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  1. pretty soon nobody jabbed will live past 30- just like Brave New World. And those that even get close will be constantly ill. Unlikely to be any fit youth in the jabbed
  2. mid fifties age range again, way too many for coincidence
  3. good grief. Another thing I forgot to mention is that they are all sick at the same time which is interesting. From memory they were jabbed in Dec 2020
  4. cant see J&J shot on there specifically, but it has been withdrawn from sale. She had the jab right at the start when it first came on the market
  5. Thanks, yeah Ive seen reports of arm damage after the jab before in the freedom press. I remember her saying after she got the J&J that she 'felt funny with a screaming headache and pain in her arm straight after the jab' but she just 'took a paracetemol' and felt fine! So...take a poison, feel shit, but nothing bad about the jab. Not sure if she had boosters but I know she had the flu shot a couple of months before the J&J jab. I gave up asking about vax as it just leads to arguments and I dont need the negative energy.
  6. Hmm well one has had bone issues ( hip replacements etc) which in my opinion is directly related to the amount of cow milk in all formats that she consumes, she now has the knee issue which is ligament but started as a bone locking up. He husband had blood problems and takes warferin (!) plus he has nerve damage in his teens, he now has the foot issue. They are both very active and do sports etc. The other lady is in 80's and has been wobbly on her feet for a few years, so may not be jab related.
  7. Has anyone had experience with relatives since they had the jab of ligament and bone issues. Hearing from 3 of my fam that they have had weird bone or ligament problems. One with torn meniscus in knee from just walking up stairs, another in same close family displaced cuboid in his foot, another tripped and fell and broke ribs etc. Im wondering if the J&J jab (in UK) they took in 2020 has weakened bones or ligaments. Has anyone seen mention of these type of symptoms before in after jab population? They are all over 65 yrs old Not that I could ever say that to them as jab and govt disciples.
  8. NO job is worth death or a maiming of your body and/ or soul.
  9. The things we fear are the things that control us, whether that's a god, death, or a mythical virus. Let go of fear, and life becomes way more interesting on every level because we then control our own destiny.
  10. mmm she's like a smiling horse faced assassin.
  11. God is just a label to paste on, just like all the other things.
  12. Personally I doubt in any such thing as Satan, its a construct to justify good and evil. Second, 'freaky scary numbers' also bull. Just because something has been subverted does not make it bad. Numbers: we are taught to think of certain number formations as representing evil, another subversion of the truth. No entity can ever fully control any part of this change. If they could they would have done it already in the other past reset attempts which all failed. Humanity is still here, and we will be here when all this control nonsense is over. The universe is about balance in all things. When things get too far out of whack, they are brought back into line. We are all part of that realignment, some willingly, some not until the last moment will they really understand themselves and their force in this dimension. Believing in a single 'god' or 'satan' really has to be broken down. Its old world thinking via religious indoctrination. WE are the power, we HAVE the power and the truth. Time to stop giving away our power to one side or another an become what we are supposed to be. The only thing you need faith in is yourself.
  13. At no point did I say I thought of it like a movie without an editor. The fact is people are at different stages in their spiritual wake up process. Using a comparison will help some of those who are in the earlier stages to understand that they are not alone and that its all part of a process with many layers.
  14. Actually, some of us do know because we have been shown. I know what my end will be like. Making assumptions that 'nobody knows' is wrong Im afraid. Death is not the end for the spiritually awake, its the beginning.
  15. There was a lady on TED talks who cured her ME with a specialist diet, I seem to remember it having a fair bit of onion and dark green veg. The palio diet is said to greatly improve many diseases including autoimmune type.
  16. This topic is nothing but an excuse for folks to argue. Being pedantic is another way to do that. What does it matter what your understanding of a turn of phrase is? Why is that so relevant to you? Q was dead when Trump exited stage left. So, you are saying nobody is allowed an opinion now...? If you read anything Ive written you'll understand what I feel about it all, I have zero desire to repeat it all. And, as someone suggested above, if folks want to waste their time watching a load off deliberate misinformation put out as fact, which relies on a giant dose of saviour complex, then please feel free to do that. I have better things to do than argue over stupid point scoring. I honestly believe this topic was started so folks can argue over who is right or wrong. I wont be commenting further.
  17. I perhaps did not explain that very well. There is a mountain of information on both sides of the 'agenda'. Much of it is conjecture at best. You said 'it clicked that it might be shedding' - this in itself would set up a fear response. We manifest what we believe in. So up until that point you were thinking of other possible natural causes, when, something you had seen or heard made you convinced it might be shedding. After that you became more focused and aware that this may be your 'cause' if you like. The more you focus on something the more it manifests. It would be interesting to do a few experiments around multiple jabbed people. If they do have the nano tech inside them, you may just be super aware of that and your own body being cleaner causes a reaction. Isnt it interesting though that you are ' keeping your distance' from the jabbed. Exactly what they have been trying to convince people to do for 2 years- social distancing. Now both sides have an excuse to fear each other but for opposite reasons...
  18. Yes, I guess if you are an empath or tend to 'feel' things more on a vibratory level it could affect you in a different way. Maybe its your super-sensitivity rather than some 'shedding' event you are experiencing? It could also be 5G or smart meters or cell towers or even the satilites being launched monthly that you are now more sensitive to also. May be worth researching those symptoms.
  19. In point of fact, I have watched the vast majority of that series. IMHO it is a tiny dose of fact mixed with a very large dose of Q rhetoric. Its so focused on the whole Q thing you may as well just call it "No Need To Do Anything, Q Will save US." Its clearly a psy-op to create hope which will later be smashed to bits. This is their modus operandi. Just look at how many tomes they did that during covid. Carrot/ Stick; Carrot/ Stick. Its psychological training for what they want us to be- under full control for fear of the stick. But, if anyone wants to waste their time waving a flag for Trump, or jumping on the already dead Q bandwagon, feel free. It won't save us in the end because action is what will save us, not sitting on our backsides pretending it will all go away if only the appropriate hero will ride in and do the job. By sitting around believing that someone outside ourselves is our saviour, be that Jesus, Trump, Q or any other thing wheeled out as the saviour, what we do is give away our sovereignty in small portions until one day we look around and have nothing left. And, that, my friend, is what the idiotic psychopathic things at the top want. Q is merely one of the things being used to achieve it. One thing I think we could all agree on by now, is no matter what we think we know, its obvious we are dealing with some seriously unhinged, yet intelligent beings who have been watching us for a long time and know just how to manipulate us. Its down to us now to choose if arguing is worth the effort, or should we be looking for solutions instead?
  20. Yes there are folks of all ages dying. However, I can tell you that in my experience over the last 2 years in a big freedom crowd and with local vaxed folks, that there is absolutely fear on all sides. The thing is that there are many levels of awake, and plenty of folks are only partly awake at best, plus they are in fear of the future, or suffering loss from what they have left behind, and running from A to B with no plan = fear. Most Ive met have psychological problems from their past which are still evident and then brought into the freedom arena. As an estimate I would say around 90% of people Ive met have some trauma they are still dealing with.....and thats just the awake ones...! We are a highly traumatised species.
  21. Yeah, you said it there really- What 'transmits' is a new frequency. We are frequency beings at our core. Its fairly well known that we are biologically in sync with our regular contact persons, and, that we can sync with a larger population experiment. I would hazard a guess that those with partners who are jabbed who then go on to experience strange symptoms are syncing with the new frequency their partners are emitting, and hence, will experience some changes to the new alien frequency. Additionally we have smart meters, 5G and lots of other frequency changes all happening together. We are bound to pick those up to some extent. It may be that if its a male/ female new sync after the jab, that those biological hormone differences cause the new frequency problems which in turn manifest as weird biological issues. Plus the media fear mongering on top. Chemo etc is an introduced poison based on agent orange. Why anyone would elect to do that to themselves is beyond me to be honest!
  22. yes its called collective fear. By reading the constant issues that are quoted in the press from the vax ( whether you had it or not) you set yourself up for the fear of that disease or a returning problem you may have had previously. If you have that dormant fear, which is triggered by a mass psychosis event, the chances of a recurrence are far greater because you believe what has been put in front of you. Emotional trauma and fear are the true enemies of health. I agree that the vax are doing damage to those who have had them. I am amazed at the amount of mid 50's aged people who have died in the last two years ( and these are just the famous ones!) Everything is belief. IF you believe you will be affected by those around who have had the jab, and you believe the press stories of causation, then you most likely will suffer one at least of those issues.
  23. No such thing as evidence for a virus, the 'science' is flawed. The definitions you seem to want to dismiss are official language definitions not scientific conjecture as per Wikipedia. They are not 'my' definitions either. But, sure, if you wanna get vaxxed- have at it. Lets see how long you live as a human afterwards. Not sure why you are on this forum unless its to create antagonism. Those who are too scared to change their world view are unlikely to survive what is coming, regardless of what theory you believe in or what numpty on Wikipedia wrote it.
  24. anyone who calls themselves spiritual and believes in a vaccine has some issues
  25. Shedding to me sounds like utter made up nonsense. Shedding from a vaccine is really just an extension of the 'breathing air is dangerous' rhetoric of the last two years. It has all the hallmarks of a psy-op to make non vaxed people look like crazy conspiracy theorists. Its just fear based bull like all the rest. For shedding to be true, virus theory needs to be true, and vaccine theory. Since no virus in history has ever been isolated or proved to be contagious, therefore none of the additional stuff is likely to be true either. Having said that, I have met a lot of what I think of as newly spiritual people who now have some very heightened senses. One of those is smell. I met a lady who said that when the vax first started being administered in USA and she was working on a checkout counter, she could smell those that had been jabbed. She said they had a kind of burning electrical smell. ( Which, in itself, is interesting considering its all electrically based) A good general rule to follow is: Does information this try to make me feel fear? If so, its probably a lie. Weird times we live in!
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