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  1. maybe so but my bullshit detector is working overtime
  2. No wonder you seem to be impressed about the size of someones but
  3. Great explanation ,but means absolutely nothing. Picture the moon orbiting over a flat earth ,weather the moon is a sphere or weather it is flat there is still basic problems with regards to what is actually observed I think we should get Carl Mollison to channel Jimi hendrix ,he wrote a song called if six was nine,so he obviously knows all about this shit
  4. Yes that is exactly what I do, I just give myself a mental kick in the pants
  5. Yes I agree many people are in 8 -12 and unfortunately with society and education these days most have been conditioned to be a victim and they retain that mind set their entire life, the old adage, it's a lot easier to piss and moan than to actually do something about it rings true for most
  6. I think 7 should be contentment/don't give a fuck If you have ever read The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson ,8 through to 22 becomes pointless
  7. I believe it's god the farther ,the son and the holy ghost So to me that equates as god is the father ,jesus is his son so therefore is not god and the holy ghost is Casper
  8. great guess but obviously wrong, a good portion is about Jesus and I think there is something about vanity as well,so it stands to reason if he existed he wouldn't be writing about himself surely, as that would make him a hypocrite It's not god and not jesus who is it then
  9. In your imagination maybe, sorry I didn't know that ignoring inconvenient questions equates to answering them, it must say that in the bible somewhere then. Ps ,nice video ,another one I won't watch, just like zark you seem to excel at at regurgitating some one else's crap, it's a lot easier than thinking for yourself.
  10. well I wouldn't have to ask the same old questions if you took a rather novel approach in this thread and actually answered at least one of them. You obviously graduated from the same flat earth uni as zark because he won't answer anything either. As far as expecting the same old answers,that's incorrect I would like an answer , notice the singular and the absence of a plural in that statement and it's implications.
  11. Bulimia boy is at it again Believe me it's just as boring,if not more listening to the same bullshit time and time again Show me your theory or at the very least hypothesis of how a flat earth works, how does this hypothesis predict observational artifacts eg sunrise ,sunset,seasons etc. Don't put up your rotating sun and moon over a flat earth with the green circle again as you well know I've proven that to be bullshit, so how else does it work
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