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  1. sorry ,but your name and your post seem to be diametrically apposed, how ironic
  2. If you were a traditional ghost you wouldn't be seen dead haunting just any old place
  3. It seems to me if your going to fix a problem you need to fully understand it first so it can be properly taken care of,it's not about doom and gloom
  4. Yes but it obviously worked for him That is your perspective ,from my perspective that couldn't be further from the truth, so when it is all said and done I think this post has to do more about you and your foibles than anything David Icke has to say
  5. I'm sure this will annoy some, but a great deal on here remind me of Reg in the Life Of Brian.
  6. Well since you put it like that
  7. peter


    Just wondering , since Canada's next election is towards the end of October 2025 and the next pandemic is due towards the end of 2025 ( sorry computer simulation according to John Hopkins ) will it be used as an excuse to cancel or postpone said elections. It seems to me that the powers that be can't afford to loose an asshole like Trudeau and at the moment he is on a hiding to nothing
  8. Here in Aus they used to use different shades of red to indicate temperatures and shades of blue for rainfall,have done for as long as I can remember now they use red for temp and rainfall . I wonder how many notice
  9. we have already had an attack on the electricity grid in our street,they're called lightning strikes
  10. Where is England hotter ,it's mid 30's today and if it is 35 here a lot of the country will be in the mid 40's you lot must be copping it
  11. I'm showing my age now but thunderbirds are go
  12. My heart goes out to David and his family at a time like this
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