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  1. I totally agree, and something a little better than circumstantial on dick head tube,that has been cut and pasted or taken out of context
  2. I must have missed something , he has gone from an eloquent bore to controlled opposition and now he is a child raping pedo. I'm not saying he is or isn't as I just don't know but what evidence is there for your statement above
  3. I really don't know about his personal habits,but I'm inclined to agree with the rest of your assessment . Years ago I used to think he was ok,obviously intelligent and his command of the English language was impressive and somewhat of a novelty at the time,however that started to ware pretty thin rather quickly and in my eyes there wasn't much left
  4. It's obviously sensitive to some, now if you don't mind I would like to get back to those tits
  5. Don't worry gravity works it's magic over time , unless of course she is a FE'er
  6. So don't tell me Doug, you have gone from AC to DC ( just remember, it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll) I have noticed that you use the word oxymoron regularly, I'm starting to form the opinion that at least half of it is a Freudian slip.
  7. Those bloody Romans have them, for sure
  8. I'm in the shit with the misses again, anyone in Australia will know Bunnings and this is an organization I dislike immensely, it always seem to bring out the best in me , before covid you could walk in and out any door you wished ,now there is an entrance and exit , two doors 30 mts apart and a person standing between the two to make sure everything goes smoothly. Anyway I couldn't be bothered walking the extra 30 mts to get into the shop so I walked in the exit with my wife, you guessed it I was fronted about my choice of doors and was told I needed to go in the entrance door when
  9. if you can't impress them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit
  10. A very tragic story ,but rather interesting
  11. Something always happens , if you could narrow the field down a bit that would be helpfull
  12. I can't believe you said that, you have obviously not considered the feelings that Pinocchio may or may not have, not to mention all the people that have a pretend dick ,wooden or otherwise. It's taken a while but since I have seen the light and now classify myself as and official wanker ,sorry woker, I find your statement above one of the most reprehensible I have heard on this forum to date and as such the mods should take the necessary steps so that this type of racist hate speech which usually spews forth from the disgusting straight male cannot and will not ever occur on this forum again
  13. They must have photoshoped the little girl holding hands with prince andrew out of the picture
  14. Good luck tomorrow ,my son is in the same boat with regards to being hassled about the jab
  15. Just have a look in the FE thread the telescope question has already been answered ,so don't bother with the vids
  16. If Jesus really did exist ,how do you know for sure what he actually said. Not being narky but you only have a book to go on which wasn't written by him,not withstanding the old testament which was compiled approx 1000years BC , but the new testament which was written between 60 and 95 years after the fact, therefore it would be safe to say that at least two generations had past before it was written , so to me that would give a great deal of room for inaccuracies and poetic license on behalf of the authors. Just looking at it from a practical point of view that's all
  17. News flash ,here in sunny Queensland you can now book you covid jab online circumventing the extensive waiting lists. What bullshit, about the extensive waiting I mean, they must be desperate they are using every trick in the book
  18. That very question has been answered by me and a few others on more than one occasion in the flat earth thread ,if you a truly interested you will find your answer there, the reason is simple and the confusion stems from a general misconception about vacuums
  19. I'm sorry to say Doug but for what ever reason war is still war, and hypocrisy is still just hypocrisy
  20. And your point is? How do you know personally, god actually called to adam let alone what he said Just because you can quote passages from the bible or where ever ,does that make you spiritual etc etc, if I could quote the operating manual of a Laverda Jota, dose that in turn make me a classic Italian motor cycle
  21. Doug you never commented at all on what I said , it may have been an abstract thought but at least I showed you how I arrived at it , as opposed to your blanket overarching statements eg Black is the absorption of all colours The consumption of. No reflection just darkness no light. The next word should have been therefore ( and I'll let you take it from here)
  22. I don't rejoice in anyone's death , having said that ,I just don't care whether he is alive or dead just like the rest of the royal family
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