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  1. lets hope they are put in a holding pattern till they run out of fuel
  2. Yes I have seen the perfect commercial skit , so let me see which one could it be, one starts with F and one starts with S so they could be one in the same, hypothetically of course
  3. Just as a side note Y2K and 2012 come to mind . I wonder which sells more these days fear or sex
  4. I'm sorry you feel like that Ziggy but if logic is too much for you maybe you better run and hide, alternatively since you have studied this for years you may wish to put forward your working hypothesis that encompasses all the observable artifacts we see regarding the earth and the heavens ( alexa please don't take heavens out of context) so we can all have a dam good look
  5. Of course you have studied it for years but obviously from only one perspective
  6. you are telling me I need a camera when my eyes are good enough to see what is going on, then your telling me to bring it back over the horizon inferring that what ever I'm looking at has slipped below the horizon thus indicating curvature . Brilliant argument ,you just contradicted yourself and you call me a clown. ( bendy bendy bendy)
  7. I have never noticed it so I have never thought about it , if you have an answer let me know , but why would you expect the bottom rainbow to be the mirror image of the top one
  8. Never noticed it never thought about it so you may enlighten me and others that are interested. More regurgitation, that stupid question has been asked before ,since you obviously know the answer you might wish to let us know, as I said before have you ever been to the beach ,go down there sit on the sand for half an hour watching the boats then you will know all you need to about curvature
  9. Yes there is lots more information in the flat earth thread, both for and against but I see you have already made up your mind
  10. Yes sarcasm is a brilliant scientific fallback tool especially when you can't even formulate a working hypothesis ,let alone a testable theory. I can feel a headache coming on and a new paint job if you keep it up
  11. Make sure you wait for the second verse
  12. What if one got a little over exuberant, I can see a quick elbow to the jaw, talk about laugh but on a serious note it just might knock some sense into some of them
  13. That 27 deg heat wave in summer is obviously taking effect
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