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  1. Great video - corona fraud - videos compilation includes above and a German lawyer suing the bastards
  2. You are the virus! https://www.bitchute.com/channel/2y5myTPob0PR/ Message to Boris
  3. ok the pm of oz is a complete..... fill in the blanks Here is the law about mandatory vax - Biosec Act 2015 He CANNOT enforce mandatory vaccination. Good luck SCOMO. Doofus!
  4. Why is this being suppressed if it has not side affects and it a tiny fraction of Chemo?
  5. When the doctors speak! The law of unintended consequences!
  6. A stack of facts No reason at all for masks reset the world release the kraken
  7. Six minute corona summary - hard to argue with Good for anyone Excellent vids on masks with Dr Tenpeny
  8. Sweden was right after all! NHS Leak
  9. Gates invasion of India - good article
  10. technofascism and David Icke! Letter to facebook
  11. https://spectator.org/the-bioethicist-pandemic/ Very interesting about technocracy Nazi extermination
  12. The official script to the pandemic - leaked from Rockafellas! Excellent reading. Download the pdf
  13. oh this one is great from Ghana who found the pandemic script. It is uncanny
  14. coverup of the century interesting doco
  15. https://wp.me/pbY0S6-100 We are hosting vids now that I think you tube will take down. This is about the toxins in the flu shot - looks good for someone who still is not convinced
  16. We are being tortured according to the book. I never thought I would see this communistic, totalarianism and blantant abuse in Australia. I have been taken aback. I watch the PM and senior police lie to uour face.
  17. Forgot this one called Doom Eternal
  18. Chinese friend shared a picture of a new vaccine Rockefeller started Spanish Flu https://www.bitchute.com/video/HkZvPMd2U7k/ This video says the internet will blackout for 2 days from the 2-9th of July and then the new system will come in to play worldwide. Covid19 was the great distraction reported here.
  19. Insanity and pseudo science rules. Here is a little vid about the o2 we need and masks
  20. You are a psychopath if you do not agree with social distancing!
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