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  1. Appreciate the mention but those videos are too long and I just don't have the time. Here's a fully referenced (acknowledge that Fauci is one of the references) article from the first page of a Google search https://www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-science/overview I'm not a doctor or medically trained but I go with what makes sense to me - what speaks to logic and I agree with the below There are very few people dying of AIDS these days (in the West, not so much Africa) because those who are HIV positive are put on anti-retrovirals. To me, that seems sel
  2. Well that's another argument that makes you look daft then. How do you explain the symptoms and then ultimately people dying of AIDS? And you can't claim it's the antiretrovirals killing people because the data shows that those who don't take antiretrovirals develop AIDS and die sooner. Just because you can't see these things separated from a cell under a microscope doesn't make them not real. My guess is that the cabal are going to use your exact argument to deny the existence of nefarious mRNA strands in the vaccines - they've bound to the cells in the body, can't be
  3. Is there a thread on this forum for stock market ideas? Personally I have done very well from investing in Volex PLC in the past couple of years. The Chairman and major shareholder is Nat Rothschild and they do electric cables and cable assembly (everyone will need an electric car cable soon). It's clear to me that certain individuals run certain companies for a reason (I put Nat Rothschild in that bracket) and I expect Volex will continue to climb. If we can profit by seeing where we are been taken and by whom, then why not?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong mike, but it's impossible to actually separate any virus from an infected cell membrane, so in that sense it's not possible to actually isolate a virus and view it under a microscope. Covid-19 is no different. I don't think denying it's existence is a good line of argument to take. Evidently, contagious virus's do exist - how else do you explain HIV spreading among gay guys who had sex with each other?
  5. This is a question that has been at the forefront of my mind since the start of this false flag and I still can't work it out. Putting myself in the shoes of a billionaire psychopath, I think of what I might want to achieve. These are: - total control/world domination/enslavement of humanity. The vaccine passport acts as a means of control. This will progress to everyone being microchipped and eventually merged with AI. - immortality. The vaccine is the start of a genetic experiment to test the effects of mRNA. They have collected DNA from al
  6. Agree. I was open to the possibility it was a placebo too but the adverse reactions suggest not. How can they absolutely confirm the side effects are temporary. To me, the "vaccine" symptoms mirror early HIV infection. And as we know, you can have HIV for years (sometimes 10?) and be totally fine before slowly your immune system just stops working (AIDS). There are more red flags around this experimental gene therapy than a CCP parade and those who take it get what they deserve - the pretence of short term freedom for a lifetime of unknown health consequences.
  7. I'm doing alright. I've still never worn a mask. I've also never disclosed my specific medical reasons either, which would be hypercapnia (effects from breathing in own carbon dioxide) and anxiety (being forced to submit to a fascist technocracy) - both therefore technically true. When the stuff about supermarkets getting stricter first came out a few days ago I was confronted by staff in Tesco three times about wearing a mask. Once on entry (as per), by the Manager in the store and then by a woman at self-checkout. When I told the Manager I was exempt he tried to get me to wear a
  8. As we descend further into fascist, Orwellian technocracy, my family and I are starting to consider escape routes - places where it might be possible to avoid vaccine passports, compliance-linked UBI, state surveillance and away from a helplessly brainwashed society that is only getting worse. Tanzania holds appeal - sunny, nice beaches, no masks, no vax. Although possibly in the pocket of China (as is much of Africa) so who knows what is down the line. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. Not yet. I don't live in Scotland. I've been on the train a couple of times without a mask and the conductor never asked why I wasn't wearing one. You don't need one of these cards and you don't have to explain your medical history to anyone. However, I'm going to print these off with the law on the back to cover my back if I encounter an uneducated and over zealous security guard. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/592/regulation/4/made I'll also make it clear that it's an offence under the Equality Act 2010 to discriminate against someone due to illne
  10. I will be printing off and laminating these cards and sticking the regulations on the back http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/592/regulation/4/made I don't see how they're enforceable if "severe distress" is an exemption. I only think you'll be fined if you're a total arse with an over zealous copper. Has anyone got the figures for how many fines have actually been handed out under these regulations?
  11. The law contains exemptions on public transport. Just type in "face cover exemption card" into Google. First and Arriva have their own. https://accessibletravel.scot/face-mask-exemption-not-everyone-can-wear-one/ "There is no requirement to obtain evidence in the form of a letter from a doctor or government that you are exempt. If you have a condition which means you cannot wear a face covering you need only advise if asked that you cannot wear a face covering because you are exempt for one of the reasons listed above. Disabled people should never face intimidation
  12. What's everyone going for? Health condition for me. And I'm going to be very narky if anyone asks me why I'm not wearing one. No one with a health condition or disability should feel intimidated to wear one
  13. I've been on the train a couple of times and not worn a mask. The only one not wearing one though unfortunately. The conductor never even mentioned it to me, but if he'd have asked I'd have simply said that I have a medical condition. I think most of these conductors would feel awkward asking and would just assume you have a hidden disability or medical condition. Not that it's any of their business if they do ask (not obligated to disclose my medical history), but my medical conditions caused by mask wearing are hypercapnia and anxiety. Both technically true ?
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