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  1. No thanks Doug ,just answer the original question in your own words,and dispense with the window dressing, if you do that I may have a look
  2. Doug ,try writing something in your own words instead of cut and past ,it may possibly be a little more legible
  3. Keep going Doug ,your doing well
  4. I think you are in a dimension of delusion Well done Doug I wouldn't have expected any thing less
  5. I'm not pissing on your porch , well not intentionally, but as you say there are extreme comments and they just may need some blunt observations and questions, not to argue for the sake of it as I'm truly interested how people arrive at their particular personal beliefs and therefore opinions. To me all religions are a club , and if you want to stay in that club you must follow the rules, or your out ,therefor the club and its rules are a form of control. Then I guess we could discuss the absolute horrible things that so called men of god have done to other people and animals through the centu
  6. What a hypocrite You have just demonstrated the problem with religion perfectly ,thanks for that Do you think you could let us know what are some of the more questionable acts that are allowed by true believers but are frowned upon if you are a non believer. You seem to be suffering from a delusional superiority complex , and as such I think I can guess what religion you follow
  7. What rubbish ,I have asked you this before with no answer, there are so many different gods each one having the same validity to their respective practitioners, what makes yours any better than the rest. Maybe your god is the wrong one, because according to you being born a human means your fucked from the start so I would choose another if I were you. Just as an aside , the term for the unthinking masses is sheeple and the term for a church congregation is called a flock ,it's probably nothing but it's still interesting I just can't understand how you can possibly even
  8. Will you be going with the vase of flowers or the bookshelf
  9. I liked it when Mr Been met the queen
  10. Here is a test, go out and see if you can find something good for a change, if you are only looking for shit that's all you find
  11. To me he comes across as a narcissistic prick, of course he can't be wrong
  12. Sorry I was thinking a little more abstract ,one was gay and one was straight ,given this day and age which is the variant. As I said to Mr sawdust ,I will have to leave the mushrooms alone
  13. I know that , but maybe Biden is the dazed and confused bit and Harris is the wanted a woman (president) never bargained for you bit Just a thought ,I should lay of the mushrooms
  14. The top one is ATS 34 hardened to 60.5 RC with beef wood handle and 316 stainless bolster the second is BG42 hardened to 63 RC , brilliant steel even at this hardness the edge will not chip and the blade will never tarnish or rust ,the downside is you need a linisher to sharpen it but you can dress an entire beast without touching it up, the handle is ivory and the bolsters are brass the third is a cut throat razor I did with mother of pearl handles. I have made over 1000 of them in 35 or so years and are in a number of countries
  15. Mate have been hunting on and off most of my life for meat ,I'm very comfortable in the bush even with all the things that can kill you here in Aus. I can build shelters and find water, I make my own knives which are a lot better than the shit from china these days ,I only have to travel 5 min and I'm in very rugged country, I was just making an observation that's all.
  16. One of the worlds greatest rock bands,however I have come to the conclusion they had an unfair advantage as they obviously had the ability to see into the future Who would of thought that they would write a hit song about an American president 50 years before the fact For those that don't know the song ,the title is Dazed and Confused
  17. I bet our forefathers didn't use concrete corner stones
  18. Stop serving soda water and coke to the crew ,problem solved, but if you must don't let them all on one side of the ship at the same time
  19. Went to the beach yesterday,there was a news flash on the radio apparently there is one case of covid in Brisbane and they don't know where it came from ,but the person involved traveled to more places in a few days than most do in a month, and just before the Easter break , what a fucking coincidence the same thing happened just before the Xmass break, but this time it is much worse apparently this is the ,wait for it, a very infectious double mutant strain. You couldn't make this shit up, I guess next holidays we can all look forward to the super duper infectious triple mutant strain
  20. That comment was not addressed to you ... why are you answering it? I think you did it before. It's strange you do that. I know it wasn't addressed to me ,but it certainly is relevant in my humble opinion
  21. I feel sorry for you if that is all you see in this world, as I said originally, peace and happiness is all about attitude I agree shit happens but it's up to you weather you dwell on it or not I haven't watched the news or read newspapers for well over 10 years ,that may just be your problem and that of many others as well , it's not called a news ( PROGRAM ) for nothing
  22. Of course the world is what you make it, why must you take every thing seriously, the point of living is called family and friends, well in my case anyway, however we do learn lessons along the way and weather you heed them is up to you. I would guess that 99% of people in this so called terrible world just want to do their best for themselves and their family ,eg roof over their head and food on the table pay the bills etc . Not many want to lord power over people or suffer from insurmountable greed , in this day and age unfortunately shit has become lighter than cream . There
  23. Yes but it saved Jehovah's witnesses a shit load of money in birthday presents
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