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  1. 4 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    What will happen to the Vaxed - well first we was told it was going to kick off in 'Red October' where all the vaxxed would die, then when that didn't happen we was told we're on the 'Julian' calender and October is actually November.


    But the millions didn't drop dead in November either. Apparently Trump tweaked the 5G signal and saved us all.


    So now we're told we're 10 years behind on the Julian calender and its actually 2010 now and the reset won't happen for another 10 years.


    The thing I'm wondering about is this - if the vaccine contains a poison or nanobots or microchips then millions of people are currently walking around with the proof of the conspiracy in their bloodstream - surely a simple blood test or examination would show this? We coukd blow this thing wide open.


    Why hasn't it been discovered - I suppose all the doctors and blood specialists are in on it and keeping quiet.


    So my prediction as to what will happen to the vaxxed - nothing. There is no kill switch. But big pharma will walk away with billions in profits. Thats all.


    I base this on talking to my best mate who spoke to his cousin who worked on the Oxford vaccine - she knows exactly whats in the vaccine. Sorry to break it to you all but to her knowledge there is no 'Kill Switch' and no poisons and no Nanobots and no chips.


    For the record my position is if people don't want the vaccine then its their choice and there are good reasons for an otherwise healthy person not to take an experimental vaccine. I support the choice and there should be no coercion, there should be no passports and no financial or social penalties.


    Masks do fuck all except slighrly reduce an infected person from speading what is probably a man made military virus that escaped from a lab. But masks don't prevent transmission completely. Probably hardly at all.


    Yes I believe theres a virus - my wife had it, but despite isolating with her, I didn't get it so how contagious can it be? She survived without having a vaccine so how dangerous is it really?


    I have a work coleague and his wife and son got it, none of them vaxxed, but again, despire sharing a house with them he didn't get it. None of them seriously ill. Another coleague had it and he felt crap for a day or two then got over it - he wasn't vaxxed either.


    Seems the vax may not do much but make huge profits for big pharma.


    I'm a middle aged smoker, fairly unfit so I took the vaccine. Didn't have any adverse reactions and if anyone wants a sample of my blood to look for the microchips, nanobots or poisons thats supposed to be in it to prove the conspiracy, let me know, I'll donate a sample. Lets face it, if 'they' really laced the vaccine then the proof of the global conspiracy is inside billions of people right now just waiting to be discovered.


    I agree that the vaccine may be perfectly fine and I have been disappointed with the content that has come out recently from the likes of Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon (scientists who have been spot on about most things up until now), citing the study from Arne Burkhardt with his sample size of 15 vax deaths and other "research" suggesting lethal batches (yet they don't know the batch sizes to begin with). What a load of old tosh and wild speculation with no hard evidence to back it up.


    However, my own opinion remains that this will cause auto-immune disease in the years to come (similar to HIV). Ridiculously hard to detect and no one knows the mechanism as yet. We know they want to depopulate, we know they are desperate to get these jabs into people and we know these mRNA technologies have an extremely patchy track record. 


    Do not kid yourself about your "best mate who spoke to his cousin" - the Oxford vax is a gene based technology like the rest of them. See here:



    You have permanently altered your immune system with unknown long term consequences. Why did you do it?

  2. A mumsnet thread on double jabbed people getting ill:




    My pick:


    "Get well very soon op.

    I’m Double jabbed with AZ. Ended up in hospital twice- first with pneumonia and second with a Pulmonary embolism. I’m 41. The general consensus whilst I was being treated was Pfizer seems a little more effective than AZ. However I saw two unvaxxed patients whilst in there and they were both sent to icu. So I think the jabs are stopping very severe disease"


    Definitely something going round and I think we will see deaths start to mount in Winter with the unvaxxed and their compromised immune systems 

  3. 3 hours ago, skitzorat said:


    Don't trust that guy either. Despite outlining major risks and uncertainties with the technology, he still took an mRNA vaccine (can't remember his specific reasons why). I find him hard to listen to as well and he doesn't strike me as intelligent and well-thought as Bhakdi and Yeadon (my favourites).

  4. A fully referenced 10 pager on the dangers of the vaccines:



    Nothing much groundbreaking to us on here. Key takeaway:

  Leaky Vessels—The Promise of Booster Shots 
    Given that booster shots repeatedly boost the immune response to the spike protein, they will progressively 
    boost self-to-self immune attack, including boosting complement-mediated damage to vessel walls. 
    Clinically speaking, the greater the vessel leakage and clotting that subsequently occurs, the more likely that 
    organs supplied by the affected blood flow will sustain damage. From stroke to heart attack to brain vein 
    thrombosis, the symptoms can range from death to headaches, nausea and vomiting, all of which heavily 
    populate adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines [2]. 
    As well as damage from leakage and clotting alone, it is additionally possible that the vaccine itself may leak 
    into surrounding organs and tissues. Should this take place, the cells of those organs will themselves begin to 
    produce spike protein, and will come under attack in the same way as the vessel walls. Damage to major 
    organs such as the lungs, ovaries, placenta and heart can be expected ensue, with increasing severity and 
    frequency as booster shots are rolled out. 


  5. On 2/11/2021 at 10:48 PM, Ed8 said:

    Is there a thread on this forum for stock market ideas?

    Personally I have done very well from investing in Volex PLC in the past couple of years. The Chairman and major shareholder is Nat Rothschild and they do electric cables and cable assembly (everyone will need an electric car cable soon).

    It's clear to me that certain individuals run certain companies for a reason (I put Nat Rothschild in that bracket) and I expect Volex will continue to climb.

    If we can profit by seeing where we are been taken and by whom, then why not?

    Anyone join me in Volex? I've multiplied my money 5x now. Invested at 90p

  6. Another mumsnet period thread:


    My pick:

    "My periods have been all over the place since having my first Pfizer jab. Really, really heavy, spotting throughout the month, irregular and tbh a real pain in the arse. Several of my friends are also experiencing changes, though none of them have reported via the yellow card scheme as they hadn’t made the link. I suspect 15000 is the tip of the iceberg and is simply being ignored.

    I think the vaccines affect blood in some way. I went to give blood a couple of weeks after my second jab and it kept clotting so I had to go back a week later. The same thing happened again, the blood just wouldn’t flow. The nurse asked me if I had had the AstraZeneca vaccine as she has seen the same issue in other patients following AZ. I’ve regularly been giving blood for 15 years and this has never happened before confused"

  7. 20 minutes ago, Covidiot said:


    I feel like they are setting up the narrative now with this talk of a bad flu season. There is not enough support for the vaxx passes. I think that a new scariant will appear in autumn that when combined with FLU is going to "put pressure" on the NHS. This will be used to announce another national lockdown which Gov know will NOT be tolerated by UK PLC. So a comprimise will be brought fourth by BoJo... Instead of a lockdown we can roll out the VaxxPasses for ALL public spaces including shops "for a limited time" to spare us another disaterous lockdown. UK PLC will lap this up and the vaxx passes will be rolled out in jig time with full support of the sheeple.

    And third jabs...

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  8. 1 hour ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    The local Telegram groups are infested with the brave cyber warriors our govrnment have deemed worthy to fight electronically against anyone who may have concerns about the jabs or the changes being forced upon us

    Their modus operandi is easily spotted and is EXACTLY what occurred here the other day and led to the thread being locked ,it seems this forum has shifted in the 'must be destroyed from within' ranking to very near the top hence the suddn influx of,lets call them fence sitters for want of a better phrase and expect a concerted effort from those brave warriors.These are NOT people who have suddenly woken up and have concerns and have suddenly found this forum,they have had 18 months to act on their doubts,ask why they didn't act before and what led them here,what WAS the sudden change which led to them waking up.

    Also note the times of posting,most will be after 8am and before 10pm with very little if any in the gap in between

    The army works office hours when they aint fighting real wars

    I know 77th and others are active all over the internet but there are many who are genuine. I know because I have met many of these people face to face in local groups. The conversation starts off positive, but then descends quickly when they start talking about Q, flat earth etc.


    I think many anti-vax anti-lockdown people lack critical thinking skills just as much as the sheep. Except, instead of believing everything the govt establishment tells them, they disbelieve everything they tell them, right down to the earth being round.


    As a result, the anti-lockdown anti-vax people (based on logic and evidence) get tarnished with tinfoil tat wearing, Q flat-earthers (which defies logic and evidence). 77th obviously exacerbate this but much of this is organic.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Looney tune said:

    Not sure if there was no real point to it as the amount of laws that came along with the war on terror now allows them to have access to everything and anything they deem fit, can put any individual on any type of list they want, put you infront of secret courts, hold you for long periods with no charge. Covid will go the same way with rafts of changes to the way you live, vax passports, digital social credit scores, more than likely forced isolation, removing children from anyone they seem against their way of running things. It will likely fizzle out but the changes will be long lasting I think.

    Yes, good points. 


    At the time, some people were saying there would be a world war, nuclear attacks, groups of Muslim militia on the streets of Europe etc but none of those doomsday type situations came to pass (unless you were a citizen of Iraq or Afghanistan).


    Agree there will be a number of long-lasting changes. Just unsure of whether a doomsday type situation will happen.

  10. 1 hour ago, Covidiot said:


    I'm feeling very deflated these days and sometimes I just wish they would hurry up with the endgame. If it's genocide get the fuck on with it. What we are in just now this covid limbo is stressing me the fuck out. Just fuckin lock us down and wipe us the fuck out already will ya! Wtf is goin on? It's like watching paint dry ffs and it's just freinforcing in the sheeple that we are just conspiracy nutcases.




    Just try to enjoy life and ignore media.


    A lot of nutcases have sadly jumped on our bandwagon and as a result, arguments against lockdown and vax are sounding increasingly deranged, rather that the measured logic they used to be. In local telegram groups, a few of the most vocal anti-vaxxers are nutcases into Q crap, they post old and patently false info from discredited sources, they have the same psychological biases as the sheep and are hostile when you point facts out to them. 


    There seems to be a dearth of factual analysis recently. I used to follow Bhakdi and other doctors regularly, but I'm slowly losing confidence in them and their doomsday predictions, the longer things go on and the majority are totally fine (although I acknowledge a lot of people have severe vax side effects). His most recent letter was just a rehash of things he'd previously said, with citations from doctors reporting rare severe side effects https://doctors4covidethics.org/leaky-blood-vessels-an-unknown-danger-of-covid-19-vaccination/ so what?


    I certainly won't be getting the vax and I continue to resist. However, where I previously felt there must be a bigger agenda behind getting everyone injected with the toxic gene jabs (likely depopulation), I'm also increasingly feeling it might just all be a bunch of stuff that's happening with no great grand plan. Look at 9/11, the various other terrorist attacks and the "war on terror", the resulting war campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and relentless fear and media coverage - what was the real point in it all? A bunch of oil money, flexing political/military muscles, some backhanders for mates. No real point to it all. The wars fizzled out. No one held to account. Blair, Bush, Rumsfeld never saw a court. 


    Maybe all this covid shite could just fizzle out too. Some remnants of it will remain, maybe vax passports for overseas travel. Got to remain open to all possibilities, both good, bad and indifferent.



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  11. 20 hours ago, Notimeleft said:

    We need to start calling these vaccines HIV 2.0. Which is what they are.


    Dr. Fauci head of the NIH has spent most of his career researching mrna vaccines and...... HIV. He single handedly caused the deaths of thousands if not more HIV patients by blocking critical treatments necessary for those with HIV. For the full background of this please watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club. 


    I believe that the powers that be had hoped HIV would infect and kill more people. Problem was that people who had it were good people who didn't want others to get it. This stopped their plan, which was the hope that gays and bisexuality would spread the disease through intercourse. 


    How is the vaccine HIV 2.0?


    Well let's look at what HIV is and what HIV does. HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus that kills immune cells overtime. After about 2 to 10 years the body's immune system is so compromised from low level of immune cells that anything can kill the infected patient. Once this occurs the disease has accelerated and is known as aids. Treatment for HIV consists of drugs that boost immune cells to help fight common colds and other viruses that the common persons immune system would easily fend off. HIV is known to cause issues with sterility, fertility, blood clots, liver failure, and even strokes. It is difficult to test for HIV within the first two years of the disease. Three different test methods are used to determine if the patient is infected. 


    How does the virus infect the body?


    HIV is a virus that has a strand of rna incapislated within a lipid nanoparticle. There are spikes on the surface of the lipid nanoparticle which are used to infect the cell. These spikes attach to the virus and push the rna into the cell. This is the same delivery system that is on COVID-19. It is also the spike protein that your cells are creating when you get the vaccine. Once the strand of RNA is in the cell, it gets transcribed and the cell starts producing proteins. Sound familiar? The cell does mount an immune response, but I is for the virus that the cell got infected with. When the cell starts producing proteins it is actually building new strains of the HIV virus(mutations). These mutations bypass the immune response created by the cell and are able to go after cb4 and cb8 immune cells(T cells). This process goes on for years killing billions of t cells a day.



    This is exactly what the vaccine does. What is my proof? There has been admissions recently that the phizer vaccine has produced in its recipients lower levels of neutralizing antibodies, which gets lower as time goes on. Neutralizing antibodies come from cb4(t cells). HIV kills cb4 and cb8 cells. This is what is expected to be seen by an infect HIV patient. 


    So HIV works in the same way as the vaccine. It kills t cells. It creates mutations of the virus. It is a rna strand in a lipid nanoparticle. I will remind you that the covid-19 virus has the HIV delivery system. What rna are they using for the vaccine? ...The spikes on the virus. The spikes on the virus are HIV. So they are taking HIV rna and injecting it in people. 


    There is no cure for HIV. It is passed down to children via the placenta during birth. Once everyone realizes they have HIV they will not have kids. They will not sleep with others and they will be afraid of others. This will force a new way of life for all. Most won't be leaving their house, because if they get sick they might die.


    Thank your Dr. FAUCI and gates.

    I have thought and posted about this too, but I'm yet to find a video of a reputable scientist making the connection

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  12. 48 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

    Are you "On our side?"


    What I am saying is that although the original source, which was Russian I believe, has been debunked by Factchackers, the fact remains that Jacques Attali has written many times regarding one world governance and has written about pandemics, also climate crisis.


    So I am showing other sources of his writing that illustrate that point.


    Unfortunately it is you who cannot accept that I am quoting OTHER SOURCES, NOT the original one.



    Yes I am. I am against lockdowns, masks, fascist technocracy and think the vaccines are extremely dangerous.


    Thing is, the information we post in support of these views is held to a much higher burden of proof than those posting information in support of the govt/MSM because we don't control the trusted media outlets. The smallest chink of falsehood is jumped on by the 77th and others and used to discredit the entire movement.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:


    I think a lot of people "on our side" suffer from the same psychological biases and inability to think critically as the sheep following orders. They just got lucky being on the right side this time because they have an inclination to distrust authority. 


    Bizarre to watch people on both sides glaze over or get defensive when facts are placed right in front of them.

  14. Just now, Pina Colada said:

    You are missing the point.


    According to the original article:


    According to the video, Jacques Attali wrote in 2010: “In order to establish New World Order, we need an important pandemic.”


    What I am saying is that Jacques Attali indeed does allude to this many times, including in the sources I have quoted.

    « L’Histoire nous apprend que l’humanité n’évolue significativement que lorsqu’elle a vraiment peur : elle met alors d’abord en place des mécanismes de défense ; parfois intolérables (des boucs émissaires et des totalitarismes) ; parfois futiles (de la distraction) ; parfois efficaces (des thérapeutiques, écartant si nécessaire tous les principes moraux antérieurs). Puis, une fois la crise passée, elle transforme ces mécanismes pour les rendre compatibles avec la liberté individuelle et les inscrire dans une politique de santé démocratique. »

    Pour Attali, « La pandémie qui commence pourrait déclencher une de ces peurs structurantes », car elle fera surgir, « mieux qu’aucun discours humanitaire ou écologique, la prise de conscience de la nécessité d’un altruisme, au moins intéressé. »


    Argue semantics if you like.


    There's no semantics about it. Look at the original quote Ziggy posted, and then look at the quote you've posted. 

  15. 19 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

    Factcheckers unfortunately missed this article then!!!!




    In original French:






    Another of his books which is quite interesting is "Who will rule the world?" on Amazon you can read the first chapter.





    Which passage are you referring to? I can see no reference to depopulation 

  16. 20 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Source? Fact-checkers says its fake:


    “Verbatim” is a memoir book by Jacques Attali, a French politician and counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991. The book reproduces Attali’s memories, dialogues and routine activities. According to the French fact-checking organization AFP Factual, its verification team failed to find the quote in the book from the 1980s. The publisher of the work in France sent a copy of the interview with Jacques Attali in the book, where the viral text does not appear. Moreover, it found no mention of a pandemic in the book.

  17. 16 minutes ago, spideysensei said:


    And hideous rashes and blotches covering their whole arms, and who knows elsewhere. I work in a shop so get to see all the zombies. Could be sun exposure i guess. Just looks way weirder.

    I think a lot of these side effects we are seeing are due to undetectable microclots in the capillaries, as recently described by Dr Charles Hoffe.


    Some on here have also mentioned a "grey pallor" to the vaxxed, which can also be a symptom of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.


  18. What Charles Hoffe says below (8 minute video) ties in what I've been thinking and further elaborates on what Sucharit Bhakdi has been saying:




    To summarise, blood clots aren't an "extremely rare" side effect in those who take the mRNA vaccine but they are an inevitable event due to spike proteins blocking the cappilaries in the lungs. These miscrscopic blood clots in the cappilaries aren't picked up by standard hospital scans and can only be tested for using a D-Dimer test. In his practice, Dr Hoffe found that 62% of his recently vaccinated patients tested positive for these microscopic clots. 


    Once these microscopic clots damage the capillaries, they don't regenerate. It manifests in a condition called "Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension" (PAH) which untreated causes right-sided heart failure and kills most people within 3 years.


    My thoughts. I can see how this narrative will play out in the MSM. People start feeling a little out of breath during exercise, which is put down to a new strain of covid or long covid, when in fact they are symptoms of PAH due to microclots from jabs. With each booster jab, they further damage the cappilaries in their lungs and their condition worsens. Again, the MSM puts their symptoms down to a new strain of covid or long covid. No damage shows up on standard hospital scans.


    By the time the scientific community has identified the problem and the MSM has acknowledged it, its too late. The damage is irreversible and people are dying en masse. Depopulation agenda achieved.

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  19. 1 minute ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    I don't know why i'm bothering to reply to you but i will,please take your thread diversion tactics elsewhere or at least put me on ignore or something the same as i intend to do to you

    Seems like you've still got a bee in your bonnet because I called you out for posting fake news. 💤

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