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  1. DIARY OF A POMMIE IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA August 31 Just got transferred with work from Leeds UK to our new home in Karratha , Western Australia. Now this is a town that knows how to live! Beautiful, sunny days and warm, balmy evenings. I watched the sunset from a deck chair by our pool yesterday. It was beautiful. I've finally found my new home. I love it here. September 13 Really heating up now. It got to 3
  2. In a spray can ,get with the times
  3. Years ago the was a saying that every Victorian should carry a gun to protect them from the Victorian police because they shot dead more people than in any other state by a large margin, what a pack of asseholes
  4. Caught a news flash today , apparently if you don't get the jab you will be banned from going any where ( because fuck all are lining up for it ) now we have a covid outbreak in Brisbane just before Easter, I wonder what will happen over the Easter break? now let me see Also this new strain covid in Brisbane is very selective apparently you can have a woman's march with thousands turning up , just like when businesses were closed but black lives matter could march, apparently females and people of ethnic persuasion can't catch it You know the most frustrating thing is you can't
  5. No , just a spoiled fucking idiot that likes the notoriety
  6. I find it funny That countries in the EU have banned the use of a certain vaccine and our great government has just been able to acquire the very same vaccine, what a coincidence , but you know what is funny, our health minister took it to allay fears about side affects , and is now in hospital. The chickens may finally be coming home to roost The head honcho of NSW was seen taking this vaccine ,which is on shit tube at the moment, its so funny ,she is sitting there 1 you don't see them draw the vaccine from the vial 2 it looks like she is about to be injected ,but the
  7. Put it in an envelope send it back with a covering letter, don't contact me again, be polite about it, remember you get more bees with honey than vinegar, It's a private company by the looks therefore it is financially prudent for them to find a problem, and once one is found you will be in the system, now you will not only have to deal with them but they intern will have government backing so you will have to comply with any further recommendations they make Don't ignore it as they will most likely keep hassling you If you wish to have general health checks use your
  8. 1 I don't know they are rideforevers words not mine , you will have to ask him 2 In case you didn't notice I wasn't talking too or about other beings 3 you can suggest all you like and what I think is irrelevant 4 I asked three simple questions , how much more precise would you like me to be 5 your entitled to think what you like ,it's your right and frankly is no concern of me I really wanted to let sleeping dogs lye but since you brought it up Here is a gentleman the has purportedly studied spirituality for years, don't you think a little bit would
  9. My last name is Tree and I used to live in maple street and before that vine street ,what am I supposed to make of that, just mere coincidence ,I think so
  10. Exactly , the moon landings are fake ,prove me wrong, this has a familiar ring Oh ,and yes you did say it
  11. I asked you a simple question well three now 1 what level of spirituality do you see your self at 2 how do you rationalize being a spiritual being and at the same time hating everyone on the planet 3 how long have you been studying this subject for You come across as someone who knows this subject and as such could easily answer them however you answered nothing and were rude and less than charitable towards me when I have said nothing towards you Now you are inferring that I don't like you , sorry but I neither like you nor dislike you as I don'
  12. I didn't ask you what you thought I asked how long you have been studying this subject
  13. Before I sign off I would be interested as to how long you have been studying spirituality ,the reason I ask this is I wish to know who I'm conversing with ,a know all up start or someone that has been at it a long while and can speak with some authority on the subject. I suspect I know the answer by you reply
  14. 1 how do you know what my ideas about spirituality are? (superficial ,vain or otherwise ) and I don't watch TV I you think I was being sarcastic ,that says more about you than anything else but I will agree with you I'm mostly ignorant when it comes to spirituality ,hence the question me being more honest ,you obviously don't know me I'm not angry or unhappy and I haven't criticized you once then just do it like a man, this is a brilliant statement as I don't like keyboards I'm not a member of any other forum or any social media. If I have something to say I pr
  15. No I didn't , if you made the statement I F**** Hate Everybody On This Planet and you were simply venting and don't really hate everyone ,fair enough but if you do indeed genuinely hate every one or feel ill towards most people I was wondering how you would rationalize that and still be a spiritual being . I obviously didn't ask the question correctly so I apologize for that
  16. I don't watch the useless TV, so what is your next assumption about me I just asked you a simple question ,nothing more , nothing less ,which you avoided I might add
  17. Just out of interest ,what spiritual stage do you see yourself at as I would have thought a statement like I F**** Hate Everybody On This Planet was not conducive to the spiritual doctrine
  18. exactly ,flat earth anyone?
  19. So what you saying is legit scientists believe the NASA fraud and conduct themselves accordingly , well lets say it is a fraud and as such there can't possibly be any reflectors up there , a logical person would have to ask 1 what object did the gentleman fire the laser at on the moon then ,if he indeed did and if not 2 is he also part of the elaborate fraud as well and just there to lend weight to the so called bogus moon landings. I know what seem more plausible ,to me anyway
  20. Memory is a very fickle thing ,maybe you don't remember correctly,just saying
  21. Personally I don't think we do share the same problems, from what I can see each individual has their own unique set of relevant problems. People may seem to share the same general set of circumstances more or less, and certainly some would perceive them to be a problem ,however others would not consider them to be so at all and therefore the problem dose not exist eg , the problems with modern society and life come up time and time again in conversation, I always say what problems?, modern has nothing to do with it , I live in a society which I never think about and at this point in t
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