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  1. What do these things have in common...? vaccine theory Germ Theory Virus Theory..... Darwin's Theory of evolution All unproven yet taken as THE truth and fed to us via school and college etc
  2. That happened to my dad too. Same year, but in February. Care home killed him, having said that he was 92!
  3. Not the thread, the 'cabal' videos that the dutch woman narrates. I did say before in this thread, the videos are chock full of mis-information and it is simply a Trump thumping bandwagon for those who need a saviour. Its a "Q" psy op video series. Newsflash folks, nobody is coming to save us, this is not Hollywood. Only WE can save us. Stop looking outside yourself for the answers. The answers are within. Understand your true power, stop giving in to the propaganda from whichever 'side'
  4. and rabies is not a virus.
  5. thats what quantum dots are for, or vaccines...
  6. This has been voted in, along with the new QR code ATMs where you wont be able to take cash out anymore. Those are already being changed in Netherlands (and Belgium, I think). The plan is for that to be complete by end of 2022. You wont be able to access your account without a QR code. Next step will be universal credit
  7. Not just stress, any emotional trauma that is not dealt with on a psychological level. The bigger the trauma the more likely a serious issue will come from it. Subsequent similar shocks to the system manifest in the same place causing much bigger issues such as cancer. Stress in the womb can cause childhood disease too. Learning how to talk ourselves back from the edge of the ledge is a very useful skill. When we feel overwhelmed ( stress) we just need to ask " what steps can I take to improve this situation?" Another way is to remove ourselves at that point so we can calm down and not elevate to the stress response. By remove I mean change our state of mind. Stop, take a breath, put some happy music on- whatever works for you to flip that switch and change your brains' response to the situation. Dont let your body get addicted to the chemical response of negative emotion or you will set yourself up for many physical and psychological problems which will be much harder to deal with later.
  8. Yes I would tend to agree, except I think the root may have been the printing press when info first started getting to the wider audience, followed by newspapers. Then they 'educated' us into the system. After that came the bombardment of media via TV/ film and now social media etc. Unfortunately for them, by educating us they also gave us a great weapon to free ourselves.
  9. The root of the majority of disease is from big emotional upsets, with the exception of poisons that are introduced in various fashions.These emotional events trigger certain parts of the brain to send messages to the body of what is the issue and where needs healing. In other words, our emotional traumas cause our disease. The symptoms we see are the result of our own body attempting to clear that away. Read the thread here on German New Medicine. We have the power to heal ourselves and always have had, but to do that we must rid ourselves of past emotional triggers and stop using pharma which interrupts the healing process and causes more damage both by the diagnosis alone, which sets up yet another emotional trigger on top of the existing one, and literally with the pills, potions or hatchet jobs of surgeons. All of which cause further trauma. The vast majority of pharma are generally poisons and will at best prolong the issue, and at worst, kill us slowly. If you believe in covid you will manifest the symptoms you are told exist. Try not believing it and see if you feel better....
  10. Yep Im afraid it was debunked not long after it was invented, along with vaccine theory and others. Go do some research, if you can still find it. Imposed restrictions have nothing to do with truth. Truth is often a bitter pill which many just cannot swallow. The truth has zero to do with spite or accusations of of spite or other nonsense. Blind faith in anything pushed via the idiots who think they are in control is ridiculous. If you are unable to open your eyes and even consider a different opinion, or send an anger response when someone challenges your thought processes perhaps you may need to wake up a bit more and spend more time reflecting rather than reacting. Kinda difficult to always do that when stuff is being constantly scrubbed off the internet.
  11. OK I am NOT vegan, let me say that first. I assume your are talking cow milk. Sheep or goat is much healthier choice. Milk and calcium, umm no thats a myth. Pasteurisation destroys most calcium due to the extreme heat, in fact it destroys most of whats any good in it. You would only get it if you drink raw milk. Most cows are pumped full of growth hormones in the west. Also, contrary to popular belief, calcium does not build good bones or teeth. Milk leaches calcium from the bones and makes them weaker. Plenty of studies prove this. Hip fracture rates are highest in countries with the highest calcium consumption. Veganism is driven by the agenda. Its a way to get the masses used to being controlled by food by playing on their emotions. I know a lot of vegans and they ALL supplement their diet with 'health' items. When the world goes to shit in the not to distant future, where will your supplements come from? How will they be shipped to you? How will you buy them when no longer available, or, you dont have access to money without Universal Credit...? Finally, its also a myth ( for those new age spiritual types) that you need to not eat meat to have enlightenment. I know plenty of spiritually awake people who are all kinds of food eaters, non of that has impaired their abilities. Its ALL a BELIEF SYSTEM.
  12. Hmm so apart from all the arguing and quoting obvious people who were bought out months ago by the plandemic instigators, like Joe Rogan or Alex Jones, all you really have are a bunch of labels and a belief system. Your belief system makes you sick, along side deliberate poisons which are put in food, the atmosphere, water, jabs, pharma and various other methods. Its not a virus. Virus theory was debunked in the 1800's. The fact that it is being used to control an entire planets' population should tell you all you need to know. Poisons come in many formats; oral, air driven, jabs, ingested, topical and electro magnetic to name but a few. Just because someone slaps a label on something does not make it true. Just because they wheel out mind controlled paid off spokespeople whose job it is to blend truth and fiction so that the populace can no longer tell what is either, does not mean its real. Its only real IF you believe it to be. Finally, just because you have had a mystery disease that you have not had before, but the media label it as 'covid' does not make it true. More likely, it is a one of the test bio weapons that have been used recently. Or, you have become more sensitive to EMF, which, most folks are bombarded with now due to all the 'smart' crap tech. Go look up the symptoms for that....I think you will find they are very similar to the 'covid' symptoms. Another reason for ill health and outside poisons is metal build up in the body, which you can die from btw. I have personally met MANY people with this problem, particularly Americans. Smart meters are extremely dangerous to humans for example. Everything they do to us is a poison of one form or another, even the mind control. Some are stronger than others and can recover or cope better.
  13. Well yes, as 'drama'...but as a new form of count the agenda entertainment it really is amazing. Even adverts push the same agenda crap.
  14. Oh yeah, theres no straight people anymore, the most annoying being straight who magically turn gay for no real reason. I mean! Seriously. Who do you know that ever happened to- ever? Frankly, Ive never paid to watch TV or movies, plenty of free ways to see it. The blood stuff is to make it seem normal to the asleep. The more they pump it out as normal, the more its embedded. Before the jabs, how many sports people died of blood or heart stuff.....errrmm, think of any? They are prepping people to accept no need for the male sperm, and eventually mothers, because they can already create the birth outside of the womb.Of course, it is often said there is no stronger love bond than child and parent. .... Cant hink why theyd want to kill that of eh? ;-)
  15. Yes and along with that you have the tick list of inclusions for each film or series: 1. Some form of trans something or other ( top of current list) 2. Black folks in most of lead roles 3. Denigration of women in many formats - bad mothers, ladies of the night, no stop sexualisation etc, making them more masculine 4. Dumbing down of the male gender to be more feminine 5. AI is fabulous at everything and becomes more sentient 6. Climate change agenda 7. Universal basic income ( this is a new one Ive just started catching) 8. How science is right about everything 9. How humans are just basically bad and incapable of running their own experience It goes on an on... Dont get me started on imagery used to blur fact and fiction... They way folks stay hypnotised is by them being bashed in the face with the news re politics which is then reinforced in media and entertainment. Then the lines become so blurred you cant recognise real life from entertainment. Dragging people ever closer to the AI grid acceptance, and of authority always being right etc. They even reinforce the fact that rules for them are different than rules for us, that they can get away with any behaviour, and we should be grateful for their governance. What a gag it all is!
  16. Once people get more awake to the process of mind washing and agenda pushing in TV programs Hollywood 'entertainment' becomes a new form of entertainment in itself. I find myself listening out for the buzz words government want to push to see how many I can catch. Ive been watching some new series lately and if you pay attention you can hear the subliminal programming slipped into every single program or film. In a series, theres usually at least one per episode. The words used in media to induce people to believe in covid are splashed in everything; example- "we are all in it together"- which was of course the UK govts fave term of the last two years. Ive caught this in every new 2022 program so far, and these programs are newly released, so AFTER the supposed dropping of CV rubbish which was replaced by 'war'. It really is amazing how tv hypnotises people, and in a 'bug under a glass' sort of way, fascinating to watch just from a psychological perspective. These are so in your face now they are actually amusing. These beings are shameless. I have also noticed them quoting titles of famous old films inside new series and films now that expose what they are up to like "They Live" or "1984" Which mind control buzzwords have you come across lately? Could be fun to have a kind of 'how many can you catch' competition....
  17. And in a voluntary tax system too....! The madness never ends
  18. It was not the crystal part so much i was commenting on, more that it can be transmitted as a 'virus.' Crystals may well be one way the body tries to discharge cell mutations etc. It may be we are describing similar things but attaching different terms or labels.
  19. No I dont think so. thats just regular mainstream science you are describing. No virus can leave the human body, its simply the way the body reacts to distress and trauma. It sends special liquids to various cells to break down the 'invading toxin.' You cant catch it. A cold or flu symptom is your body in process of ridding that toxin. Now if it was an injected toxin, for example, thats not a virus either but the body would treat it the same.
  20. Indeed, an attached label does not make it a fact. People are so scared of letting go of their programmed ideas they reuse to even consider other possibilities. Blinkered.
  21. Yes, along with most other dis-ease. In fact that is the premise of GNM in that depending on the type of emotional trauma experienced it manifests in certain parts of the body. The trauma becomes stuck. The symptoms are the body trying to clear those emotions. Collective trauma can also effect us, such as fear over a 'deadly disease' ( for example)
  22. well nothing the FDA approves is a cure mate... Generally do more harm than good
  23. No, because a rabid dog would be an external poison which breaks the skin and enters via blood stream. A virus is not rabies.
  24. I personally dont ever want to fly again. The risks far outweigh the potential benefits now all pilots have been jabbed. There was also a bitchute vid of a pilot who had been flying 30+ years. Forced to jab to keep job, had a heart issue whilst in flight. Now they have banned him from flying... He regrets the jab now and is left with an issue for the rest of his life health wise. The dark ones win on all counts. Vax n die, vax n lose your job.
  25. And also, if I might add, vaccine theory has NEVER been proven. In fact it was debunked way back in the 1800's. NO virus has ever left the human body or infected another human or animal. A virus is part of the natural healing process of the body whereby it breaks down invasions of poisons and such which have been introduced. The breaking down process makes you feel ill as the body uses all its defences to expunge the poisons, usually via mucus and other waste removal tactics from skin and bowels etc.
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