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  1. I think as far as the universe goes there is continuous death and re-birth. This would explain the conundrum of the great attractor and what it actually is https://www.facebook.com/Nassim.Haramein.official/videos/the-universal-pattern-torus/439652936225970/
  2. I don't think so ,in my estimation most are apathetic bastards and wont stand up for what they believe. Having said that a lot didn't have a choice(it's not mentioned in the media but there are class actions being brought against the government and the drug companies). Until the people band together nothing will change ,you cant do it by yourself you need the numbers. I've mentioned this before but when it was mandatory to sign in and wear a mask everywhere I walked into the police station without a mask and didn't sign in, you can imagine the kerfuffle that caused ,anyway I handed them a piece of paper with a number on it and told them to give it a call,it was the anti- discrimination dept of the Queensland government ,straight away they quietened down and I did what I had to do and left . The point I'm making is it made no difference,did anything change? no and there lies the problem.With any new unpopular thing the government brings in they will hammer dissenters very hard at the outset to make an example to the rest of the sheep and it works extremely effectively, as a matter of fact that modus operandi has been used effectively since the dawn of civilization the only difference being we have moved away from public beheadings and hangings to destroying someone financially but the outcome is still the same with regards to societal behavior . As I said before you need the numbers ( Ps and some balls)
  3. One of my all time favorite shows,I must have seen it at least 20 times and I still laugh my head off
  4. It's winter,Christ it's cold .Thank god for global warming,think how bad it would be without it
  5. Saw Bowie play at the Sydney show ground ,it was the last open air concert that I went to until my wife shouted me for my 60th ,the simple reason being you payed good money to see the show and there was always some prick that would annoy the crap out of you so as the prices went up for international acts to me it wasn't worth the hassle . Even at the 60th it was a sit down show with half a dozen good Ausi bands, we got there early and sat right up the back in the shade and as it was summer it didn't take long for the little area to fill up. (bring your own chairs water etc.)The stage was a distance, you could still see it though but it didn't matter because there was a large screen to the side After a while two very well dressed women in their 30's stood in front so no one could see the stage then a fellow in his 30's walked up and stood next them and blocked the screen. After a couple of min people we mummering and I had the shits so I said to my wife I better go and sort this out ,her reply was no sit down and shut up ,so another couple of min goes past ,and I said to her I will deal with this now before I really get the shits. Anyway I asked the fellow as politely as I could to F off I also made reference to the fact that I had seen better asses on Jessy the cow with regards to the women. The rest of the night was great and all of us could now see the stage and screen
  6. This one caused a bit of a stir and this was pretty good as well This one broke them
  7. peter


    He is not a builder the bloke is obviously a plumber
  8. This one brings a tear to the eye ,because of the realization of lost youth
  9. Yes but they're not used in ev's at present as far as I know
  10. No it doesn't ,lithium polymer batteries have the non radioactive metal cobalt at a ratio of about 8:1. Lithium Iron batteries have no cobalt at all. Cobalt 60 is a radioactive isotope produced in reactors primarily for use in nuclear medicine
  11. I've seen John Schumann play a few times both with the band red gum and as duo with the fiddle player
  12. If it was don't you think there would be an accompanying radiation signature which at the very least would indicate place of manufacture and type
  13. Sorry Mr Trekker I forgot this one (brilliant album)
  14. One more to make you think,with all the wars over the last god knows how long don't you find it funny that there are no modern protest songs of any note
  15. I saw this fellow play probably 45 years ago just him sitting on a chair and two guitars ,one six string and one twelve string
  16. This fellow played with Frank Zapper back in the day
  17. notice the Christmas apparel on the album cover,oh and don't get me started on Stevie Nicks
  18. Ammonium nitrate is not simple fireworks,1947 in Texas the entire ship disappeared check out 1947 Texas City disaster PS I like the way you used the term fireworks instead ammonium nitrate to make your point, ANFO when combined at 16-1 is a high explosive comparable to C4
  19. I saw this bloke in Sydney ,great show but he had to run off and get oxygen a couple of times
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