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  1. I thought this was a FE thread with new unseen evidence ,it's now become the battle of the bible verses or to put it in modern terms ,rapp'in for god
  2. I'm not having a go ,because I think people that ware masks live in fear and are not very clever,( clever is the wrong word informed would be better) I haven't signed in or donned a mask since this rubbish started , however if you consider every angle what if the people that do and also get the vaccine are the cleaver ones and we are the morons . Just a thought Just don't play their silly game
  3. I have to agree, when I was working in Sydney one of the customers was the Law society of NSW (new south wales), it's nick name was camps castle as there were more lisps per sq meter than anywhere else . The problem is that the lawyers (where this life style is endemic ) quite often move into politics ,and right there you can see the insidious nature of the degradation of society, well one of the causes anyway in my opinion . Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less is your gay but what pisses me off is this agenda is being push more and more by the media any chance they get ,if you are gay good luck to you just get on with it, but I don't have to hear about it . Could you imagination the media outrage if a straight pride march was organized on the streets of Sydney. PS I'm old enough to remember when the word gay meant you were happy
  4. The original explanation hasn't changed ,so how many times do yo need to hear it
  5. Don't bother that has been asked many times before ,they just ignore any inconvenient question or explanation then respond with a lame meme or video
  6. A prime example , cognitive dissidence at it's best Yes who was it that said ,give us one miracle and we will take of the rest , referring to the big bullshit,sorry bang
  7. I believe that a lot of mainstream science is bullshit, and if you had read some of my posts on other subjects you would have realized that, wrong again old son but at least your consistent
  8. But he didn't write the rules you follow, humans did , can you not see the cognitive dissidence required to believe you think for yourself when your thoughts and beliefs have to stay within the confines of your precious pages no matter what.
  9. sorry but you can't , you can only think and therefore speak within the confines of your religious beliefs
  10. Actually from what I've seen is that most all rely on click bait videos made by people with a vested interest in perpetuating the myth
  11. Are you sure that's exactly what happened or are you just repeating someone's FE assumptions They can only go so high other wise they would hit the dome ( the firmament. glass ceiling) call it what you like. OK I will, and I would like to call it BULLSHIT
  12. I see you mentioned Freemasons again, all the heads will be nodding , I guess all the band members will be coming out of the woodwork to show their appreciation
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