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  1. I totally agree on both counts
  2. a single note or can it play a tune
  3. I guess this could be funny depending how you look at it,at the very least work health an safety would have a field day VID-20170323-WA0009.mp4
  4. I can't prove it ,but I think the Vatican is up to it's proverbial arse in it . Just look at recent history with the rat lines after WW2 etc and look at how many people they control through religious doctrine, not to mention money laundering etc etc. A non player ,I don't think so
  5. Ah! YouTube the modern day arbiter of all that is true,dose click bait ring a bell
  6. If the antichrist dose indeed exist ,I agree that the pope would be a bloody good candidate ,but I couldn't care less if he is gay or not as I was never choir boy
  7. It's obvious, it's those masonic hand signals that he is always using , arthritis is a blatant front to deflect what he is actually doing away from the sheeple , here are some other hand gestures that masons use and here is one that I'm personally fond of when I'm out and about in public
  8. I'm not defending anyone , personally I particularly don't like him and I haven't seen any of his videos in years but what I am saying and I have been very clear about this , it's unfortunate that utube and shit chute as you call it are now the be all and end all of modern day truth, so don't try and twist my words as it was blatantly obvious I wasn't defending anyone least of all R. Brand
  9. I behaved like a fish in the FE ocean, but not in this one ,sorry
  10. as far as I know ,which in not much ,Bernie Taupin? wrote the lyrics to all the songs an Elton wrote the music
  11. Elton John wrote the music for Rocket Man , however that doesn't make him an astronaut
  12. Sounds good , I wish you every success regards Peter
  13. I was wondering why there is so much bad press about the A Z vaccine that causes blood clots among other things,which just happens not to be the mRNA type. Now they are touting the phizer concoction of shit which happens to be a mRNA type, as the preferred option. A suspicious prick such as myself would wonder if that wasn't the game all along. I wouldn't know one way or another but the thought had crossed my mind
  14. If you don't mind me asking where did you go and what was the rational as to your choice of destination
  15. Yes, I remember seeing that video, very far away though ,the sound was good and seemed to be coming from a loud speaker that was closer to Jones than the video would sugest,to me it was obvious that it was some form of ceremony but I doubt if it was someone being sacrificed,I don't think that would be broadcast over a loud speaker ,just in case. I'm not saying it doesn't happen there but I would imagine the bastards being a little more discreet about it . Don't quote me ,but from memory the grove is only 350 odd acres, which is fuck all really and wouldn't take long to walk around. Unles
  16. Not sure if this has been covered before ,if it has I apologize. Just wondering what peoples views are on the subject , weather it's just a place for the 1% to let their hair down and get away from the hustle and bustle or is it a place where they get up to some very dark shit. I can't see it being an international business convention as they bung on Bildaberg for that purpose apparently
  17. I know this is serious and it must have been very uncomfortable for you ,but I have to ask ,does he really have an extra leg?
  18. I think it is unfortunate that fuck tube has become the arbiter of truth these days and is good enough for most to form an opinion about someone or something . (Most if not all the people you think ARE paedophiles have accusers.) Well I personally know two people that have had accusers and done time because of a lie, one was because a vindictive wife and the other vindictive students in both cases it came to light that it was all bullshit ,the people in question were released early all be it after years in the can , both lost everything houses, marriage, kids, jobs and sent
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