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  1. There is only one problem I don't like cats, and I didn't make a mistake
  2. I don't understand the coffee culture, I will have a coffee once in a blue moon , and with all the different types you can ask for , to me it is just a trendy fad due to advertising on the idiot box ( Oh I will have a choc mocca with a subtle twist of self importance). Sorry if I've pissed off all the coffee drinkers now, but that's just the way I see it. If it tastes so bloody good why do you have to add shit loads of milk and sugar in most cases, so if you are not drinking it for the taste, it has to be for the caffeine hit which can become addictive. So maybe the trendy advertising on
  3. I must admit I didn't believe the announcement when I first heard it It was switched on right at the correct moment to pick up the passing gravitational waves of colliding black holes that just happen to collide at the correct instant in time light years away,bullshit! If you know about the work of Nassiem Harramien and his predictions , there is a black hole in the center of every galaxy if this is indeed the case and galaxies collide all the time over the eons, you would have to wonder where are all the other gravity waves and why weren't they detected also. I haven't look
  4. Shouldn't that be kiddie fiddler on the roof
  5. The life and times of Epstein and friends
  6. Personally I think it is too good to be true, A law firm of secret barristers that is going to bring the system down that made their money operating within and defending the system. Maybe just another stalling tactic so the people don't act for themselves as they have pinned their hopes on the outcome of this so called court action I hope I'm wrong
  7. I have read the Saturn Myth and seen this doco before , what ever conclusions you wish to draw from them the evidence in my opinion is rather compelling
  8. I didn't say these weren't recent, I was just making a comment on social media generally. However I would like to see the entire twitter discussion to gauge context I know this is about J Peterson, however I was making observation with regards to all people in the public eye so to speak, I think everyone in that position is entitled to an off day now and again (except politicians )
  9. There are many facets to every human being. It seem to me that people are choosing a small facet or what a person has done in the past to bolster their preconceived opinions as to what the whole individual is actually like eg EnigmaticWorld with regards to twitter and apparent censorship and the UN (must be bad) and Morpheus is against having to use pronouns for trans people (Peterson must be good). Everyone dose this, and given the fact that no one is perfect ( least of all me ) maybe we should look at the entire person with regards to their position on different topics,before making a
  10. Doug I think we will leave it there, once again there are many flowery statements and not much in the way of why or how and some are just fundamentally wrong I see you are interested in the work of Nassim Harrimen Best of luck to you PS I'm sure David Gilmore with be happy with the new lyrics to a classic album
  11. I don't know how this fellow is placed now, the CDC has being trying to shut him down for years, he has been indited him 11 times I know of and he successfully defended them all, because his cure works Good luck with it all
  12. Good,now your talking , clear and concise , now I know what you are on about , and surprise surprise I do agree with what you have said With regards to IQ ,I don't believe that test is the be all and end all, you can have extremely intelligent people that are off the chart with regards to their QI scores but for all intense and purposes are practically useless. I once listened to an interview with a CSIRO theoretical physicists and he admitted that even with written directions he couldn't change a car tyre , how intelligent is that. I had a great mate that I used to go flying wit
  13. Of course they will ,that's a given
  14. The term You have got to be shitting me comes to mind
  15. I think we have just seen the second law of abject stupidity , 100% NON - Cognitive, now where have I seen this dumb picture before, oh the monotony
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