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  1. Who wrote the text for xodus, I'll guarantee you it wasn't god , therefore one could rightly assume that the author had a rather inflated view of himself and therefore the human species as a whole. There is a passage in the bible I think it is Romans something , God is the truth and all men are liars , since men wrote the bible I just wonder why the irony of that statement is continually overlooked
  2. I think Biden should give all the US dollars they have to Ukraine ,because it will be worth jack shit shortly
  3. What makes you think humanity is god's most cherished creation,what makes us any better than another life form. If we are gods best all I can say he must have been having an off day or maybe just maybe he got sick of creating perfection and just created us for a bit of light entertainment, come the weekend big G can let his hair down with a few of his mates and watch all us idiots running around. ( hey god whats happening ,they have just build atomic weapons, shit this should be good ,save me a seat) Just quietly if there is an executive god I think he she or it could have done a lot bloody better. .
  4. ,once again you have answered with your favorite word, SOMETHING. Are you sure you don't work for NASA (Never A Straight Answer).
  5. I agree time doesn't exist but why doesn't space exist, since you are so certain you must have a reason
  6. Sorry they will never exist, apparently there is a self destruct mechanism fitted.
  7. Either have I up until now ,the only reason I went was because of the rife machine which I had heard of about 30 or so years ago and it was just through a set of chances so to speak that it even came about We met some people we hadn't seen for a long time while shopping in another town and they said a group has started up every Tuesday night at the community center where people get up and talk on a range of different subjects, I thought that sounds interesting so we went along. Everyone was standing around yapping and for some reason for me the conversation waned so I looked around the room and everyone seemed to have their jaws flapping and arms waving except for one woman that was sitting in the front row by herself waiting for the talks to start. Instead of standing there like a shag on a rock I walked up to her ,introduced myself sat down and that's how I found about this fellow who just happened to be staying at her place and she arranged all the bookings, he was only in town for another week so I managed to snavel two appointments before he left PS thanks for the vid I hope you know it will be the first that I have watched from you
  8. I went to see a healer the other day he comes to town for a month once a year and uses a Rife machine combined with hands on healing ,it's by appointment and payment is by donation only . It's refreshing that an alternative healer doesn't require a set fee I had herd about these things before, thought I'd give it a go . The gentleman was very out there with the topics we discussed. After about 40 min I left, next day no change but the day after a marked improvement, so I lined up another session before he left . Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with these and did it help. Technically I think it's a harmonic frequency generator and you just sit in front of it . What appears to be a small cathode ray tube does the flickering , he said it is filled with 4 different noble gasses and it is the properties of these gasses at certain harmonic frequencies that create the biological effect, weather that's true or not I have no idea ,as I said there was a marked improvement that is still present after the first session 2 weeks ago
  9. My advice is don't buy it ,if it is exactly like yours it will already have a hole in it. For what it's worth I don't believe in coincidences but having said that strange shit does happen but the mechanism that allows the strangeness to happen is beyond me. However I have an idea but it is rather sparse with regards concrete evidence and consists of a mishmash of Harramien's work coupled with the concept of universal consciousness.
  10. yes a very good place to start , look from as many angles as possible before committing or being committed
  11. I have learned Utube has become the bastion of truth for the alternative thinker ( tong in cheek ) because it allows people to cheery pick any evidence required to re-enforce their own personal beliefs,without any thought processes being brought to the fore and all dissenting views being discarded
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