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  1. Yes if you would like to post stuff there let me know. I am the only one but again would like to extend the courtesy. Simple rules - 1. Can write personal experiences and views, poetry, reflections, your personal blogs, podcasts or good stuff you find. 2. Don't use you tube but convert the vid or use another source as they keep getting deleted there. 3. I will have a quick read but am interested in your thoughts not just mine. My mind is pretty deranged so it will take a lot to beat me. 4. Provide a feature image. 5. Can use a pen name. Anyone else want to suggest rules email me. I am a pretty avid follower of David and although I do not agree on all things I consider him one of the best minds in the world on all this stuff. [email protected] www.covid19info.space
  2. Great video - corona fraud - videos compilation includes above and a German lawyer suing the bastards
  3. You are the virus! https://www.bitchute.com/channel/2y5myTPob0PR/ Message to Boris
  4. ok the pm of oz is a complete..... fill in the blanks Here is the law about mandatory vax - Biosec Act 2015 He CANNOT enforce mandatory vaccination. Good luck SCOMO. Doofus!
  5. Why is this being suppressed if it has not side affects and it a tiny fraction of Chemo?
  6. Yes I believe we should vote him in! Are the Russians proud of Comrad Premier of Victoria or jealous?
  7. When the doctors speak! The law of unintended consequences!
  8. A stack of facts No reason at all for masks reset the world release the kraken
  9. Six minute corona summary - hard to argue with Good for anyone Excellent vids on masks with Dr Tenpeny
  10. Sweden was right after all! NHS Leak
  11. Gates invasion of India - good article
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