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  1. Wikipedia! Anyone quoting that as a source of truth needs their head tested. David Icke himself has tried many times to edit the bullshit that wikipedia prints about him.
  2. These dark ones are becoming more evident now, and, with the advent of many waking up to their true spiritual purpose (including me) it is becoming ok to talk about it without all the ridicule or someone slapping you into nut house against your will or attempting to dull senses with pharmaceutical crap. I know that part of my purpose is to share my journey. When we talk and get together magical things happen. You are not alone, we are all one consciousness working together.
  3. Sometimes I wonder just how much more dirty laundry of the so called elites we can stomach. One thing is for sure, these entities are not elite and there aint now way they will rule over my soul. If anyone would like to listen to something inspiring intead if all this doom, check out Del Bigtree speaking at the Greater Reset which is happening now in Mexico and Texas simultaneously. Del was on fire, speaking from the heart with his mission in this life. You can find it on odysee. His talk was on day one in the afternoon of the 18th.
  4. Personally I agree with Dale. 'Fighting' is the key word here. Changing the terminology makes a difference to how we approach something. Fighting for anything assumes some form of anger is involved= dark side. Its the way we have been programmed to think.
  5. And, more importantly, your belief system will also protect you. Fear is the real virus.
  6. One more time, you cannot catch a cold or flu or covid. There is no such thing as an airborne virus. A virus is something inside you that you body uses as a defense. The symptoms you may feel are the way you body rids you of disease or infection. All viruses were labelled covid, it refers to the shape, nothing else. Covid19 is a slow release poison in a jab format.
  7. It was horrendous. All his personality disappeared and my dad was a very bubbly person, even though he coped with a lot of pain. They put him on 800mg a day while in hospital. It took a month before he was back to normal. Doctors are a bunch of quacks experimenting on people.
  8. More likely that it's all AI scripted. I wonder if the system robots who deliver news would break down if you removed their auto cue machine...
  9. Well you made a whole load of assumptions there. At no point did I say what shape we live on, nor do I care because it is irrelevant to me. It's a pointless discussion because we cant change anything regardless of who may be right. I'm not the one with cognitive dissonance- another term so called freedom people use to bash each other with. We all know pretty much all media, religious and govt pushed stuff is bullshit by now. The main problem with all these theories is that they are all just that. I dont need to prove anything to myself or anyone else. It's irrelevant information which makes zero difference to my path and purpose here. We simply need to free our minds and stop arguing over every detail. So what if its flat, round or square? All negative emotions feed the system and wrapping things in pretty "non aggressive" language so as not to offend falls right into the programmed brain patterns. If people are offended by any perceived opinion, they probably need to do some inner work to remove their own bias and programs. I'm not offended by any veiled accusations nor am I making any.
  10. So basically you need to feel that you are right. Many of your points are meaningless self soothing nonsense. FYI 'gods word' if you mean the bible, then that too is heavily manipulated and changed from the original text, which is ALL written in metaphor, not meant to be taken as literal word for word. Instead of wasting time on an obvious psy op, why not use that time to learn about yourself and how to reprogram your brain so you are in control of it and not manipulated by media, financial and religious propaganda campaigns? Learn something about who YOU are instead of looking for answers outside yourself to explain your existence. Again, non of what you listed would make any difference to yours or anyone elses life or how we exist here. It's all conjecture because non of it can be proved unless you can leave earth to view it, which you clearly can't.
  11. well unless we can get off this rock and see it from above aint nobody going to prove anything. Its ALL guesswork and supposition based on your belief system. Additionally, what does it even matter? Its irrelevant what shape we live on, in or within. If any of us were proved right re the shape, then what? Will it make any difference to you whatsoever? Extremely unlikely.
  12. based on what evidence exactly? No wonder people call us conspiracy nuts.
  13. Instead of just critiquing photos, consider the voice. Maybe you can change the rest but a female voice just sounds right and no amount of hormone adjustmentcan change the right tone. Just because some women got the rough end of the ugly stick in the gene pool handout, does not make them men. Some common sense should prevail, unless it's just for laughs in which case, have at it!
  14. Hmm, and who will do the arresting of such? Police are owned by them.
  15. Well I hate to shatter everyone's illusions, but we have never had democracy anywhere in the world that has been controlled by the cabal. It's all smoke and mirrors. Personally I doubt whether as many as 5 billion people will ever wake up, or will wake up in time to be useful due to ill health or removal of communication channels so we cant organise easily.
  16. somebody should tell them the holocaust was a hoax, that would really freak 'em out and give him something to be vocally offended about
  17. well now, that will be interesting shops for sure.....basically no corner shop can comply with that
  18. People are too scared now and are wilfully ignoring the obvious dots to connect. They are hypnotised.
  19. Good grief. Cant believe people are still arguing over this crap. It's an obvious psy-op to separate people and keep them in negative emotional states. Grow up and move on. It is irrelevant what shape planet we exist in. Put down the pitchforks and start working together.
  20. Antipsychotics turned my dad into a dribbling idiot in one week. He was in hospital for heart issues. The doctor prescribed these for his arm which was uncontrollably waving about after a big stroke. It was a very low dose. That doctor went off duty. Locum came in and misread chart, upped the dose by a 10 fold multiple. It was horrendous. We had to fight the hospital and threaten to sue before they would admit the mistake.
  21. In short, people can choose their mindset. Folks tend to lock themselves inside their own prisons, with the key inside their own pocket, and then blame others or anything else for not being able to leave. Its ALL a choice and we can all choose freedom.
  22. If you follow the latest WEF nonsense the next plandemic will be in 2025 where the majority will be killed off with brain disorders. Many of those left will be permanently disabled with varying disease.
  23. Surely that figure should be 33 or 66%.... someone messed up there in the reporting
  24. I often wonder how the vegans will cope when they cant run down to the corner shop for their weird packaged food which has zero flavour. most of the vegans I know just use a 'vegan' version of something to substitute natural food- ie vegan cheese, some version of milk, etc. Every vegan I know ( and I know a LOT) uses stuff like coconut sugar, 'vegan' mass produced sauces, and a whole load of other stuff. In this day and age, if something is manufactured you do NOT know what is in it, regardless of what is printed on the packet. Even the hard core vegans seem to spend a huge amount of time looking for substitutes and cooking stuff to look or taste like stuff they have given up. Many vegans I know have control issues, and this is just an idle observation, food is often used as a massive way to control many things in your life, if you fall into that trap. Many vegans I know are obsessed with being right about it or are on some kind of moral crusade. To lighten the mood.... If meat eaters acted like vegans..... just for fun ;-) https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=Vegan+awaken+with+jp
  25. This is a short video but rather interesting. How the knowledge from the bible, which is written in metaphor, also hides the true zodiac meaning and even the changes that were made to the zodiacal calendar. What the text really means, and the way it relates to who and what we are.
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