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  1. They don't sound like Christians. Sure it wasn't a Catholic Church?
  2. Hebrew Israelism is so poisonous. You are no Israelite and you couldn't even trace your own bloodline back a few generations, you need to come out of this doctrine because you will never become humble enough to find Jesus if you remain in it. It's a doctrine of hatred and attracts only young broken american black men who are victims of broken down communities. If you really think about it, you act like false prophets.
  3. I thought Trump was a joke at first then he actually became president.
  4. I used to think the triangle was some sort of portal and aliens came from it. Now I just think its the landing site for space shuttles.
  5. i7 9700K NZXT Kraken x52 CPU cooler GTX 1080 MSI Z390 Gaming Edge 8gb Corsair DDR4 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500gb Toshiba HDD 2TB 34" Ultrawide LG Monitor 144hz 2 x NZXT RGB fans, black/white cable mods, Model O Glorious mouse, HyperX keyboard. I kickass in cs:go, cod:mw, aoe:de
  6. There’s something about the rainbow that hints to the Divine presence guarding the stormy world. The sign isn’t something tangible, like a stone or tree — it’s more faint and ethereal. It can be seen only briefly and you might miss it if you’re not looking for it. No one can get to close to it, and each person sees it a little differently. It’s faint but it hints to a light beyond the darkness, even if all one can see is its reflection. Yechezkel was dealing with a traumatic period for the Jewish people, when they were going into exile in Babylonia. His vision is filled with frightening f
  7. There have been numbers footages at 100,000 ft clearly showing a flat horizon. However, youtube has been on a censoring rampage in the last two years.
  8. A dark circular anomaly is evident that it's the moon's shadow. Not quite.
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