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  1. of course something far greater exists @alexa thinks it's god , you think it's a superior intelligence, I think it is neither, as far as encountering phenomena, I have experienced weird shit myself on quite a few occasions that I certainly can't explain ,if your interested look in the paranormal thread under personal experiences Anyway thank you for your reply if you would like to start a new thread to discuss this further I would be more than willing and interested, as this is a flat earth thread after all. I would ask one question, and I don't want you to take this the wrong way as I mean no disrespect,but is English your first language, I'm just trying to get a handle on who I'm talking to
  2. Don't stop there ,why is she closer than the truth, explain yourself
  3. You seem to be excellent at memes ,but not much else
  4. I refer you back to the observation of the moon through a telescope and why it moves out of your field of view always to the right only, if your mount does not have tracking capability , please don't repeat you first attempt at rebuttal ,it was way past idiotic and down right laughable
  5. Odd's your stating the obvious again, what have I told you about that in the past
  6. Yes I know ,and still no evidence from anyone that hasn't been refuted after all this time,and I agree with you that it started as a sysops exercise to discredit alternative points of view and it has worked very well, especially with the aid of utube because people can now make a living propagating the bullshit. As far as helping you can go back and look through the thread my thoughts are there, and unlike most the reasons I came to the conclusions I have are also there. As far as trying to get the thread locked,how did you work that out ,I'm not trying to get anything locked, but I will grant you that in my opinion I couldn't care one way or the other
  7. Well your god is obviously just waiting for you to screw up, what ever happened to forgiveness,isn't he meant to love you? "Why did he overlook Hitler then" Another in depth answer you never cease to amaze, my forehead's getting sore AGAIN It was on this page , It's obvious to me that your a religious nut with short term memory loss, that must be the reason that you need the same thing repeated over and over again
  8. It must be nice having someone doing your thinking for you,another regurgitation, the math rebuttable to this is in the thread more than once, look if your interested Without seeing the video, it's the camera god knows you lot have used that excuse often enough
  9. I was going to pick your reply apart line by line but quite frankly I can't be bothered any more However in my opinion you seem to have an innate ability to use a lot of words that sound great ,say very little and are just ambiguous enough not to be pinned down If you want me to go through it bit by bit I will ,but I don't see the point as you will just reply with more of the same
  10. peter


    OK Origin put a sock in it,
  11. peter


    Thank Christ,I thought it was another flat earth video
  12. Is there any chance in HELL you could change the record, I see you got NASA in and I'm surprised you couldn't make room for the masons as well . I see you ignored my inconvenient question about Hitler,typical How do you know what god wants, and what has this got to do with a flat earth (that doesn't exist). I guess you could be thankful though that your not a dyslexic agnostic because you would spend most of your time wondering if there truly is a DOG
  13. Well your god is obviously just waiting for you to screw up, what ever happened to forgiveness,isn't he meant to love you? Why did he overlook Hitler then Another in depth answer you never cease to amaze, my forehead's getting sore AGAIN
  14. You certainly are predictable, what about death by an act of god eg lighting strike,god does work in mysterious ways you know Please start on illness,but deal with your act of god first
  15. Once again it's in the thread in point form no less ,go look. @Morpheus asked me the very same question quite a ways back
  16. Sorry but I'm not a regurgitater such as yourself, it's in the thread, go look if your interested but I'm sure your not
  17. Believe me I've noticed, why must there be a god ,I do believe higher dimensions exist, but you would have to ask why would the beings that inhabit those dimensions,have anything to do with, let a lone create this one. Personally I don't think god created man ,I think man created god as a crutch for everything that happens ( look at the beautiful wild flowers ,has to be gods work, little Billy gets run over and killed ,god works in mysterious ways) how else would you rationalize it. What do you mean my scientists, every rebuttal I have made is from me ,my words my thoughts,I don't own any.
  18. come up with something intelligent that you have thought of yourself to further your cause then and we will discuss it, instead of regurgitation infinitum ,and utube videos. I don't do videos for or against ,that is someone's else's work and thoughts which will then become yours provided it falls on the correct side of the argument no matter how far fetched . This happens because there is no thought given to what is said or shown, as everyone knows that utube is now the bastion of truth and information,well maybe not but people being inherently lazy there is one less thing that they don't have to do now ,and that is think for themselves. So as I have said before ,if you would like to come up with some clear and concise argument that is yours as to why the earth is flat,we will discuss it but if you just continue to regurgitate shit,expect more of the same,I'm still waiting for a reply with regards to the mars helicopter by the way
  19. So you are talking in riddles as usual and don't have a clue, however you know it's intelligent design, therefore there must be a creator / god, so now we have come full circle and are back to religion , how unusual If I'm wrong explain to me what is it? in your opening four words
  20. You are comparing distance to the horizon with your field of view in other words, apples and bloody oranges as usual
  21. The weight of a battery to run a helicopter of that size for 39 seconds is negligible when using lithium/ polymer or lithium /iron type batteries.I use these type of batteries all the time in some of my RC planes I have also had miniature helicopters that will fly for 2 or 3 minutes the batteries weight is in the grams and is twice the size of my thumb nail. The motors themselves are minuscule as well, about as thick as a pencil and no more than a inch long, and more importantly the weight is bugger all. I think I have a handle on how helicopters work,maybe you should get a handle on modern battery and DC motor technology
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