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  1. The biggest threat to world peace is people not waking up to the fact that we are ALL connected, we are not separate nations, peoples, genders, countries, or any other label tied on to us by indoctrination. The Only way forward is to stop playing the cabal's games of separation in all things-which keeps us fighting and believing black is white and visa versa, or good and bad, or that someone who will come and save us. Humans have immense power, if they would just wake up to their spirituality and realise where the power lies, and its not with the cabal or any other nut job despot p
  2. I flew KLM the whole way, though I think the MX part was operated by Air Mex via KLM if that makes sense! I'll PM you re your son -where I am etc. Happy to meet him if he is nearby I dont speak Spanish, but its not difficult to get by, Mexicans want to help and are very friendly. There are many expats to connect to lots have dual language.
  3. hmm well who do you think owns all the big delivery firms and supermarkets? They are pushing people down the road of not shopping local, hence killing small business an ultimately only leaving big corporates to own everything...Think a bit more before you fall into this trap. Use local as much as possible, or lose it for good.
  4. Heh! how true. everyone is sick now, no one is healthy anymore. People are effing stupid to believe in this crap just so they can have a job, thats all I will say.
  5. Yep, its everything that will be affected. They want proprty to collapse as we wont be allowed to own anything. There has been a land and property grab by Govt going on for years in UK, most people just cant or refuse to see it
  6. Welcome to connect with me there if you want to chat more directly. Lots of folks here will try to help others heading out of they can. By sharing our experiences it keeps us all safe and helps with the fear factor.
  7. Yeah the Dutch are awesome, but they are rule followers for sure. however, its really all about not giving a damn and just acting normal mostly. You get away with a lot by being nice!
  8. There is an Aussie lady having same issue trying to get out of Oz with two cats as airlines are shutting down or deleting flights. Why do you need to go via UK first?
  9. Thanks for all the well wishes! There was no PCR testing when I left, or in Norway or AMS. Things may be different now though re PCR- I left two week s ago. In MX there are freedom cells actively encouraging folks of a like mind to gather together. Many are looking at off grid etc. There are certain places where people are gathering. Many come down from the States or Canada ( of they can get out- Canada is particularly bad for locking people in the country) But there are also lots from other EU countries. Ive met Aussies, Latvian, English, American, and Mexcicans in just
  10. The folks in Hong Kong have really figured out how to do a protest that works and is very organised, via flash mob type of action. Worth watching this one. Interesting to see how different cultures react
  11. Your belief is your belief. Mine is mine, I cant be bothered to waste my time on this anymore. Like I said, folks have a mind, they can make their own up.Those who can afford to sell will probably sell. Those who cant, wont. Neither is my fault, I am only giving the benefit of my experience as I see it, I am not forcing anyone to think or act like me. Im only responsible for me.
  12. ah yes, that old chestnut, the one always flung out by those who dont understand how the cosmos really works or are not tuned in. No, its called being spiritually awake. I get told what to do, and I do it. I trust the source and things work out, its that simple. However, that is personal to me, my property knowledge is based on years of experience, thats quite different
  13. We all make decisions based on our own circumstances. Every fibre of my being told me I was right to make the one I did. SO far Its proving correct. I always follow my gut instinct which I know comes directly from source and is never wrong. I cant explain that to other folks who dont experience such insights. It is just what happens for me.
  14. Well do it then. Im not stopping you, Im making my stand, whether its in UK or not makes no difference, as you said, its global. The UK will be one of the epicentres of this coming disaster as will all the other 5 eyes countries. I chose to be elsewhere for a more free life.
  15. Ive been in property over 20 years in UK. Now is NOT the time to hold stock, especially rental stock. Less and less people will have jobs, leading to less and less reliable tenants. Additionally the rules are being changed constantly now, and its way harder to evict anyone now, courts are backed up for months, meanwhile if a tenant decides not to pay you are stuck with them, like it or not, for a minimum of a year, while you pay the mortgage or lose the property.... Personal houses, thats more of a gut instinct IMO, BUT, there will be a crash soon, so if you have equity, now is the time
  16. You missed the point. The point is to hedge your bets in property as always. If you stay in property now with a mortgage in particular there is a very good chance you will lose it anyway, so therefore the best way is to get your cash out and diversify while you can, regardless of cabal. The market will crash, only question is how soon. Additionally not everyone will take any advice, mine or otherwise. People tend to be apathetic because they are programmed to think that way. The signs are there if yo wish to read them. I am merely pointing them out for those who wish to listen. This is the las
  17. Good grief I am sick of people accusing me of that. I did not run away, my leaving the UK has been planned since last year. I am following my 10 year plan to live off grid, COVID made the decision a bit quicker and easier, that is all. I am now with a group of anarchist people who ACTIVELY try new methods every day to wake people up. What are you doing, apart from accusing people of running away when you know nothing about them or their situation? Assumptions are part of Matrix thought programs and are part of what got us here in the first place. I am well aware its a global issue, thanks, but
  18. Ah its a madness alright. Common sense exists no more, we can only think what we are told to think by out illustrious leaders who wish to turn us into low frequency robots just like them.
  19. First they get you used to wearing a mask, then it will be -those who dont vaccinate will be 'unclean' and the cause of the spread of a non virus. Those indoctrinated with try to enforce those of a free mind. NO police or army required. The sheep will eventually be turned into robots. BY the way, if you didnt see the amazing video where Icke interviewed the ex FEMA lady recently, THAT will shock you. This thing is WAY deeper than has been exposed so far.
  20. Supermarkets are run by the arses in power, shop local to keep those businesses alive or lose them forever. Here in Mexico Coke own lots of stuff the most popular being the OXXO stores that are a kind of 7/11. As an american owned entity the face mask Nazi-ism is rife and staff trying hard to enforce it. Nobody care sin other shops though. Only the big US companies have those mandates here. The main difference is those disinfectant mats in all doorways, which I just walk around, dont want that shite to rot my shoes thanks. Uber is big here, and they have similar mandate.
  21. I am of the opinion the Q is just another psy op. Trump is just another one of the cabal minions as are all the rest. If Q was so fabulous this would all be over and we would be living in freedom, not ever more draconian lock downs based on a non disease with hardly any deaths in a world run by despotic lunatics without empathy for any living thing. The only way out of this is to step into out true power as humans, come together in love and unity, not fight over who is right or wrong or whose label is the winner. This criminal cabal is about 1 main thing- divide and conquer.
  22. What is coming is 'debt forgiveness' whereby your mortgage debt will be removed in return for which you take the knee to the NWO by way of an enforced vaccine and a loss of everything you now own. Therefore, IF you can get your money out now- and diversify it as much as possible, you will stand a better chance of escaping the madness that is to come. Get out of the cities and move somewhere rural or out of the UK if you can/ want to. Travel, independence of any kind will not be allowed in future unless you allow constant tracking, regular testing, and being monitored 24/7 The govt
  23. Hello folks If you read nay of my previous posts you will know that I was planning on escaping the uK prior to the second 'lock down.' I have now left and I wanted to share my journey and the experiences so you can hear a first hand account. So I left the UK on the day of the so called second lock down - 5th November ( interesting date for that the chose eh? V for Vendetta anyone??) I want to tell you of my experience in airports and other countries. I had the opportunity to go meet a friend in Norway for a few days at lock down time, I was then planning to go to Mexico as a s
  24. Yeah there are folks who have come forward to claim they are Q, but who knows what is true when so much disinformation is out there.
  25. Yes thats a good point. Since I wrote the above I have decided the Q thing is just another psy op distraction to garner support for an election by using the 'patriotic pride' drilled into Americans along with a big dose of the saviour complex. People want to believe in the good v evil so they can choose a side. Worshipping the flag, and their military heroes. It's all death worship. Trump & Q is just another game of manipulation of the masses. Fact is the only side we need to be on is truth and integrity, and that will never come from any kind of government.
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