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  1. Chinese friend shared a picture of a new vaccine Rockefeller started Spanish Flu https://www.bitchute.com/video/HkZvPMd2U7k/ This video says the internet will blackout for 2 days from the 2-9th of July and then the new system will come in to play worldwide. Covid19 was the great distraction reported here.
  2. Insanity and pseudo science rules. Here is a little vid about the o2 we need and masks
  3. You are a psychopath if you do not agree with social distancing!
  4. The virus is a dud Masks are pointless and even unsafe we don't need a bloody vaccine!!
  5. 300 million kids are at risk! oh where is Gill? Masks? Why are they trying to kill trump?
  6. Here is that video with some screen shots from Andrew Kaufman - GM modified humans via a vaccine
  7. Listen to incredible video if you dare that connects the dots https://wp.me/pbY0S6-Sr
  8. What virus? What are we talking about?
  9. Here is a great paper I found in academia that I made a tiny bitter easier to read that sums of the fake nicely
  10. Millions at risk in the UK because of the plandemic
  11. https://covid19info.space/2020/06/14/10000-studies
  12. A shrine I built for you to worship him! Please add your own in the comments if you feel religious! attached is a brochure to print with links!
  13. I found a very interesting vid about germs etc and made a few notes. Worth it.
  14. We have a a bingo! I mean cure for the virus Click bait yes.
  15. and now message from our sponsor! Willy G! Please put your hands together and give him a warm welcome! Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020 Oh yes - The WHO say you can no longer get the virus too but we will still need a big horse sized vaccine to be inserted up our...
  16. Are we being nice little mice? Some great vids that summarise things well.
  17. National Bill gates appreciation day! We love his new mossy too
  18. “During the time of US slavery, slaves as collateral could not be “perfected” since if they escaped there was no guaranteed way to “collect” them as collateral, if/when they were used as such. However, with the technology that has been/is being developed, especially injectable technology, we humans, if used as “collateral” (aka slaves), can/will now be tracked and traced, hence, perfected.” Wanderer You are a bloody robot! Download the new Brave browser too! It is a much more private browser.
  19. The joke is on you! Professor Dolores Cahill WHY CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN IS KILLING MORE PEOPLE
  20. Gota love the Japanese skill in navigating this "pandemic"
  21. They are domestic terrorists! Latest Vernon videos
  22. Welcome to the "RESHAPING YOUR REALITY" show with our fantastic host Bill!!!! Hey Bill "FECK OFF!"
  23. are u a blue person? He He Most are and gene editing
  24. human trials for covid19 vaccine? Only grade 3 affects
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