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  1. nearly finished the book Penetration by Ingo Swan ,he has some very interesting things to say about the moon and the ensuing coverup by NASA and other agencies. An interesting book with rather original insights, if anyone is interested . I ordered the special edition as the original is hard to come by and rather expensive
  2. The statement Fuck Me , exclamation mark comes to mind , how many times do we have to see these bloody stupid pictures In my previous post when I inter-mated you weren't a troll ,of course I was being sarcastic and you have just proved my point once again, well done To me your just another idiot with a camera and there a plenty of them on Utube so you will fit right in
  3. Personally I think it's a bit harsh calling AmyG ,AKA bflat an ignorant troll, I think the problem stems from the fact that he has been handed that many new assholes over this thread and others that confusion has obviously set in and he doesn't know where to start. This has obviously manifested in his apparent inability to answer any reasonable question put to him in a clear concise and relevant manner. At least not many of us can say have had a hit song written about them , amyG I didn't know you were friends with Jethero Tull, I am impressed
  4. Gravity's air bubble problem ( no problem what so ever ) I was wondering when this was going to raise it's head again, as I said you are nothing if not predictable,this has been explained to you on more than one occasion,by me and other people, the explanation hasn't changed in that short amount of time which leads me to conclude the following 1 you have early onset dementia 2 or the most likely, you are starting to exhibit all the signs of a terrible affliction first brought to light in a 70's Jethro Tull song,and for that I'm truly sorry for you
  5. When they kill us all off , the old movie Planet of the Apes will become much more prophetic than anyone could have possibly imagined Maybe we are looking at plan B in the making just in case everything goes tits up
  6. Ever heard of Rudolf the brown nose reindeer ,he runs as fast as all the others but he just doesn't stop as quick
  7. VID-20201116-WA0010.mp4 I have come across this shit before but never seen it in an interview ,if it is a repeat I apologize
  8. VIDEO-2020-08-31-05-28-48.mp4
  9. Yes the powers that be love violence ,that is what they are set up to deal with and affords them so many benefits , if you just ignore the bastards they don't really know how to respond except to incite violence to bring things back to the status quo
  10. if the media would just shut the fuck up and people wake up to themselves we could all just get back to the normal flu season,but what would be the fun in that
  11. Do a bit of research then, he has been doing this for 30 years, you are not going to learn much in 5 seconds from someone else's opinion
  12. personally I think the Mandela effect is a crock, maybe a couple of years down the track ,we just might witness the J Epstein effect
  13. Just before XMass, how predictable,just watch it spread , but what is worse people waited in the bloody heat for up to 10 hours with masks just to be tested, God help us all. Now according to a head on a stick covid is a very sneaky virus ,I can't tell you why, I was driving and managed to turn the radio off before I was subjected to anymore bullshit
  14. I'm surprised the police are not lining the foot path and down on one knee as the dickheads march past
  15. I would agree with you that all life in this reality is carbon based,but man being the highest known expression in my humble opinion is debatable
  16. 25 ,000 ha ,sounds like the cost of selling newspapers (bullshit ) to me, that's why I don't read them or watch the news, besides if I want to be lied to ,we have a government
  17. Don't accept it ,there will be conditions attached (no talking) and two if you accept what they offer now there will be no ability for recon pence in the future , I have a bit of experience with this type of crap, the very fact that they are offering you anything at all must mean they know they are on shaky ground and believe they are libel for damages
  18. Don't sell yourself short so if you don't mind I will call you Mr Stardust this may be able to help with your situation ,I know it's off topic and apologize for that, what may help you is toward the end ,however if you watch the entire video I'm sure you will find it extremely interesting
  19. Apparently we have a vaccine now that is 92% effective against the flu (covid) with no mention of it's after effects. If in the large majority of cases there are no noticeable ill effects at all, how will you know if it is effective or not when the virus is so awful the majority of people infected don't even know they have it . However the sheep will line up to have the jab and be happy in the knowledge that it has obviously saved them because they didn't get it, and they won't connect the dots when a couple of years down the track their health starts falling apart because their RNA and DNA h
  20. I will be 63 in a couple of months and I know exactly where your coming from
  21. Personally I think you should start with his first book and work your way through so you understand the progression of his work otherwise you may just think how outlandish . Having said that I think his last one (The Answer) is very pertinent with what is going on in the world today
  22. Well it will be no bloody good then due to global warming
  23. Brilliant from someone that has only been here for 5 min and can't stand anyone having a different opinion other than your own , you won't discuss anything, you just think people that don't fall into line with your ideology are mentally deficient morons, how dare someone have a different opinion than yours . I know your not here to make friends you are here to raise us up spiritually and enlighten us all to your awakening,so what makes your opinion (awakening) any better than another persons . In your first post I went through your statements and agreed with some some and disagreed with oth
  24. Yeh I know but in this instance with regards to you incessant self opinionated ramblings , I would have thought highly appropriate
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