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  1. Yes I agree,however that leads me to a question I have raised before and have not come up with a conclusive answer in my 63 years ,why dose it appear that when you talk to the average person in the street one on one they seem intelligent enough (most anyway) ,but when you get a group of people together their corresponding collective IQ seems to fall to the lowest common denominator
  2. Well Mr flat we have found common ground, of course its all by design, look how society has changed over the last 50 years ,old bastards like me have experienced that change first hand ,the pressure on the family unit, the longer and longer working hours just to make ends meet. The powers that be don't want happy people with time on their hands so they can think , predominantly how they are being screwed, now look at the change in the police forces and how the interact with the public. The biggest is freedom , most people don't realize they are slaves, If you don't think you are ask yours
  3. Brilliant ,there are lying space masons lying scientific masons lying astronomy masons ,according to you all the masonic cult are lairs but now you use masonic artifacts to prove your point and you assert they are being truthful , obviously only in this case So, the earth is a mono pole now , maybe you would like to prove that statement also you haven't commented on your incorrect use of good old Pythagoras as I pointed out. That was a tough one ,I had to think about it for 30 seconds I will leave you the last word , as you have made so many assertions without evide
  4. I'm sorry for this post but I couldn't help it, please refer to my second last post for clarification
  5. First of all I never said water stuck to the outside a ball ,your words and not mine, Next I can see a couple of problems with your explanation 1 the equation assumes that the earth is a complete sphere which it is not, also the radius is assumed to be taken at see level 2 Is the lake you are referring to at sea level for a start 3 you haven't taken into account water viscosity, weight, air pressure gravity etc 4 The biggest problem I can see is you failed to take in to account the perspective of the viewer and actual 3D reality Using your diagram lets examine
  6. Well if we both see the same thing how come you don't see it as well First you tell me its perfectly flat then you say there is a bulge and I'm supposed to think on the fact that Russians drive camper vans there in winter . Mate you have won I can't compete with that logic PS are spacemasons any thing like Space monkeys, I will have to get in touch with Patti Smith to get the low down if they are
  7. Actually it doesn't, if its in a glass the extremities of the water are raised where it comes into contact with the glass due friction and surface tension and if the glass is filled to the very top the water will dome due to surface tension and you can check that for nothing
  8. The post I did 3 hours ago had quite a few questions and you haven't answered one ,if you are going to, try doing it in your own words How much more specific would you like me to be Next time I go flying ,I will say to my mate don't worry that's not a curved horizon and that's not a fucking mountain directly in front of us either, I can't be bothered any more I will see you when I can post properly
  9. so thank you for not explaining anything 1 I fly ultra light aircraft and believe me I've seen the curvature of the horizon and I'm not a fucking Freemason 2 There is a bit of a difference between water in a container and the oceans of the earth , you put water in a glass and say the earth is flat ,why didn't you choose a triangle 3 you didn't answer any of my question and just quietly if you think space is a vacuum sorry pal but you haven't done your research 4 Bullshit it is 5 You can assume anything you want, and you obviously you have ,try answering my questions
  10. Gee wiz you give me some graphics on how valves and air pressure work to allude to the fact that earth is flat , fuck me I take acid occasionally and I don't come up with shit like that 1 Impossible horizons, are you referring to the ocean with the red line or Mt Everast if you are you need to go to the optometrist as they clearly show the curvature of the horizon 2 What has the physics of water got to do with the curvature of the earth unless you are referring to the total weight of the oceans and rivers or maybe the evaporation and condensation cycle has something to do with it or
  11. Do me a favor ,just jump off a ten story building then tell me gravity is just a theory
  12. Sorry mate I'm obviously a bit thick can you explain it again just for me
  13. you have obviously never herd of gravity, it's a biggie in scientific circles and I believe apples have something to do with it (I'm sorry to hear that, but based on the above post, I can hardly believe you have researched this in the least.) Think what you like at the moment I'm only buggering about but we should be able to post in a few days hopefully 
  14. If you look through a telescope ,eg 10 or 16 inch dobsonion without automatic tracking how do you explain the target moving across and eventually out of the field of view if the earth is not rotating
  15. Every time I try and post a scientific rebuttal I get blocked. So instead I will just ask you if the world is flat how many people have fallen off the edge to date. Also how thick is it then, if you are alluding to the fact that the world is only 2 dimensional we don't exist in a 2 dimensional reality
  16. It may be an illusion like everything else ,but beauty sends peoples hearts a flutter, it may be a person a place , pet or object, it doesn't matter what it is but when you are there your happiness and sense of well being elevates , it may be an illusion granted, but the illusion of beauty is much much preferable to the illusion of shit.
  17. Unless they changed it ,as far as I know it was the possession or production of
  18. I know I have brought this up before but since it looks like previous content has been lost,and the fact we have an influx of quite a few new members I thought I would pose the same questions 1 DMT is the strongest psychedelic known and is produced in our pineal gland, liver and lungs, what if those organs produce exactly the correct amount of the substance to anchor us to this reality?and any small change in the amount produced will force us into a different reality.If you have experienced it's influence you will understand this consideration Since the possession of DMT is
  19. a new Yo-Yo resurgence
  20. Yes before I had ever heard the electric universe I used to wonder about the explanation of how the sun worked , in the standard model it is a fusion reactor turning hydrogen to helium in its core and in the process giving off a great deal of heat. This heat slowly makes it's way to the surface and radiates into space, The surface is between 5,000 -6,000 C and the suns corona can fluctuate between 1,000,000 to 10,000,00 deg C, how can this be,they call it a great mystery . However this is what you see with electrical plasma
  21. you haven't seen before
  22. How come Prince Charles got covid 19 because he has been chewing on an old bat
  23. I had a look at the other web sight ,typical just taking the piss and thinking their smart , ask them to debate you with some facts and see what happens. Personally I came up against the same thing with a local forum with regards chem trails and global warming,I'm not a member but I just couldn't help myself,I watched for days as they all made cheep one liners and patted them selves on the back about how clever they all were and that was the end of the discussion as no one would post for fear of ridicule,me I couldn't give a shit, then one asked sarcastically, what was my opinion on globa
  24. so that's two oranges
  25. intelligence so you can
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