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  1. They must have photoshoped the little girl holding hands with prince andrew out of the picture
  2. Good luck tomorrow ,my son is in the same boat with regards to being hassled about the jab
  3. Just have a look in the FE thread the telescope question has already been answered ,so don't bother with the vids
  4. If Jesus really did exist ,how do you know for sure what he actually said. Not being narky but you only have a book to go on which wasn't written by him,not withstanding the old testament which was compiled approx 1000years BC , but the new testament which was written between 60 and 95 years after the fact, therefore it would be safe to say that at least two generations had past before it was written , so to me that would give a great deal of room for inaccuracies and poetic license on behalf of the authors. Just looking at it from a practical point of view that's all
  5. News flash ,here in sunny Queensland you can now book you covid jab online circumventing the extensive waiting lists. What bullshit, about the extensive waiting I mean, they must be desperate they are using every trick in the book
  6. That very question has been answered by me and a few others on more than one occasion in the flat earth thread ,if you a truly interested you will find your answer there, the reason is simple and the confusion stems from a general misconception about vacuums
  7. I'm sorry to say Doug but for what ever reason war is still war, and hypocrisy is still just hypocrisy
  8. And your point is? How do you know personally, god actually called to adam let alone what he said Just because you can quote passages from the bible or where ever ,does that make you spiritual etc etc, if I could quote the operating manual of a Laverda Jota, dose that in turn make me a classic Italian motor cycle
  9. Doug you never commented at all on what I said , it may have been an abstract thought but at least I showed you how I arrived at it , as opposed to your blanket overarching statements eg Black is the absorption of all colours The consumption of. No reflection just darkness no light. The next word should have been therefore ( and I'll let you take it from here)
  10. I don't rejoice in anyone's death , having said that ,I just don't care whether he is alive or dead just like the rest of the royal family
  11. Such a brilliant first post keep going your on fire
  12. Well Doug ,that's a fairly broad opening statement, would that be they have no idea about this subject or just in general, as that would indicate that you consider that their respective level of IQ is rather deficient, I may disagree with a lot that rideforever says but funnily enough there is quite a bit I agree with and I certainly don't think he is in anyway shape or form lacking in the cognitive department. Having said that ,just bear with me Doug ,what if the ying yang symbol is not the symbol of conflict (good evil etc) that everyone thinks it is . I know that the non color of white
  13. I don't think it is a case of how many jews died ,what method was used or why,to me the fact anyone died at all is a travesty, when you consider the architects sat back and profited handsomely , Having said that, it amuses me that the jewish people get to have exclusive rights to all of histories suffering, obviously no one else counts. I maybe wrong but if your entire international strategy is to play the victim while screwing over other countries, no wonder the mere mention of the holocaust and any alternate views as to what happened is met with such heavy resistance. (by the zionis
  14. That statement sounds like self censorship, I'm sorry to say but if you think this forum doesn't already attract attention there is something wrong, do you think the hacking was just a random act of fuckery. I'm sure if things start to sail too close to the wind the mods will step in and rectify the situation so I wouldn't worry about it I don't know about you but when I'm out in public I never think before opening my mouth , I like to be just as surprised as everyone else
  15. I hope you not trying to insinuate that I'm just an old bastard, I will have you know that's Grumpy old bastard mate
  16. I agree , however that statement cuts both ways. It is not in an agency's or government's interest lie all the time otherwise no one would ever believe them, and I agree they do regularly so the trick is to separate the wheat from the chafe with some diligent research to make an informed decision on what you choose to believe, weather that be right or wrong. Unfortunately most people form an opinion first, generally influenced by what social group they identify with and therefore disregard any evidence that apposes their respective position. Then along comes a U tube clip as evidence
  17. I don't think he has ever been to the bottom of the deepest ocean or piloted an F16 either. So you point is
  18. How dare you ,are you trying to make me feel inadequate, I don't have a web site😉

    Happy birthday,I guess  

  19. I can only assume that english is not your first language
  20. Why do I need fixing, by who's determination am I broken?
  21. Maybe a mirror would be beneficial in this case That statement is exactly 180 deg from what was actually said How do you know if Enlil does good or not do you know him or her personally ?, this person was actually asking for a peaceful way to reverse the problem, there was no blaming anyone, unlike someone that sees every human on this planet a problem except of course himself. When was that said in Enlil's statements the following is was said I'm feeling magnanimous this morning , let's just say I could have some real fun with tha
  22. Yes and after pillaging the countries and it's peoples of their respective wealth since 1913 ,it is all about to collapse and the asseholes who are the architects of the federal reserve banking system need a patsy a scapegoat just like Lee Harvey Oswald, enter covid 19 , it is probably capitalism's final harah, so lets see how long they can string this one out and milk it for what its worth
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