how many fines have actually been handed out under these regulations?

  19. 10 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    is this joke,a meme or a officially "document"

    The law contains exemptions on public transport. Just type in "face cover exemption card" into Google. First and Arriva have their own.




    "There is no requirement to obtain evidence in the form of a letter from a doctor or government that you are exempt. If you have a condition which means you cannot wear a face covering you need only advise if asked that you cannot wear a face covering because you are exempt for one of the reasons listed above.

    Disabled people should never face intimidation for not wearing a covering."

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