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  1. peter

    Utube channel

    I can't help how you feel ,I thought the thread was self explanatory, check out what I'm saying ,if you don't want to ,fair enough
  2. If there is such a thing as the anti Christ, in this day and age there is obviously many to chose from ,therefore the anti Christ may not be one single entity but an entire conglomerate of soulless assholes all working towards the same end . Just a thought
  3. peter

    Utube channel

    Amy G ,look at what he says he boasts about his new camera set up when he posts a video think about what he writes and click on the circle in the top left corner with the picture of a bridge and see what comes up That's why I call him click bait
  4. I would like to see people with a utube channel not to be able to post their own content over and over again add infinitum, very annoying very boring and has a definite detrimental effect on genuine discussion
  5. As you know full well these questions have been answered more than once click bait and here that are again , what a surprise
  6. Could dimming the sun save the Earth? Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming... It wouldn't be smart dust by any chance
  7. I would just like to say EnigmaticWorld great thread ,very refreshing ,and rather ominous
  8. I have just put the bong down ,so can you tell me what the subtle difference is since you obviously didn't take the video (one of the very few you haven't) how do you know what the atmospheric conditions were like?, eg high and low level particulate concentrates,smoke haze, temperature inversions etc etc ,and for that matter what camera was used , or filters if any. So your statement above sounds good but as usual means nothing Simple most of us have better things to do
  9. I was just wondering if fucking idiot would offend anyone
  10. It's offensive to any form of intelligence If some official came up to me in that ,I wouldn't be able to function for at least half an hour through laughing
  11. Yes they have, and it is true that some are a lot more dense than others relatively speaking If nothing your predictable, same monotonous shit different thread
  12. Yes David said it well with the statement the arrogance of ignorance
  13. 40 years ago I was contracting over in boulder WA the day I left to return east It was 51 deg c, it certainly gets hotter than that in the center of AUS in summer. Global warming ( climate change) and the flat earth are fast becoming new religions just one is being promoted more than the other but they are both being done for personal gain
  14. there is simple answer ,it's known as gravity Mr click bait,who was it that said never argue with an idiot ,they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience every time. This is like banging your head against the wall ,it's good when it stops No it's not repetitive ,it has degenerated into absolute monotony and is decidedly boring , for someone that is a math wiz and worked in the aerospace industry( I find that hard to believe) and is doing so called research, your terms of reference are obviously very limited and as such you are only able to form a rather
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