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  1. Jesus is God in the flesh in the Christian faith and there are verses that support this. Obviously, the trinitarian doctrine is something you do not believe and I misread you when you said the Bible speaks of other 'gods' when really you was just meant Jesus.
  2. As Elohim is referenced in different ways. Do you have any other scripture where the God of the OT is different to the one in the NT?
  3. https://www.preceptaustin.org/immanuel-emmanuel
  4. The word Elohim doesn't just mean one God though, It was reference to spiritual beings. The point is that the OT is clear about the one true God, and the the NT is in full support of that because it does not deny the OT one bit.
  5. No, Judaism will say YHWH is the Elohim of all Elohim. Christianity is pretty clear on it's monolithic faith, ie. the Trinitarian doctrine. And Allah in the Islamic faith is one God, you can argue that Allah is the God of the OT.
  6. So in Matthew's eye's who is El?
  7. But matthew is not referring to a different God. Immanuel means God with us.
  8. Can you provide scripture, and do you also take into consideration that Judaism, Christianity and the Islamic faith believe in one God?
  9. Actually the Bible is just about one God.
  10. Just a thought. The video that everyone has seen with the two people recording on the path could of occured little after this witness's 'new' released footage.
  11. I find that hard to believe. Only because I'm pretty sure we both observe the same thing with our eyes.
  12. Sorry are you saying that the covenant breakers in Matthew 24 didnt face judgement?
  13. Because the context of Matthew 24 was for his generation, the generation that crucified the their Messiah. "Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." Matt 24:34
  14. That is why we should always be prepared, not because of the fear of end times but because He comes life a thief in the night (Thess 5:2) and our short lives can be taken anytime.
  15. The Book of Revelations is a very important book but many eschatological beliefs have been created out of this. The problem with these apocalyptic end times beliefs is that people put their personal lives right into scripture but when looking at the entire context of the Book of Revelations, it becomes clear that John's visions of salvation and judgement were for the people of 'HIS' time and not 'OURS'. The book does show correlations to what we are experiencing today and the same can be said on morals and ethics but think about how many denominations have given a date for end time prophecies only to find disappointed the following day; but followers/believers would have sold their assets ending up flat broke and for what? a bad interpretation?
  16. Hard to say but from my own observation i would say half and half. though, I've seen a lot of flat earthers speak of a creator but not of the 3 main monolithic faiths.
  17. Ye I know but perhaps that's what the Copernicus heliocentric model was designed to do. To bring us away from an intelligent designer, a creator, a God that we should fear in some way. I discovered the flat conspiracy 5 years ago and I was an atheist at the time. three years into the conspiracy i find myself believing in Jesus Christ which completely transformed my heart.
  18. It would be a start, and worthy of skepticism, it will tell us the moon is not terra firma and it might make more sense that the moon is not 300,000 plus miles away It did get people questioning the theory of gravity and its formulas and equations.
  19. NASA fakery would debunk the heliocentric model in itself though? I understand that people will naturally require a replacement theory but I don't see why the fakery of NASA wouldn't be enough to start challenging the heliocentric model and that only....
  20. Why do truthers presume that those who are exposing the truth ought to have a perfectly working flat earth model in hand to debunk the globe earth? No truther can possibly know the true shape and functioning of our earth, they would never have the finance, the resources, the power or influence for such a task. The problem is not discovering the flat earth model but discovering the lies of NASA, because they are the gatekeepers between this world and the vast forever expanding universe that we know as space. Funny thing is, even flat earthers argue among each other about what flat model we live on.
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