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  1. Crikey I wish I was that young! Well Mexico grows LOTS of food, and has never really had a proper lock down. I plan to be on an eco /sustainable farm, there are plenty around in MX and C America, and lots of folks planning to set on up and group together if you know where to look. I feel your reaction may be a tad negative. The problem is getting out of here not the other side.
  2. Also, Sweden is very expensive to live in, and too flipping cold!
  3. I have been thinking of a boat get away as I live by the sea in Essex. Cambs not that far.....will keep it in mind just in case. There are flights from Amsterdam to MX direct too.
  4. Sweden have their issues now with 5G ( see my other post on that with the video I put up earlier today) Im looking at Mexico to do some kind of off grid sustainable life. Have wanted to do eco living for long time, so still following my dream as it were, just a bit sooner than planned
  5. Thats interesting. Im hoping to head to Mexico. If I can get out before closures again
  6. That's not logical. The planet is already plenty big enough. We fight because we have a monetary system which is all based on debt and lack. Every big civilisation collapsed due to overloading of debt on the people. And then theres the 'globalist elites' who firmly believe humans are fodder and in culling populations. We will always be slaves whilst a money system is in place and while fear rules humanity. I feel your comment is just about trying to get a rise out of people as Ive seen it word for word posted elsewhere.
  7. where? And are you talking camping? What about food etc?
  8. I saw this on Max Igan at Crowhouse today but I thought I would repost the lady who is trying to get the word out on YT
  9. Well next 'wave' of corona they predicted form day one is being announced now with a lockdown planned for early october.
  10. Apparently the tunnel was only open for 'essential traffic' -so mostly truckers
  11. Oh really, thats interesting. Will go check it out see if I can find out more.
  12. So few people will see this coming. Even though the govt say £75k is protected, whats point of that if they can 'legally' steal 50% of it? IMO not worth having more than a few grand in any account. I know a FOREX guy who had a client in Cyprus who lost £500k overnight and then they were restricted to £200 per day limit, so they could not extract the rest. Even now in Cyprus this rule still applies, AND, you cannot deposit more than £1000 in cash without a barrage of questions about 'money laundering!" Christ, what a joke.
  13. This is a serious question. I want to leave UK in the next month. If airports get locked down again how do we get off the island? Does anyone know if the channel tunnel was closed down straight away last time? I live by the sea but dont own a boat or know how to sail one. Does anyone have any contacts to get people out?
  14. Yeah, its too British in many ways, and too small. There are lots of off grid sites and communities in C America that are already set up. Many are in expat areas, so Ill probably start with those, assuming I can get out of UK
  15. Just found this about COVID Belize: ( no thanks!)
  16. Yeah I did consider Belize for the language reason, but, they were adhering very strictly to the lockdown measures, and its not really big enough for and off grid experience from what Ive seen. Theres a lot of military types in Belize too. Im not bothered by critters, I lived in Africa as a child and we ran around barefoot!
  17. If you hold on to property now it will be worth nothing in 5 years. This is the top of any market we have left, and, when the govt remove the stamp duty stimulus it will collapse. Sell if you have another plan in mind. Bear in mind that rentals will get more competitive in UK after crash, as they are now, because not many will continue to have a 'reliable job'- unless of course we are all on govt handouts. Ive been a property investor and landlord for over 20 years, if you have a mortgage now its time to be rid of it. They are already passing new laws in EU for 'bail ins,' mortgages will
  18. Sweden would have been a possible, but is too expensive to live, although it does still have an economy! However it is now the rape capital of EU after the manufactured migrant crisis- 30% are now 'refugees' Russia would be more like jumping from one commie fire to another IMO, but I take your point about Putin.
  19. Im heading to Mexico to start, if I can get out in time. Apparently the eastern europeans are not really paying much attention to the rules either. Mexico is different in each zone, but mostly non compliant. Then there are the other C Americas to play with too. Lots of land in those zones. I want to join a eco/ sustainable project, have wanted to do that for many years. Im just hoping I can get out in time before next lock down crap hits the fan.
  20. Yes Im thinking to get an old phone, but planning to get out of the UK soon assuming I still can so will need a more useful phone for a while until settled. Meanwhile, we should at least know its on the gadgets we have already.
  21. I did this today on my phone and my tablet. I consider myself fairly tech savvy, but after watching a video I checked my gadgets and realised Play Store had auto updated and stuck a COVID tracing app on my phone without my knowledge!! Also here is the best advice for Iphones, though its harder with them apparently. https://www.howtogeek.com/674272/how-to-turn-off-covid-19-exposure-logging-and-notifications-on-iphone/ Here is the way to turn it off and in android devices delete it: ( apologies if this has already been posted, but many are unaware its there.)
  22. THIS IS URGENT, IT ENDS ON SEPT 18TH!! Mandatory Vaccines New Laws Coming-Sign Up To Stop Them NOW! For those in the UK. Tell people you know. It's public, but who knows? Kept quiet? If not at least some of you don't raise your voices, my guess would be so-called public officials will hide behind, "But you didn't object to mandatory vaccination." https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu
  23. The answer is yes they will, and are trying to quietly change the law. Sign up here to stop it: Tell people you know. 'It's public," but who knows? Kept quiet? If not at least some of you don't raise your voices, my guess would be so-called public officials will hide behind, "But you didn't object to mandatory vaccination." https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu
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