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  1. Why is this being suppressed if it has not side affects and it a tiny fraction of Chemo?
  2. Yes I believe we should vote him in! Are the Russians proud of Comrad Premier of Victoria or jealous?
  3. When the doctors speak! The law of unintended consequences!
  4. yes see https://wp.me/pbY0S6-1ci
  5. A stack of facts No reason at all for masks reset the world release the kraken
  6. Six minute corona summary - hard to argue with Good for anyone Excellent vids on masks with Dr Tenpeny
  7. Sweden was right after all! NHS Leak
  8. Gates invasion of India - good article
  9. technofascism and David Icke! Letter to facebook
  10. https://spectator.org/the-bioethicist-pandemic/ Very interesting about technocracy Nazi extermination
  11. The official script to the pandemic - leaked from Rockafellas! Excellent reading. Download the pdf
  12. oh this one is great from Ghana who found the pandemic script. It is uncanny
  13. Your brain needs a reset!
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