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  1. I have family in Melbourne and in Gold Coast too. Im so worried for them.
  2. I suspect many people will be having odd dreams now as there are some big planetary changes going on, let alone the magnetic changes, along with mega moons. And then theres the approaching doom scenario
  3. try contacting one of the admins / staff members- link at top - and ask them to forward it perhaps?
  4. Yeah its a proper killer this virus. Sad thing is that its not the virus that will make them ill, its the masks
  5. Dont use ASDA anyway, so no loss to me. I prefer to use the local shops so the owners can feed their children not a giant corporate machine.
  6. There is so much truth in hollywood stuff, most are thinly disguised documentaries really.
  7. Yeah and Also Epic browser too. Though with those tv sites the more robust your ad blocker then sometimes you just cant get in or get caught in endless capture picture things.
  8. Well that's right isn't it? You'd think that they would welcome the business rather than do the govts dirty work for them. There was a fake 'covid' checking in app going th rounds to make it look like you've done the check thing at the till. I just say no, I find it works quite well ;-) Nobody really wants to be the enforcer.
  9. Quantum science is investigating and coming to the realisation that we have both recent and extremely old memories already coded into our dna. DNA collects frequencies which get bonded together. The dna memories come as a culmination of every life lived over millenia. New age scientists believe that its these fragments of dna coded memories that remain with us through each life journey and that they that cause many of the mental ailments we now suffer from, because, if they are not healed then the carry over into the next life journey to resurface in various ways. Extremely emotional events of
  10. it's Illegal To Ask For Mask Exemption Proof as per the govts own words and the actual law of the UK. So, I thought if anyone is leafleting their area, or need a quick reminder to show people then this can be printed off to business card size and dropped off in shops etc so they understand the law and not some barking mad directive..
  11. I dont remember Utopia being about that stuff, but then I wasnt so much of the awake stuff back then as I am now. Here's a place to watch it it you really want to http://123movies.net/watch/zGObVX5x-utopia-2020-season-1.html ( you need a ROBUST ad blocker for sites like this- so be warned- ideally with a VPN) Ive not seen US version but the first series of the UK one was weird and interesting. I am tempted to watch it again to count the 'themes' in it now Im more aware
  12. Much I would have loved to be gone by now, when you sell everything you own, I am not always in full control of the process.
  13. Oh yeah I know all about the 'voluntary' tax system and how to be out of it, as I am. Tax is satan spawn. As is money in all variants. Id rather have nothing than continue in this crap. Coz this is just endless pain. I think there will need to be a debt forgiveness, but depending on how it goes, may never happen of course.
  14. I already dont do tax, and other stuff. Also ridding myself of possessions to do just that. Tax feeds the Matrix for sure. And property which is riddled with it.
  15. Oh you are so right with this comment. We have been gradually eroded as a species, constantly separated from family, community, each other. People are stupid sheep. They are participants in the stupidity of the control Matrix
  16. Well whether its now or in a couple of years after they keep sticking another plaster on a broken leg it really does not matter. Ultimately a crash will come because its well over due and was never dealt with last time we had a crash, especially in UK. Now we have a MASSIVE bubble which only has one option. Now is the time to sell before the stamp duty crap in UK is removed next April. I know estate agents who are so busy now that they have been told no time off till April next year. So a final scam to collect the most from a dying system which they can use the money from to beat the people d
  17. Yes I would agree. I live near a local airport and have noticed the change. However, I have also noticed that recently they are flying more again, so this is somewhat confusing. I believe the stats from UK are that the flights are 88% down. Hard to see how airlines can survive that for much longer. Wouldnt surprise me if they tried to make all flights govt controlled with only those who are vaxxed allowed to get out of their country because they'll be tracked anyway.
  18. With the system imploding I suspect there will be many empty properties, not least plenty of commercial ones which will no longer be in use, so there should be plenty of places to hide should the need arise. No need to use sewers, ( or underground perhaps!) but I take your point on that. There will most likely be many empty homes soon too, and, possibly some motorhomes etc which there may no longer be buyers for perhaps.
  19. The 'truth' is often subjective depending on how someone hears it.
  20. Having read many opinions on what do do re money while the world implodes due to the fake pandemic, here are some thoughts. Personally all this arguing over whether crypto or gold or silver will save humanity from the Matrix imploding is all rather moot. I feel any form of money is not going to be the future. Ive felt it for a long time, even before this mess started, or before I spent time looking at crypto. The only real way out is for people to go back to community style living where the whole community is involved with each other and collaberating with skills, such as Mich
  21. Im doing it for ME not for them. Its been a long held dream, as I said many times. You seem to want to blame me for making my own choices about MY life. I feel you are wrong. If there is a way, i will find it. Its call positivity. Im not abdigating anything, and its not my responsibility to save the planet. Nobody has to follow rules, everyone makes that choice for themselves. Im following my path. You stay if you want to, Im not trying to force you to change YOUR mind am i? Being off grid and living peacefully is my way of fighting the control, but I would have done it anyway, regardless of t
  22. No it isnt flight or fight, and thats a very negative aspect view brought on by system programming. Ive been planning to live off grid for many years, this is just the catalyst to do it now rather than just think about it. its the solution that's right for ME. Your solution is to stay put and talk about fighting. Neither is right or wrong per se. I am following my intuition and I know its right decision for me. Either way, Im not worried about being able to get out now. I know it can be done in many ways and I have contacts to make it happen should I need them.
  23. Yes I understand all that, however, in the meantime I want to live somewhere with more space and in a tranquil area where I can be more free to roam. I do not want to be tied to one country or destination. Hence a bigger area with potential to disappear off grid for a bit may work, but who knows? I am only following what feels right for me and my whole being says - GET OUT.
  24. I think the answer to that is 'any length' is fine, and any method
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