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  1. well the amount of blood would depend on the extent of the injury and weather he was on blood thinners or not and maybe he turned just enough ,then you have to take into account the shooter was he stone cold or nervous,there are so many variables both of us can only wonder ,personally I have no money in the game I don't like either.I think we can both agree (or maybe not) that the outcome of any inquiry will find the shooter to be a lone nutter as usual and any inconsistency will be conveniently overlooked by the media
  2. Why , I was shooting pistols at a range about ten years ago with my 45 now sometimes I would stand front on with two hands or side on with one hand this time I was using the later stance ,I fired and hit the target,I don't know how it happened but I could see the projectile coming straight back at me ,I had the thought shit I better move but by the time I had thought about it it was too late the projectile had just nicked my adam's apple and slammed into the building behind me,if I had been standing front on I would have been in a lot of trouble,of course I was bleeding but it only just broke the skin. Another time I was on the firing line and felt burning near my collar bone and I assumed that and empty case from the fellow beside me who was using an auto had ejected and landed on me as they can be rather hot. Imagine my surprise when I reached up to grab it and there sitting on my shoulder wasn't an empty case,it was a just fired fully formed projectile out of a 357mag, and there wasn't a mark on me,how it got there and the path it took is a mystery. The point I'm making is that you can assume the most likely outcome but that doesn't mean the unlikely won't and doesn't happen
  3. That is just a figure of speech, they do break the sound barrier and make a crack,but it's not really that loud
  4. Come on Mr H get it right ,it's a hypothesis at the moment ,it's not a theory till its been tested
  5. Yes they have, he would be easy to hit at say 500 to 1000yds with the correct equipment and favorable conditions,but that would be a dead giveaway (pun intended) and therefore the lone nutter excuse would be a hard to swallow . I bet the head of the FBI is at home depo at the moment looking for the largest rug and broom the bastard can buy
  6. I don't think so,the only reason he is alive is he turned his head at the most opportune moment otherwise he would simply be dead,and quite frankly would you place a a person on the roof 140 or so meters away,telling him now I just want you to nick my ear so my approval rating will go up when he is already miles in front,it simply makes no sense.
  7. Simple, they're on a hiding to nothing in the polls with anarchy (and there would have been if the idiot was successful) you can declare marshal law stop the elections and enforce lock downs, covid won't cut it any more. If the shooter was on target and Trump's head exploded on national TV ,what a brilliant signal to send (fuck with us and see what happens). America's economy is tanking they need to escalate the Ukraine conflict to bolster it and Trump has said he will stop it if re-elected, therefore all those billions that has been already spent in this endeavor for very little return would have been wasted
  8. peter


    When comedy was funny and people could laugh at themselves before the woke mind virus took over
  9. Note the crowd interaction ,an Ausi classic,I went to a winter solstice party on the 22nd there was a juke box and this song came on there were about 30 people in their 60's and 70's and about half the crowd was yelling ,no way get fucked ,fuck off which I found very amusing .You will have to watch the music clip to understand
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