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  1. Are They Laying TRAPS For Conspiracy Researchers? If they weren't I would be very surprised
  2. Yes I'm the same,never ask me my opinion the last person that did regretted it.Well he never actually asked but I let him have it anyway on quite a few subjects and backed it up with facts and figures and after 10 or so min he was red in the face and stormed off saying I don't want to talk to you anymore. What started this you may ask,he made a comment about Russia which was factually incorrect so I said where did you hear that? he said on the news,I said well there you go I haven't watched the news for well over ten years and haven't read a newspaper for at least 15 ,I would of left it there but he had to lean forward stuck his face close to mine and uttered the inspiring words ,maybe you should you might learn something. Well he got a crash course in Russian and Ukraine politics of the last 10 years with regards to external western influences ,911, climate change, and the fact that he has just been an unpaid lab rat for gene therapy experiments . His only comeback was that I was a conspiracy theorist and he had read all the reports for climate change and 911 (which was obvious bullshit ) . I told him where the term conspiracy theorist originated from and asked if he had read the Warren report. You ever see someone walk off with steam coming out of their ears and bright red in the face ,it's as funny as shit except the misses was not amused
  3. I don't know if I'm right or not,but it just occurred to me that the first time I ever heard of a QR code was when you had to sign in during the scamdemic (which I never did once) now the dam things are everywhere and I still wouldn't know how to scan one even if I fell over it
  4. I think the term anti vaxxer is rather misleading, personally I'm not an anti vaxxer ,I'm an anti unpaid lab rat
  5. https://www.facebook.com/grahamhoodformerpilot/videos/972385033746517
  6. To be honest I don't think about them one way or another,just like I don't think about un-vaxed people either
  7. Do you honestly think I high ranked Freemason would put out a utube video explaining the FE This reminds me of the add, this is Rob he is a dentist so we can't show his face
  8. That is why I don't watch videos either for or against, however I would say if you had a theory that explains the movement of the planets also can explain how eclipses work both solar and lunar and predict the times and the places they will occur on the earth, explains the how the seasons work, explains how night and day operates and can also predict the longest and shortest days of the year etc etc. On a scale of one to 10 in all honesty where do you think that theory will fall
  9. Ok sorry But I have always called him Mr bollocks it's just shorter ,same as I call Webtrekker Mr trekker or oddsandsods Mr odds etc
  10. It surprises me when people fail to notice the obvious, which rather validates the saying,most people look but very few see B flat posted a picture that showed curvature , then mister B and now alexa, a gun and one's own foot comes to mind
  11. Thank you Mr Bollocks,a rather ironic post. On the very first page of this thread Bflat posted a picture that clearly showed curvature and used a very subtle but nonetheless underhanded process to try, but unsuccessfully mask the fact. I have commented on this in detail in this thread. Now 450 odd pages later you post a picture that clearly shows curvature,thank you. I believe the picture to be genuine, due to the obvious artifacts that are present and the methods used in those early days,if they were absent then I would worry as to its validity Once again thanks, If you would like me to comment on what you were obviously trying to infer, the irrelevance of the date and the reasons why I would be more than happy to do so. It would be nice to see a rebuttable with a little more substance than just a laugh occasionally
  12. Could you please tell me what time of day the picture was posted as it is relevant with regards to what your trying to infer
  13. If anyone is interested look at the previous posts for context I have to remain polite so I won't tell you what I think it signifies in my own words Suffice to say Dale, I believed that the Bennu bird was extinct but this thread has firmly reversed that opinion and therefore my position on the matter. I know it may initially hurt , but if you have a little think you will get the gist of what I'm alluding to in the above sentence. Right now I'm feeling a kindred spirit with the mythical Fu bird
  14. Oh OK then just for you, but you will have to give me half an hour as it will take that long to brush off the masses of jaded cobwebs. I just had a look,it's long and I'm reading two books at present,so it will have to wait ,but I do have a problem straight up with the first couple of lines after the title The Alien Assessment of nuclear armed Earth Disarm nuclear-bombs and stop testing, so we can get out of this Simulation One would have to ask why do we have to disarm nuclear bombs and stop testing to get out of the simulation , if that's the case why didn't we get out of the simulation before we had nuclear weapons
  15. A Webster's awaits and that was meant implicitly
  16. Not interested, sorry but you are telling me to do a test that was devised by alien's from a book that they wrote I'm not disagreeing that it is highly likely we live in a simulation,I just don't want to do the test PS welcome aboard
  17. What fears, so I can assume by your post you believe you are a chosen one ,but not the right one for me. If you have a dictionary handy it may be beneficial to look up the word narcissism
  18. Once again you have used many words ,spoke in generalizations and said very little ,In my opinion your previous post says it all
  19. you certainly missed the point, and I doubt that's jealousy your smelling, as a matter of fact in my opinion your olfactory nervous system over the last couple of months has been somewhat selectively defective, however on a positive note it seems to be making subtle improvements and one would hope that continues into the future
  20. That's unfortunate as I was hoping to see what he had in the way of new evidence
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