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  1. You can also get a swede and hollow it out, add some garlic and honey and use it as a cough syrup. Make sure you get raw unheated honey, lots of supermarket honey is just sugar water.
  2. I have a telegram channel where I have been posting off grid and survival stuff to download for free. Anyone can join who has a telegram account: https://t.me/offgridskills
  3. Daily Mail is a rag like all other main stream media. Why do people read this utter rubbish?
  4. Based on information from what source exactly? Is it from some kind of govt source or just MSM press nonsense?
  5. Doesn't matter what you call it, they system is completely owned, therefore it would be a rather futile exercise
  6. hmm well the Nuremberg trials were utter codswallop last time as most of the biggest evil had already skipped to South America or USA, so I dont see why they would be any better this time. No point putting hope into something like that. Fruitless waste of energy.
  7. This is the eye of the storm. Their modus operandi has always been to use the carrot then stick whilst introducing rules which are so confusing you need to be a mathematician to figure them out. This cause most people to just freeze in place with the confusion. Meanwhile the loony-tards who think they are in charge ramp up the next attack. I dont think it will just be a new variant, I feel it will be more than that. A real control lesson will be no electric or no internet for an extended period so they can see how badly the system fails without those things- as a test for a bigger version later.
  8. no such thing as an organic virus. A virus is INSIDE the human body and is a way for it to clear toxins by way of breaking down bad stuff and removing it. This is not a virus, its a bioweapon- ie poison, which is why it needs to be injected.
  9. Seriously? Of course the media can spin it. All this will do is create chaos for everyone- jabbed or not. And no, the jabbed & hungry will absolutely revolt against the truckers because they will be seen as the cause of the chaos, and if the media are even half way correct, then they are the MAJORITY. This will create a scenario that gives them the excuse to lock it down even more. You only have to look at the UK last year when there was a mad rush for toilet paper when shops were low. People are largely stupid, unfortunately. Why would they suddenly believe in the agenda just because some truckers block roads? Theres no logical sense to that.
  10. The chances are its all staged photo ops for the cult.
  11. Thereby playing right into the hands of the corporate cult. How does forcing this collapse and making people starve help matters?
  12. They will never get 100%. Ever. And I seriously doubt that 80% of Oz or any other country has been jabbed.
  13. I find him very irritating to listen to. He interrupts constantly and spends most of the time pushing pills for 'health' etc. His hour long diatribes could easily be done in 20 minutes. Like the Shaking My Head Productions thing too, they used to be very interesting a year ago, now its all 'jesus saves everyone, and its all in the bible folks.'
  14. And now we have a huge slew of information daily. Often better to step away and 'feel' whats going on rather than listen/ watch and be led down a particular road as such.
  15. hmm and how do we know thats not a fake either? Most controlled opposition has huge truths mixed in with huge lies, this is why we cant figure it all out, its designed to confuse. Confusion stops action while everyone stands around scratching their heads!
  16. The main problem is that we seem to expect a few people to have all the answers and be right about everything, which is just unrealistic. Who knows how much of anything is true anymore? Theres grains of salt in all those well known types who say they fight for freedom. Much of it could just be controlled leaking of info from the spooks who are in bed with the global crime fam. I tend to keep an eye on it but not let it get to me. Anger just feed the beast and there is anger in abundance right now. Many are grieving their 'lost' lives with no tether for the future. Anger is the first step in getting over a loss.
  17. All very valid points. If I lived in a city Id still want to get out, cities will be the worst hit for all measures. We could end up in a very dark place trying survive for a few years. It still makes more sense to find your tribe of like minded and try to get organised now as a group before the SHTF. We will all need allies no matter where we end up, this is a combined effort not a singular one, safety and strength in numbers.
  18. either way- the agenda wins. 1.Employees dont get vaxed > sacked > company collapses. 2. They get vaxed and the company survives for a bit then most of the workforce dies of vax complications > company collapses.....
  19. reminds me of the big brother program logo without the colour
  20. Truth seeker is in English, La Quinta was already in the list above. Thanks
  21. Its all a training ground to get people used to being tracked and traced to be able to function in society.
  22. Not the only way for the system to work though, if its implanted they wont need a phone as the interface.... Also, they have been testing this over many years in China. The old folks just get sick if they dont have access to growing food or the social credit system. Neighbors get paid to rat on family and friends etc. However I doubt any new system that will be imposed in the west etc will be as light as the Chinese one. They have had a few years to perfect it after all.
  23. This surmising is all well, but, we are not in any kind of normal market so basically all bets are off and its all guesswork. If/ when the whole market crashes it is unlikely that any of the things we know now will be available. Aint nuthin gonna save you but yourself.
  24. Bitcoin and many other coins are already owned by the FEDS / banks. NO crypto is gonna save anyone, nor will gold or silver in an emergency or crisis. It has a short term use only until the system is crashed, if they make it that far.
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