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  1. Great video - corona fraud - videos compilation includes above and a German lawyer suing the bastards
  2. You are the virus! https://www.bitchute.com/channel/2y5myTPob0PR/ Message to Boris
  3. ok the pm of oz is a complete..... fill in the blanks Here is the law about mandatory vax - Biosec Act 2015 He CANNOT enforce mandatory vaccination. Good luck SCOMO. Doofus!
  4. Why is this being suppressed if it has not side affects and it a tiny fraction of Chemo?
  5. When the doctors speak! The law of unintended consequences!
  6. A stack of facts No reason at all for masks reset the world release the kraken
  7. Six minute corona summary - hard to argue with Good for anyone Excellent vids on masks with Dr Tenpeny
  8. Sweden was right after all! NHS Leak
  9. Gates invasion of India - good article
  10. technofascism and David Icke! Letter to facebook
  11. https://spectator.org/the-bioethicist-pandemic/ Very interesting about technocracy Nazi extermination
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