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  1. My head has an egg on it now and I have to fix the plaster , will you cut it out please , I can't compete with your extortionary logic
  2. I don't care any more, how's your FE model coming along
  3. I don't know how authentic this is but bloody interesting just the same
  4. , Simply brilliant ,how can I argue with that, . you and Alexa are obviously in charhoots I'm banging my head against the wall now and it hurts so I hope your happy, I see you have written amazingly in red ,so at least one of us is amazed, not only can you take replies out of context but you are able to take math out of context as well what a brilliant skill. so next time I hit a golf ball 250 meters I will think to myself ,fuck me the earth really is flat Just wondering if your first name is Christopher ?
  5. Maybe if you understood how pressure differentials work you wouldn't be so confused as to this point ,and wouldn't treat it as some magical artifact that will drive a nail into the coffin of the globe theory, if you would like me to explain it to you I will as there are no implications here at all . But first I can't resist using your method , do your own research, but I will give you a hint to start you on the right path, A VACUUM DOESN'T SUCK unlike the FE theory. As I said I will explain it to you if you like , but you have to be nice for a change and ask properly
  6. You have been talking about a closed system the whole time , remember the dome .There is no such thing as a closed system in reality,however laws in physics are generally written with the assumption of a closed system for ease of math and explanation Still not one of my questions answered , what a joke well why don't you work out the distance traveled in the train and where the hat would land , as I said you are muddying the waters between actual speed and relative motion between two objects,. If you think your little trick will amaze me and my family , sorry you don't know us very well. Be the first to come up with a working model of the flat earth ,now that would amaze me.
  7. Obviously I haven't been looking in the correct places But now he obviously doesn't ,at least he wasn't talking about that crap back then Blue Sky said I signed up to his email updates, and after a while I was being inundated with requests for funding. I got sick of it and unsubscribed Yes BlueSky I seemed to remember that was a big part of his lecture ,funding and more funding. Maybe it wasn't enough and he figured he could make more out of the FE scam
  8. Are you yanking my chain or are you serious? If he has ,no wonder he's keeping a low profile now ,I would be embarrassed too
  9. Yes I watched Michael Tellinger give that presentation when he was here in Aus a few years ago and he certainly made a lot of sense, I'm disappointment and somewhat surprised that he has drifted off into the so called wilderness since then, or maybe I just haven't been looking in the correct places
  10. Great question here's another , if your in a train traveling a 160mph and you jump into the air and your hat flew off and went straight up where would it land, the answer is the same for both questions ,all Mr flat is doing here is trying to confuse the issue between actual speed and relative speed between two objects and is total bullshit with regards to proving the earth is flat You were right that was fun
  11. Yes I have read behold a pale horse and also Communion, Stan Romanek's books Messages then the next one Answers are very interesting also continuing along those themes also on the same subject but from a different angle you have Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls by Nigel Kerner
  12. This has been around for a while now ,I was surprised it was still up on utube so for those that haven't seen it
  13. Some say they are all bullshit others as they are all real , me I think they are books that contain elements of fact woven with a bloody good story , if he was getting into datura ,that shit will sent you mad, people have it growing all over the place down here in gardens etc ,I would lay money that most don't have a clue what they have
  14. Personally I think time is a construct of the brain and only appears as a linear progression so we can make sense of what is happening at any given moment, the only thing that exists in time is the now . Also time is perceived differently by different people, say tennis players trying to return a serve or motor cycle racers doing over 300km per hour that have a split second to break at the end of the straight. People would put that down to reaction time but I have listened to a few interviews where they indicate time is perceived faster to give the appearance that things are traveling slower. If you have ever been in an accident, what ever that may be , things to me seems to slow down and something that might happen in a couple of seconds seems to take longer and gives you a chance to react, getting you out of a sticky spot. Try this, if you own a watch with a second hand look at the face of the watch and notice the movement as it measures the seconds as they pass by , now look away from the watch for 2-3 seconds then quickly look back at the second hand , it always looks like it takes longer to make the first movement then it settles back to it's normal rhythm, that is a trick of the brain making a second seem longer I haven't read any literature on the subject ,just my personal observations
  15. Just before I go I thought I would leave a parting gift to the FE crowd and just to cover my ass the opinions expressed in this video are not necessarily the opinions of the poster
  16. Yesterday a funny thing happened ,I was watching Max Igan and his take on the Victorian lock down ,the fact that the Victorian has sold all the government infrastructure to the Chinese and also that planes are landing in Melbourne from different parts of the world during this lock down ,containing security equipment he went on to say that if the Chinese own the government in Victoria ,they would definitely want to make Melbourne a smart city with a with a social credit score etc etc etc . The funny thing was when I got out of Max's sight no more than 30 seconds later I received a call on my mobile that lives on the fridge when I answered it there was a pause like when you get those annoying calls then this woman that was obviously pissed off was ranting to me in Chinese, since I don't speak that language I just laughed and hung up , It was about half an hour later and put 3+2 together and got 8, I was just wondering if this has happened to others , what do you think ,too much of a coincidence or just a wrong number
  17. 60 but I'm probably wrong or someone with shoes kicks the kid in the ass for being greedy because he ate too many chips
  18. You definitely have a few to get on with, I have read all the Castaneda books as well , excellent ,with all this material all you have to do now is make a start The Convoluted Universe series by Deloris Cannon is an interesting read also, but I think you have enough on your plate at the moment
  19. These are just some questions I have asked that have been ignored by you Mr flat 1 please explain how the seasons work with regards to the flat earth model 2 how dose an eclipse work 3 how dose night and day work 4 if the earth is flat how thick is it 5 if the earth is covered by a dome ,what is it made of, how did it get there and who built it 6 if there is a thousand foot ice wall ,where are the pictures and evidence ,the pictures that were put up as evidence ,the mast on the ice breaker was higher than the ice in one 7 since water dose flow in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere , explain how that happens with regards to the flat earth theory 8 in the video of how night and day works what causes the light to stop from the sun in a circle 9 explain how sun rise and sun set happens on a flat earth 10 Since this FE theory has been around for quite a while now, where is the model that explains all these observations we make and explain with the globalists theory as you put it, so how is this explained with the FE theory,and not just individually as is often the case, but as one cohesive unit It seems funny that on this side of the fence according to you we have to prove everything , which I must say is definitely not the case from your side. You continually ignore questions , take things out of context ,scream FAKE or blame it on the Freemasons . In your statement above ,and I will be blunt because this is what you actually said , Then fucking prove it with an articulate argument not based solely on logical fallacies , my reply to that assertion would be ,Then fucking prove it with an articulate argument not based solely on illogical fallacies. Your last statement I do agree with (I mean, is this not what we are here for?) here you implied discussion, I maybe naive but I would like to think that around 95% are here for that very reason , however in your case I believe you are here to push an agenda and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if you have a vested interest in promoting this belief. So if you come back with a working model that encompasses all the artifacts and nuances we observe with regards to the earth , solar system and stars as one cohesive unit, we will talk, but until then , sorry I can't be bothered any more , oh and you are quite welcome to try a few of the other questions as well I hope that that was fucking articulate enough for ya
  20. In actual fact we are made from elements created in the stars. so the statement that we came from the stars is absolutely correct and in no way far fetched Also if the universe is an infinite holographic fractal construct every one and every thing is the center of the universe and I don't mean that esoterically etc, I actually mean physically. Just something to think about
  21. HA HA HA If you could explain it ,you would have it up there in CAPITAL LETTERS as I know the way you think,the fact that you don't have it for all the world to see means you can't, so here we have someone who will argue black and blue that the globalists as you call them are wrong but you can't even put together a theory that encompasses all the observed artifacts with regards to the earth, sun and moon ,let a lone the stars. Lets be honest , this is your argument , So what do you think of the current theory regarding a spheroid earth , answer ,it's all bullshit we have been lied to by the Freemasons, but it explains what we actually observe , that doesn't matter it's all bullshit, so how dose your theory work then , fucked if I know but its correct . Now you are talking about buying me a car and taking me to dinner , thanks but no thanks.
  22. I would like to see a 3d interpretation of you theory that takes in night and day, the seasons and eclipses in one go as they all have to work together not separately ,like I said to Zark still waiting
  23. Actually that's incorrect ,the earths magnetic poles are going to flip as they have done 4 times in the past The suns poles flip every 11 years on average ,it's called the sun spot cycle
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