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  1. Yep. we dont have democracy either. Its all nonsense bullshit marketing to make us hate 'the other side'
  2. heres a few of the article you cant find, your precious president is about to speak today, just in case you didnt know that either
  3. It was all over main stream news....Go look if you can see past your Q rosy tinted glasses that is. Also, I dont need to 'prove' anything, as I dont care either way. Got better things to think about than those who STILL need to label themselves with a political team.
  4. I prefer not to label myself anything except looking for truth, if thats even possible anymore in this age of mass censorship.
  5. ...predicted because he already knew what was about to enfold, just as all politicians knew and are part of complying to keep themselves rich and above the rest of us...Trump is one of the goafers just like all the rest. He was put there to divide the nations into two and keep them at each others throats while they got on with destroying the planet for everyone else.
  6. where's your precious Q now that Trump has conceded the election then? Are they going to ride in on a white horse to save you from yourself.
  7. Would not surprise me if this whole thing was a set up by the media to show how many cops they can put in a place and to prove to anyone who thinks of going to a protest that its pointless. Smells rather like a controlled opposition stunt. And the fact its still up on YT.....why have they not taken it down? This protest day was supposed to be held in many countries at once so Im sure the cops had plenty of warning. Also note, there were no freedom speakers, which is also very odd.
  8. Sorry its late notice, ive just seen this, but if you are on telegram please see the protest tomorrow 12 noon.\the link to join the Telegram group for the action is: http://t.me/ProtestEverywhere The protest is about the new law the govt will try to pass that states you will stay in lockdown until vaccinated. JOIN NOW- get down there if you can.
  9. most folks seem to have a positive experience with it from what Ive heard personally. Anything that can make you feel good during this CV bullshite is worth a go.
  10. A good friend of mine does the cold part of this- though not as extreme as Wim does. He loves it. I tried the breathing part myself a while ago, but didnt give it a long enough try over a period of days or weeks etc to form an opinion. There is an app to follow if you want to give it a go, or just watch the videos of him explaining it.
  11. But it is the SAME video as the one which is working above, I loaded on two different locations in case one got deleted from the internet, that's all. 2020-12-03 11.00.14.mp4
  12. The second link still works? Top video was YT version I think so may have been deleted by them. She mentioned a site called 'wearevaxxed' in the video. I could only find the FB group https://www.facebook.com/vaxxed2/ There are the two films by the same name that expose what vaccines are really about. Also, if you go to archive.org there are lots of physicians pamphlets from way back to the 1800's declaring vaccines as quack science
  13. Where is the PROOF? Trump has been the most divisive president in history, exactly what his job was supposed to be. Make the people hate each other so they are easier to control. Only by coming together as one humanity can we survive. You are literally talking to yourself now, Q is utter bull.
  14. There are many spiritual people who believe that dreams are fragments of our past lives which we re-remember, largely because we carry big traumas forward. Many disasters in the distant past involved the wiping out of most humanity via huge natural ( and some less natural) disasters. Maybe the reason you keep having it is because you lived it before and therefore it is very real to you. Atlantis for example, went down in a flood, as did Lemuria. The Sahara used to be underwater. The last earth cataclysm some 12,000 years ago flipped the poles which caused dry areas to become wet and visa versa
  15. So yesterday I was thinking on the politics angle after yet another sparring match with a family member. I realised that the globalists have been very clever in using the 'right wing' as the cover for their games and to make more people look the other way for a while, as, their 'team' couldn't possibly do such obvious facist/ communist things. The Tory right are currently in power in UK and USA its the same with the Republicans. So I got to wondering, if it had been the more obvious 'socialist lefties' in power when CV was kicked off, my guess that many tory and republican support
  16. A little message for those who like to push all the negative crap in the media in the search for 'knowledge.' Here is a list I have compiled of my last 2 months. I have been in and done :- 4 airports with thousands of people; on 4 planes with at least 300 people; in 4 countries; Ive hugged over 50 people; been to 2 parties of at least another 40 people; been in countless shops (mask free); walked the streets, mask free; been on buses and in taxis, mask free; visited ancient monuments, mask free moved house 4 times.
  17. Maybe they were 'weirdos' because they refuse to see truth in an emerging world- hence out of sync? Could the accusation of stealing be about the existing lifestyle we have which is literally being stolen from us as we watch? The end of it where you dont find your purse could be about some lingering inner confusion perhaps because not having it was a symbol of you not being able to move out of the current situation to go elsewhere ( as you had no money) Anger would be a natural response to that fear, because in psychology anger is borne of frustration.....( usually from a feeling of not being
  18. In my experience dreams teach us things via the emotion within them, along with the hints given. Some say dreams are us in different dimensions that we tap into. However, by understanding the emotions behind the scenes it can often unlock the meaning of what it is trying to teach us. SO, ask yourself, what was I feeling at specific points which seem important in the dream and how does that relate to your life and what is going on now? Interestingly, just yesterday I was chatting to someone about the impending NWO world takeover events which we can see coming and I described it jus
  19. Honestly, there is only one episode out but it is chuck full of agenda crap. Alongside that they chose to start the story in the middle and do it in flash back and forwards which makes no sense, but makes it easier to add agenda stuff. As the Americans say....go figure.
  20. I would like to invite people who are trying to wake people up to watch a video below about how the world has been literally hypnotised by language, gaslighted and divided in a true 'divide to conquer' military style campaign, only this one is mental and puts people in a state of confusion where they are unable to make a decision based on any real fact. Additionally, here are some official statements from the overlords which are deliberately vague, so that folks don't catch the nuance of what's NOT being said as much as what is. Here are some quotes from Matt Hancock: ( also H
  21. They made a series of "the Stand" book which has just been released. Its about "the battle for good and evil after the world is in ruins, due to a man-made plague, a battle of Biblical proportions ensues between the survivors." Just released on the eve of the Solstice. This series is chock full of agenda talking points- talk about social engineering! Its now about a bio engineered plague released by a 'scientist' In the first episode they mention: it starts with a guy saying '7 billion people dead, ebola, high tech underground bases shown for high ups to hide out
  22. No idea about Santos, I dont follow just one persons ideas. Flat earth theory is just theory, like globe theory, theory of evolution, theory of relativity etc and largely irrelevant to this topic of bloodlines. Folks who argue over who is right or wrong on any given subject play right into the hands of the lunatics in charge and who seek to separate us from each other by keeping us fighting and not seeing the bigger picture, which is complete rule over our being.
  23. There is a great video explaining this concept by Tom Barnett. By buying into the mainstream media and forwarding their total nonsense we help to bring about their agenda. By continuing to spread the fear garbage made up in the mainstream press, people are helping to bring forth that outcome. ANY picture or video can be made up or fabricated to say whatever the MSM wants and ALL their crap is targeted to play into our programmed fears. (Think Hollywood films for example) This is a plea for folks to STOP spreading the fear or that IS the future you will get. The more you t
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