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  1. Mate will you give it a fucking rest, you asked me to explain it and I did ,if you can't understand it or can but wont accept it ,your problem not mine. You seem to be a fully payed up member of the broken record brigade
  2. I know you wont watch it ,as soon as you hear the word space you will switch it off but it may explain a few things, as this fellow counters a lot of the theories of modern quantum physics,and backs it up with math, he has solved the problem of the very small being different to the very large ( unified field theory)
  3. You have obviously not read my explanation carefully as I didn't say the shadow travels faster than the moons linear speed , but you know that, keep muddying the waters ,a sign of a desperate person, you are obviously a great proponent of Bflat's debating style ,If you can't impress them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit
  4. It looks like water vapor to me from a power station or is this what we find on top of the 1000 ft ice wall
  5. Never read any of Icke's books then
  6. Maybe you could borrow a hammer of Zark , you put this up as evidence ? or maybe you are just trying to be smart ,in both accounts you have failed Mr flat
  7. Now here in AUS we have a group of power hungry assholes trying to make masks mandatory every flu season, covid or not , all they want to do is save lives aparently ,what a bunch of virtue signaling pieces of shit
  8. Your only solution is the hammer once again fella
  9. I bet you that bloody tortoise has read DUNE or at least seen the movie
  10. Bullshit says who, you? well I must be wrong then, keep clutching at straws your bound to grab one eventually
  11. video-386dc21bcd2e12dca0420ab678c34228-V.mp4
  12. First, one would have to ask, could you really see a flashlight in the middle of the day at 14 odd miles? also the shrubs are a different colour slightly when the old man pans his position and when doing the sync test weather that has any bearing I don't know and due to the fact that it is a split screen it would be easy to sync the two videos in post production Just saying the people that do these type of things generally have a vested interest in perpetuating these theory's , I would be interested in seeing a close up of where the old man is standing in a completely separate still by a different photographer ,as apposed just him focusing in and out so we could compare if the bottom of the rocks sink below the horizon or not as we only have this jokers word as to whats going on . He says we are looking down the barrel of the laser, really?ccd cameras generally don't like getting hit with a laser or very bright light as it overloads the circuitry , well it did in my day , maybe they have more sophisticated protection now I also like the fact that he goes on about the mirror effect, insinuating there is no other explanation for the hull of a ship disappearing over the horizon ,so as to give credence to his up coming experiment
  13. as I said, it was explained? how many times are you going to ask me the same question,If you can't comprehend my explanation sorry ,this feels like a police interview ask the same question over and over again to see if the story changes ,or you are doing as I said a really good job of hiding the explanation in pages of dribble and with experience your lot wouldn't do that now ,would you?
  14. Yes ,during the war parliament house or the queens palace were never bombed ,funny about that ,If you were serious wouldn't they be the first to go off topic ,sorry
  15. You must have a really good bomb shelter ,but I know what you mean
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