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  1. This is so true. Letting go is part of this process. Sometimes its painful, sometimes its a relief to be free of the stupidity. We need to be mentally strong to face up to our truth and journey forward to better things.
  2. Yep, it's all part of the game. We will never understand those who seek to control us because we dont have that level of psychopathy in the true humans who have a heart.
  3. I would just like to reiterate once again that we have no idea if this picture is a true representation of anything it claims to be. The whole image could be a fear photo set up. In these times, its probably wise to keep a healthy dose of skepticism re images and video or claims. Anything can be a set up. It's all there to generate fear and / or anger. There is so much propaganda to keep us from moving forward into our true self. All those emotions feed the 'beast' and its many robot followers, and those emotions will ultimately make us ill too. Ive tried to teach myself to be a bit detached from it. I can read it and understand the goal behind it, but I dont let it bring forth any negative emotion if I can help it. For me personally, I find this helps keeps me mentally more balanced. It also drives me forward with my purpose and goals.
  4. Ah, we talking at crossed purposes. When I said you dont need one, I meant for health reasons it is better that you don't have jabs, whereas you mean for legal 'rules' reasons I think- as in its a legal requirement? Not sure Id want to risk the Congo though either way ....
  5. Yes, and the thing is that when we apply a label to ourselves we actually play the game they want us to play. As DI says " I am a..." Many of the 'truthers' have a lot of darkness within which they have not yet conquered, thus are still corruptible to an extent. Others get stuck in the new 'fame' of being a 'voice for freedom' too. Yet others, need a substance to get to their 'zone' of enlightenment. Personally, I try to just follow my own truth with the guides I am shown or given. If people find that abrasive then that is their mindset not mine. I just try to help where I can.
  6. They were debunked by the medical profession in late 1800's. Then pushed in schools later. The documents were online at archive.org for ages. Not sure if they are still there tho as so much gets deleted nowadays by the thought police. You dont need vax to go to Africa, its all propaganda. Africa was and has been a major testing ground for their poisons for decades.
  7. All vaccine theory is quackery. Was debunked decades ago, as was germ theory.
  8. Might be worth copying some of the posts over to- from the discussion? Is that possible- then there is some context to go with the topic
  9. Haha! I have literally walked on fire- during a Tony Robbins NLP seminar. The basic premise is that if you can do that you can always look back and use it as a yardstick for other difficult decisions.
  10. Here you go, just found it :-) ( make sure you dont have a browser that blocks things) You can read it online or download it. https://bunker2.zlibcdn.com/dtoken/657cd885da9d51d4e0a24056c8b763e5/Practical Guide to Using Number Sequences (Grabovoi%2C Grigori) (z-lib.org).pdf
  11. "result of you working out your issues hence very little blocks AND keeping your vibration high" - yes it is.Ive done a lot of work to figure out my blocks and patterns. Had a huge 15 year learning curve on brain health, plasticity, neuro science, NLP and thus learning to use it for my benefit and not be used by my programmed patterns from the past. This, combined with study on brain - heart connection was the route to a complete change. I also taught myself to not fear, and to live my truth no matter what derision or negativity I get from others.
  12. Hey JCP. Yes I agree with most of what you said here except the purpose thing. My personal experience was that I was shown my purpose and as such I choose to live it every day. Because I do that, and because I live within my true value system, everything I need falls into place. Its not always easy, as there are so many aggressive people around looking for a saviour of one kind or another who will fight tooth and nail to keep the slavery system that we so badly need rid of. If you dont mind a bit of advice, if you feel your purpose is healing, then find a way to be on that journey ( if you have not already done so.) The faster we align with our true self, the easier life becomes on this reality. Wholeheartedly agree on the spiritual versus new age crap. Law of attraction is a marketing term snatched and spun from what is true manifestation. Manifestation comes from heart and outward looking, not from meditation and navel gazing.
  13. And its not just about masts and 5G, check if there are any new LED street lamps installed. Those things emit HUGE EMF waves of energy.
  14. What they want is the human soul, something which they do not have and cannot achieve. What they also want, is to integrate (trap) human consciousness, which is infinitely more power than can ever be got from owning or controlling 'things,' into the AI mainframe. By combining the human consciousness power, and a powerful deep learning AI, they effectively have both infinite power AND control over humanity. These entities are not human. Many films have covered this. The most recent being a film called "Infinite" Have you watched Max Igans' "trans-formation?" I think this spells it out better than many other sources. He's making a follow up to it right now https://www.bitchute.com/video/YjEeFgrdbqXW/
  15. Yes, from the things you said there it seems that maybe your path or purpose is more to protect and connect to animals etc and spread the word of spiritual values to the wider community, in the true sense, not just the new age take over version. Our insights that we have and are gaining are all deep learning curves for all of us aren't they? The sounds ( frequencies), I feel, are part of our waking up to our true abilities, being able to tune in, and having faith that we do have them in the first place for a reason. I think we get to feel/ hear/ connect in more higher or different ways, which, to me means greater 'clair' abilities. Im starting to feel that we all have a piece of this epic puzzle that we are all doing together- like a giant tapestry we are all contributing to. Some get different abilities to others, but many have a kind of shared experience. The more we talk and connect to other really open spiritual types the more commonality we find. And, perhaps, this is the true lesson? To find commonality and to connect together the collective powers of all, so that as a big group of fully awake people with new abilities we can be very powerful indeed, because, our goal is a common one-for the good of all. Rather like the 'super hero' stuff the entertainment industry keeps shoving at us..... There is always a reason that they keep showing us this stuff, we just need to pay more attention and go with it when it happens to us. What Ive personally found is that the more I go with the 'signs' etc the more of them I get. Once Pandoras box is open, you cant really shut the lid ever again! ( And why would you want to anyway..??)
  16. RobinJ


    didnt he die quite soon after he made that movie? hmmm
  17. also with the suppression of women with the 'scolds bridle' a metal contraption
  18. One of the problems now is that there is such division in people due to the jab crap. So many of my new friends have family who are jabbed and getting weird illnesses. I cant tell you how many tomes I have wanted to say "told you so" re the dangers of the jab. How would we get reliable info from folks who still refuse to admit anything could be wrong or are happy to blame everything on a mythical non disease?
  19. makes you wonder if main stream media will grow some nuts and actually report anything at all, or will they just keep making up cover stories for their masters? How many of these TV types are just robots?
  20. We had a similar discussion just recently on the corona thread. Many people that I know who have recently woken up in a spiritual sense get this sound near their ears. For me, as you say, its not something I hear as ear plugs dont block it out. Its kind of inside the sides of my head. My version is a very high pitched whine. My friend had a much deeper version for several weeks. All those Ive spoken to say that being in nature makes it better. EMF clothing and blankets etc can help too
  21. Cymatics was a HUGE part of my awakening journey. Everything I have been shown and discovered comes right down to frequencies and how they effect us.
  22. Didnt they do the same to him as they did to Joe Rogan? Modus Operandi: They find an 'alternative voice' with a big following, buy them off and get them to spread conflicting info, then they tear their reputation down. With Jones he claims to have a big law suit against him now, with Rogan they made a big hoo-haa over nothing re some comment he made on his show re racism because he used the 'nigger' word. It's all theatre, designed to discredit anyone who goes against the spooks' narrative. Folks are stupidly sensitive and get fake offended by everything these days. Not even allowed to joke about idiotic stuff anymore. I remember sitcoms in the 70s....you could say anything for a laugh (esp British sitcoms), now we have a pendulum swing in the complete opposite direction. Seriously ridiculous.
  23. Yeah, and if memory serves that mostly comes from Russia....thats where I got mine from anyway, so I wonder if it is still available? I got a few pieces and stuck them under my wi-fi gadgets. Many crystals do work and you can simply wear them around your neck etc- Etsy.com is a good place for that stuff. using non smart phones and emf blankets can help those who are super sensitive. Another very simple exercise is to go out in nature where there are no cell towers and sit or walk etc, get grounded back to the earths pulse, preferably without wearing shoes. I had a friend who took to sleeping in a tent with an emf blanket under him and one over the top of the tent. Seemed to help him a lot as he basically created a mini faraday cage.
  24. You can buy all kinds of EMF blankets for sleeping and basically try to create a faraday cage within your home. I have many friends who are EMF sensitive nowadays. Here are a few more tips: https://greathealth365.com/blogs/17-ways-you-can-protect-yourself-from-emf-radiation
  25. Also, and bear with me here as it may sound a bit mad, but I wonder too if there is a 1-2 sucker punch set up going on with the jabbed. First you take the multiple doses of nano tech and give the body time to assimilate to the tech, then they turn up the frequencies and see how many die. Heart problems are a very common effect of EMF sensitivity. https://www.orgoneenergy.org/blogs/news/emf-exposure-symptoms
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