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  1. That's easy , if she is a reptilian she has the ability to shape shift, I'd get he to change into Michelle Pfeiffer and you wouldn't here from me for a month at least
  2. I didn't say there were no planes ,you are now resorting to the flat earth style of debate Sorry oh loud one I couldn't help it
  3. no where not ,I've said my piece
  4. Rupet we have been through this before Just because someone doesn't officially join a group means diddly squat with regards to their personal beliefs and as far as the vote on building 7 ,don't you think there are quite a few vested interests at play here , all that says to me is there was 182 people with balls the fact that there were 179 abstentions is telling,why would you abstain from a vote in this instance unless you thought there were certain repercussions you would face I didn't say there would be no dust , I asked you how how both buildings would entirely turn t
  5. Never heard of a shaped charge There is actually more than hundreds, and who are the millions that say their wrong, sorry I would have to call BS on that statement Tell me how did the building fall at near terminal velocity into it's own foot print ,if it fell as per the official story how come the floors didn't pile up then topple over , what cut the center columns and how did both the entire buildings turn to dust as they fell. and what force caused a steel girder to embed it's self in the adjacent building if the walls were just bulging and the floors pancaking. F
  6. NASA Lies ..... There Is No Such Thing As Space I totally agree alexa, if they said that they would be telling porkies
  7. Something just came to mind the other day ,many years ago I was watching an interview with the fellow from Project Camelot, this was after the split with Kerry, anyway the fellow was interviewing a so called insider, a female, and she was asked about the rise of china on the world stage, to which she started laughing and she said ,and I quote China will catch a cold, weather that's relevant with regards to today's bullshit who knows however I do find it interesting
  8. yes it used to be slip, slop ,slap how times have changed
  9. This elderly gentleman has been hearing a lot about face book and wanted to give it a try ,so he walked into town and handed pictures of himself to totally random people telling them what he will be having for tea that night and asking them to be his friend. After about an hour he was as happy as Larry he has now got 3 followers ,two policeman and a bloke in a white coat
  10. They can , my last name is tree and I can speak English
  11. Fun for those pricks, how many people lost their job and their house after he floated the dollar, then came record 18% interest rates , he said it was the recession we had to have . There was a street in Castle Hill, a north west suburb Sydney that received the dubious title of suicide alley. Sorry I know this is the humor thread, but every time I see any of these pillars of society I get the shits I got Hearing aids about 2 weeks ago they are that good I can even hear what I'm thinking , the downside is I didn't realize I was such a prick, but on the up side at least my mi
  12. It's called being a cranky old bastard, the older you get the less bullshit you'll put up with
  13. peter

    News Media

    I know what you mean ,It doesn't happen all that often thank christ , I've been married for 34 years ,happy wife happy life, I prefer to play my guitar. I don't know why but I always watch what is going on in the back ground and pick the eyes out of it
  14. peter

    News Media

    I call all news presenters heads on a stick, the only time I watch TV is if my wife wants me to watch a movie with her,and the only news I listen to is when there is a news flash and I can't hit the mute button on the remote quick enough. You see these professional bullshit artists sitting at the desk and I always wonder who is laying on the ground near their feet with his or her hand shoved up their respective asses making their bottom jaw flap, you just can't take puppets seriously
  15. peter

    News Media

    Sorry I haven't watched the news in over 10 years , so no I haven't noticed
  16. In my younger days I was working in Boulder WA in a nickle refinery as a contract sparkie , it reached 51C in the car park, you definitely had to watch where you would sit
  17. There is no new strain ,it's a mandatory subject taught in school in these modern times and now even the idiots think their clever Remember no child will be left behind( everyone gets a trophy for participating)
  18. I won't do anything. Just had 2 many beers and let off steam here. Ultimately I agree oz but I'd rather pray for the dog to be honest. Well TZC if you want to be a little bit of a prick,use the primary school kid payback method for a laugh, since she doesn't like her dog this one is perfect. Wrap up a large pile of dog shit in newspaper put it on the front porch and pour some flammable liquid on it, light it and ring the door bell. The natural reaction is the stamp on the flames to put them out. Or of course you can just do nothing, I wouldn't wont to put
  19. I am a Senager. (Senior teenager)
  20. He was bought and payed for by Israel, controlled opposition comes to mind
  21. Of course they protect and liberate ( the earth from all the useless eaters)
  22. I just herd a news flash on the car radio the vaccine that causes blood clots is actually safe in Australia , well that's a relief, when I'm not lining up for one I know I'll be safe
  23. Brilliant ,when is the book coming out, it will obviously be a best seller among single blokes
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