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  1. Thanks for posting this video, I hope as many folk as possible get to watch it. Everything we see happening around us now and worse to come, has been pre-planned and there is substantial evidence for that here. David Goldberg was found dead a few days after recording this vid. He talks about the plan to kill 15 million in the US and truthseekers are the ones primarily being targetted. This could well be the reason why Deagal.com has forecast such huge reductions in the populations of US, UK etc.. Also seeing the Georgia Guidestones in the video, it occurred to me that they are in reality
  2. I wasn’t there last time but I would say the crowd was definitely larger today. The square was already packed at 11.45am and Piers said more people were waiting in Hyde Park where we would go onto later, as there was no room in Trafalgar Sq for everyone. It would have been a hard act to follow David’s speech, but Dr Heiko Schoning wasn’t allowed to speak as the sound system was suddenly shut down, apparantly by the police who then moved in to shut down the whole event. Those of us in the middle of the square sat down to show our peaceful intent, but it seems behind the stage area police k
  3. Lore


    Yes they do use everything against us..everything that emanates from fear: Threats, violence, bribery, corruption, blackmail, fines, imprisonment, torture, surveillance and genocide. They have always used these tactics to control humanity but the tide is turning. Protest groups are now realising that violence and retaliation never succeed, it just perpetuates the fear-based control system. The internet has been used by TPTB to harvest our thoughts and data, but it has also contributed to worldwide awareness, higher levels of awareness mean that the consciousness of people living on E
  4. I don’t actually know any policemen, but when I see them in the street or on a protest march, it will be a good time to share knowledge and raise their awareness of what is really going on..
  5. The police are awakening to support ordinary folk in Spain? That's awesome!
  6. Hi greenheart, a thread dedicated to positivity is a great idea. For starters, I liked this article: https://ascensionenergies.com/2020/09/04/the-time-has-come/ . There are also other interesting articles which are well written, inspiring and hopeful.
  7. Ok, apart from the evidence of Stonehenge being written about since the 6th century... Inigo Jones was commissioned by James I to investigate Stonehenge and subsequently published his findings in ’The Most Notable Antiquity of Great Britain’ in 1655. John Aubrey (1626-1697) discovered the ring of holes containing cremated human bones, towards the outer edge of the site, his hand written manuscript of the 1660’s, is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The illustration below is from the book Beyond Stonehenge by Gerald S. Hawkins and is the “Earliest known perspective of Stonehenge; from
  8. Existing evidence of historical writings and legends of Stonehenge:- Gildas wrote about Stonehenge in the 6th century and in the 7th century Aneurin believed it to be the work of giants. In the 9th century, Nennius suggested it was a stone memorial for Britons who were treacherously slain and it was then called Stanhengues which meant ‘hanging stones’. It was Geoffrey of Monmouth, an 11th century Welsh monk, who wrote about Stonehenge in his ‘History of the Kings of Britain’, who was the main source of the legends of Stonehenge. He theorised that the 3rd century king, Aurelius
  9. Beyond Belief Corruption Blistering Brainwashing Content Banishing Biogenic Conspiracies oh and Bullshitty Bolloxy Crap
  10. Hey Messenger, that's interesting, I remember there was a BBC interview with Benazir Bhutto who stated that Bin Laden, had already been killed by Sheikh Omar, (or perhaps it was kidney failure) but TPTB obviously didn't want us to know. The weird thing was as soon as she said that, the BBC shut down the whole transmission and broadcast something else instead. There was a copy of it on Utube for a while, but not now ofc She was killed quite soon after, on 27 December 2007... How everything is controlled like a game of chess...
  11. Yep this does explain a lot oz. The video from the OP states: “Crowley taught that his satanic doctrine should be cloaked under the ‘lie of love,’ he believed the youth would fall for it.” He totally denied the existence of Love. You seem to be pretending you do not know what Crowley did, but if you were a disciple for 6 years you surely do and also you must have believed at some level that evil is an ok path, as he did. Happily there were enough people of sound mind in Crowley's day to realise that being raped abused and tortured was not actually an ideal way of life, so obviously his
  12. @AXPCalledJeff Sorry I caused confusion, it was late Saturday night when I saw your post and tbh I was under the influence of wine.. a bit.. ;) I felt compelled to write something to encourage you to rethink your decision and inspire you to represent the case for honesty and bravery on the forum. Sadly due to being bleary and tired, I failed to write anything remotely intelligible. Oh wait.. perhaps this isn’t intelligible either, but hopefully it may make you smile. :)
  13. Hi Anita, welcome to the forum My personal view would be that yes, your awareness as a child is real, our DNA carries information from previous lives, you subconsciously remember other experiences, (some folk remember consciously). Your own view will be unique to you, but I can understand how encountering harmful intent in other people causes disillusionment and it can be very depressing. We all have different purposes, experiences and perceptions and there are probably many of us who feel we don’t fit in and wonder what we are doing here. Things were getting increasingly tense and unbe
  14. In the last couple of years I have seen an increase of local councils spraying glysophate in the form of Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller all around parks and trees in the streets. Also large supermarkets are displaying large bottles of it in bulk..
  15. Under no circumstances that I can conceive will I accept a vaccine.... There was a harrowing video on the forum at the beginning of the plandemic where a guy, in the US I think, had been forceably taken into hospital and vaccinated under continuous protest. It must have been a fear mongering ‘warning’ vid, to keep us all in line I guess, but that is waaay beyond the line.. Many thanks for posting this video Jonesy, it is the best one I’ve seen about the vax. When I send this one to folks, I’m sure there will be less scepticism than usual, it will hopefully start to sew seed
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