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  1. The slippery BBC have now removed that sentence. But not before all the youngsters had read it
  2. Even if every one of those 832,577,446 had had both doses, it still wouldn't reach 2,092,863,229 vaccines administered
  3. Hmm the figures don't make sense? 2,092,863,229 vaccines administered, 832,577,446 persons vaccinated with at least one dose https://covid19.who.int/ Am I missing something?
  4. Wouldn't get anywhere. And BBC would argue they're technically correct - although reports of these spontaneous abortions were documented via the Yellow Card scheme, the vaccines weren't "shown to cause" them. You really need to have highly attuned verbal reasoning skills to see through the BBC crap.
  5. Disgusting propaganda and outright lies from the BBC here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57273875 "...there are no documented cases where the vaccine has been shown to cause problems in pregnancy." A quick search on the yellow card scheme tells you there have been 149 spontaneous abortions reported following the vaccines. https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports#[object Object] Sickening to the core.
  6. So much anecdotal evidence of irregular periods among women who have been vaxxed. A mumsnet thread here: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4221725-Heavy-period-after-vaccine I wonder how many of these women who have been double jabbed will have a healthy, full-term pregnancy. It waits to be seen.
  7. Their global depopulation programme is now progressing at full speed - 35 million doses per day. Simply astonishing https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2021/health/global-covid-vaccinations/ I don't think mandatory vaccinations will not be rolled out. For the cabal it's important, psychologically, that people choose to take the vax. Choice-supportive bias (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choice-supportive_bias#:~:text=Choice-supportive bias or post,once a decision is made.) means that people who get ill or die from the vax, still do not regret their choice to take it or blame the government (we have seen numerous anecdotal accounts of this on the thread - often in complete denial). We know there is a fine line between coercion and compulsion but the team of psychologists as SAGE will have a good grasp or where this line is. Their plan has succeeded thus far because the brainwashed masses have fully bought into it and not turned on the government. This is a eugenics experiment in full swing: Smart enough to see through the agenda and decline the vax = live. Dumb/brainwashed/weak enough to take the vax = infertility, inflammation, auto-immune disease, eventual total organ failure
  8. 1. Getting vaccinated makes no difference to your life or the things you can do. Vaccine passports were trialled in Israel and got scrapped. Very good chance all the talk of vaccine passports is just a psy op to increase take up among the young. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/israel-scraps-its-redundant-vaccine-passport 2. Why do you have to shoehorn yourself into a particular job? There are so many ways to earn a living just self-employed from your laptop, even with no skills or knowledge. I've been a Mortgage Advisor before and it's basically just data input and heavy duty admin these days - anyone can do it (there seems to be quite a few stay at home mums doing it). £550 to do your CeMAP and then just join a network. 3. The most important thing for your family is that you stay healthy and alive. You're putting all that at risk by taking the vaccine. Never mind your house or whatever. Get some perspective. How you can read the information on this site and elsewhere about these nefarious vaccines, the widespread devastating adverse reactions and still be "not sure what to do" in terms of taking it seems bizarre to me.
  9. Surely all the athletes going to the Olympics are getting saline shots.
  10. Have you actually researched how the AZ vaccine works? It's a gene-based vaccine too https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/health/oxford-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine.html
  11. I wonder what this Emergency Alerts scheme the govt is planning to unleash will be all about. https://www.gov.uk/alerts Another tool for ramping up fear perhaps. "Covid rates are high in your area. Stay away from the unvaccinated and call in for your top up jab immediately"
  12. I haven't seen any footballers posting about getting the vaccine. I'm not sure their teams would let them get the genuine vax and risk injury.
  13. I think in terms of scripture the most relevant passage here is Matthew 26:69-75, when Peter denies Jesus. By lying about having the "vaccine" I think people are falling under the same darkness as the brainwashed masses. You're denying truth and light. You're perpetuating the MSM narrative, that being anti-covid and this "vaccine" is something to feel deeply ashamed and embarrassed about. There's a war going on - an information war - and you are surrendering. It's cowardly and nothing good will come of it in the medium to long term. Nothing good ever comes from lying, because once you've told one lie, you have to keep lying. Perhaps lying for the rest of your life and adding other lies onto your initial lie. Eventually you'll have to admit the truth or, more likely, simply take the gene therapy injection.
  14. Yes, there's a climate "emergency". Agenda 2030 - that's the deadline. A fair chunk of the population should be gone by then
  15. Unbelievable. Cognitive dissonance all around us.
  16. 35:55 - 37:30 if you can't be bothered watching the whole video. And here is Sucharit Bhakdi: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=1N9B7D2WSHYM&fbclid=IwAR2JYbL7Un8PBA86BmFDnXJ3ktCCINs2Ry5OOoAU6QaCG05pl5nkytJwOR4
  17. Absolutely no one has posited that these are conventional vaccines. Even govt and Gates admit they are novel. I find the analysis from the likes Sucharit Bhakdi and Michael Yeadon (video link below) more convincing https://rumble.com/vg4inv-michael-yeadon-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html?fbclid=IwAR0aam4tmKohUyFjg2G06kZulTR4dPaFK0Dajo_vhn5YD-fBhC8zHNI7Deg Agree nothing is certain but on the balance of probabilities, relative to the threat it is intended to extinguish, and given the nefarious behaviour of govt and big pharma thus far, this vaccine is dangerous.
  18. All the evidence suggests covid is just another strain of flu, with a similar mortality profile. So the entire premise of his narrative falls at the first hurdle - we don't need "a fix". We have immune systems and need to get on with our lives. They haven’t developed a vaccine. This is an mRNA injection. It's gene therapy. Totally disproportionate to the threat (to put it in the mildest terms) and therefore not benevolent actions.
  19. Finding a fix for what? Thank you for the explanation, but at multiple points I'm not following his narrative and it seems impossibly convoluted.
  20. Right ok... Does he not see the irony here. His vaccination theory is even more "wild-eyed" than the mass genocide theory. This last sentence confirmed total BS. Where is his evidence that the vaccination is saving lives. Who is this guy?
  21. Yes, anchoring is one of their many psychological techniques. I attended a negotiation skills masterclass some years ago and was taught that you should always put your offer in first, as this then anchors the whole negotiation. Take, for example, the purchase of a car. If I ask £25k for it, the other guy is gonna look absurd to offer £10k. It frames the whole negotiation at the start. We saw at the start of the covid hoax the propaganda was extreme and intense and the argument was framed by govt and media in such a way as to ask "how extreme should restrictions be" - meaning that those who were advocating no restrictions at all appeared unreasonable (to the brainwashed masses at least). We see this with the vaccine now in the same way - they are framing the debate in terms of how quickly can we get people vaccinated - not whether people should be vaccinated at all. How do we break this cycle of them anchoring and framing the debate? Well I think with the vaccine passports we have already had some success. "Conspiracy theorists" called this out very early on, highlighting to the brainwashed masses where things were heading and why this was bad. As a result, I feel like the vaccine passport wasn't warmly received when it was mooted by government and that's why they've not rolled it out yet. So I think we've got to see where things are heading and call it out early doors for the brainwashed masses to see - frame the debate before them, rather than letting them frame the debate down the line. I do this now, telling people considering the vaccine that they're gonna get RNA injections on a 6 monthly basis - that these jabs won't be the end of it (in the same way it wasn't 3 weeks to flatten the curve). They're gonna get injected every 6 months, for whatever new variant, for the rest of their lives, with no knowing what the long term health implications of that are. My girlfriend regrets wearing her mask at work but she thought it might just be for a few weeks - once she's worn it once she can't go back to them and say she's exempt. Here we are nearly a year later. People need to see and learn to draw their lines early. Governments have liked to do things step by step. We need to be one step ahead.
  22. A useful top comment in the YouTube link regarding NHS data sharing opt out. I've just opted out https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/
  23. We'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed it's something we can print off the government website and self certify, just like the face masks
  24. The politicians won't know the full plan. They're just following orders from the likes of Gates, who do know the full plan. Icke has explained this many times. There's a pyramid. Only those at the very top know the plan and those below, for various reasons, are just following orders. Conspiracies just wouldn't work otherwise. And if you think politicians are strong enough, brave enough, free thinking enough to know something is wrong and stand up to it, then think again. They're some of the weakest, most compromised, easily controlled individuals in their respective countries. Even worse than your average person on the street- whom as we have seen are all too keen to blindly follow and get behind the agenda. It's why they're put into "power" in the first place.
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