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  1. Hmm, 'Scorched Earth' as in The Maze Runenr of the same name- Scorched Trials. " the Gladers now face a new set of challenges on the open roads of a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles" The scorched earth tactic has been used many times in the past to win battles and wars, it works, so they reuse it.
  2. Im British, I have a passport, and I dont need / want insurance. I am not planning to come back. I doubt insurance will be the biggest problem soon.... I wont be in Europe I dont think. Also, with all this planned break up of the 'system' I doubt Brexit will go anywhere just yet, especially as they have a ready made excuse to keep delaying it. They never hd any intention of breaking up the EU, much harder to track people if they are in independent nations rather an one giant block. If things get really bad, survival will be the main issue, that and dodging the vaccines.
  3. CALL OUT TO JOIN: THE LINE IN THE SAND - Sacha Stone, New Earth Project Please Share: New Earth Media Call out to Join the culmination event: Drawing the Line in the Sand - gain access at http://www.reclaimyourlives.com Sacha Stone + Dr David Martin & Imani Mamalution hosting: Del Bigtree Pete Evans Mikki Willis Rocco Galati Susan Stanfield Michael Tellenger Zach Bush Sherri Tenpenny Dr Buttar Nurse Kate Dolores Cahill Mark Steele Dr Northrup Pam Popper RFK Dr Lewis Tom Brown
  4. Its not the country I have a problem with its the loonies that run it I have been chatting to a fella who says nothing was really shut down re flights. Hes has been in and out of the country 12 times since May on flights all over the world. SO thats good news from my point of view
  5. As I'd like to try and do some travel soon, I was wondering if anyone knows what Peru was like during the last lockdown, so I can gauge where they may be on the Nazi scale of measures, should I want to go there in the next couple of months ( assuming another full or partial lockdown were to occur worldwide.)
  6. gregory-peccary I cant see a UK direct to Mexico, looks like you have to get to Le'Harvre. Though I could easily get to Tilbury and loads of freight goes in and out of there. worth more investigating I think Always like a plan B or C...
  7. Oh, now that is very interesting! Thank you
  8. Yeah well, a flight will probably still be available if things go to (my) plan. I dont base decisions on what 'might happen' via a negative mindset. There's always a way out if you need one. Everything is a matter of perspective.
  9. Interesting info. Im not planning on going to E Europe. Im hoping to head to Mexico & C or S Americas assuming we can still travel...!
  10. I have read elsewhere that Hungary is not really enforcing any covid crap. There is a group setting up an off grid project in Hungary that i know of too.
  11. People have a habit of making wild assumptions about other folk. Non of it is relevant to the question of HOW to get out if things shut down too soon for my plans in progress to complete. All I know is that I dont want to get stuck on a tiny island with nowhere to hide and an increasingly stringent system of control to live under.
  12. Quite, this is my thinking.I put plans in motion to get out of UK way back in May, but I can only plan for the potential 'escape' money I can get hold of, I cant plan for if govts shut ATM's or food production, flights, trains, etc. Im almost ready now, but I would have liked to have been gone by now. We cant liken this situation to Germany or any other point in history because this has never happened in our lifetimes before so we really dont have a point of reference, we can only go with what we feel is right for us individually.
  13. Hmm orkney is a tad wild and cold for me! Good points about the boats, but, this does not tell me HOW to get out of the UK if things go bad again.
  14. Beaujangles : yeah maybe so eh? Who knows. I only want to have a peaceful existence away from increasing tyranny and bonkers rules while we see how this all plays out. Where in Mexico did he choose?
  15. Thank you I will check that out. I personally know that many are heading to Mexico, C America, and also Eastern Europe ( which is ironic!) But its in the news today that food shortages are bringing on mass migration again. Then theres a heck of a lot of Americans and Canadians trying to get out from under the increasingly oppressive conditions. For me its more about a sustainable lifestyle than just getting out per se.
  16. Christ there are some whacko people on this forum. I asked a simple, serious, question: If a new lockdown happens and I cant get out before that ( Im selling property) then how else could I get out? I looked at the tunnel but it was shut for 'non essential' travel last time. If flights are grounded, then what other options are there? I dont have any children and Im not a child myself, Ive ran a business for 20+ years. I wish to move out of the UK to have a sustainable eco type lifestyle, some folks seem to be offended that Im leaving and feel its fine to lecture me about staying,
  17. We are not in a world war or fighting Hitler and this has nothing to do with the simple question I asked. If I wanted a lecture on world history I would have asked. I am moving to a place that grows its own food and has abundant wildlife. Here we have trucked in food in the main. BTW your assumptions about me are ridiculous, you have no idea what I do or dont have or my age. Your comments are patronising and uncalled for.
  18. Yes- now, but what if they lock it all down again? I suspect that is coming.
  19. Smokestack Lightnin Gee thanks for the tirade of negativity. I didnt ask for your opinion on my life choice, nor would I try to foist my own on you. What you describe is nothing like what I have in mind. Im sure the cartels have a giant stock pile of food and plenty of staff that already grow it for them. Your comments are nothing to do with the question I asked, which was; how to get out of the UK. If you want to sit in UK and be pinned to the floor by an increasingly Nazi government, that's your life choice. Maybe you should look into your anger issues rather than push it on to
  20. Yeah Zero is an interesting site. I hope Mexico wont be too close to any of the military malarky
  21. Yes, Boris the baffoon has already said he wants to use troops to force mask wearing. Great use of the military eh? All that mind control training so they can be populace nannies. Do you have a link or way to track troop movements by any chance?
  22. Ah I see. No one is truly stuck though. There is always a way out, I just may not know what it is yet....!
  23. thank you. back home to where? and where are you tat you cant escape?
  24. I hear you, though I dont necessarily want to be remote, just off grid and sustainable. I have already connected to lots of folks doing juts this and many who want to
  25. Maybe, but getting out of the UK may well be the first issue to overcome
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