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  1. And, by the way, pasteurisation is part of the agenda for poor health. The process removes anything good in the milk. Pasteurisation was never proven to help anything just like all the other theories.
  2. Hmm well that is a very black and dark view of the world and freedom generally. We dont need to 'fight' or 'die' for freedom. We evolve into a freer life and society, its not not either or nor is it a war or any other label folks want to attach. Truly this is just indoctrinated thinking. You can be free if you want to be. We wont all be dragged into the system either. Having such a black viewpoint will push you in that direction though, because by your words, you sound you have already given up as many have, accept the darkness... its too difficult to be free.... Its all programming. There wont be a single ruler when this is over, we will be in charge of our own destinies as we already are we you choose to be.
  3. Many of the newly awakened people who now see that this world is really a giant control grid with ever increasing ropes to tie us down with are now a little lost as to what do do or how to move forward after the first research binge wears off. My own personal journey has been via a route of psychology/ brain health/ heart brain connection which all eventually lead to a spiritual path. I want to help people to see that those of us who are awake ALL have a purpose. When you find that purpose and understand your own core values, it becomes much easier to find the right path for you going forward. By finding our true core values we can begin to make the right choices about our own direction. So this all began for me with learning NLP. I had a moment in my life where I started to realise that I was repeating the same relationship patterns and needed a way to break free from that situation. One day whilst flicking though a local paper on my lunch break, I came across NLP via a tiny 1 inch square advert. That advert changed my life in so many ways and set me on a journey of learning which still goes on now. Once you understand these values you tend to start attracting people into your life who have the same values whilst filtering out those that don't, which, ultimately leads to a much more peaceful existence where you are in resonance with those closest to you and are able to understand better those who are not. Understanding then leads to a greater level of acceptance and forgiveness too. It's all a big beautiful flow of energy. You give your self permission to stop fighting, and rather, to be in sync with instead. A mismatch of values is why relationships of all kinds fail. Once you understand this you begin to realise that you can move away from those with differing values to you, and naturally bond with those who you match with. First Exercise: So how to find YOUR purpose? Well first you start with finding your core values. I am a visual learner, so this worked like a light bulb of understanding for me. If you are auditory learner, you could record the words being spoken slowly instead, listen back to the words spoken and choose those that feel right or just leap out to you. You just choose words that feel important to YOU. I will post the exercise below. heres what to do" 1. print off the list of words 2. Cut them up into individual words. 3. Spread them all randomly on a table top 4. Look at the words and choose those that resonate with you, you need 4 rows of 32 words initially 5. Next, you need to gradually remove those that you feel are less important, 6. Finally you will end up with one row of 8 words 7. Do the same again until your reach 5 words left. 8. Put them in order of importance to you 9. These are your top 5 core values These are your personal CORE VALUES. The things that mean the most to you personally. Now, when you have a decision to make, you make it based on your core values, no matter what outside influence tries to interfere or. You can ask yourself "does this decision fit with my core values or not?" Over time, when you practice this you get to feel whats right in any given situation because you are tuned in to what matters to YOU and your life path specifically. The decisions you make become the right ones every time. It really is an amazing skill once your get it. There is a lot of research from Gregg Braden and others at the Heart Math institute whereby if you touch your heart whilst making a decision the right answer will always prevail. Take courage to say no to things which do not fit your core being. The more you say no, the easier it becomes ;-) Second exercise: Here is a another quick and simple exercise for anyone who feels a bit lost: This question will usually lead to knowledge about your true purpose in this life. Allow your your inner self to guide you to the answer, don't force it or try to 'think' the answer, be guided to it via your own inner intuition. The first thing that pops into your head is usually an indication of the path you must take to feel and live your true purpose, and, to truly exit the matrix of control. Sit calmly and quietly and ask yourself the following question: If all my financial and personal issues are no longer a problem for me, what will I choose to do with my life? If you dont get an answer the first time its because you are not allowing your inner self to be heard and need to break through your mental blocks. Don't try to control the outcome or force it, let the answer flow into your mind. A good time to do this is when you are very relaxed such as just before you go to sleep when you are in a alpha wave state or relaxation. When you have the answer, along with the core values answers, you will begin to understand your true path and purpose. Start making decisions based purely on these two things and you will find the true flow for you life. The path through difficulties becomes much easier, because you believe in yourself and your worth.
  4. Yeah, that question had a profound effect on me. Learning what your core values are is also a very valuable lesson. I have an exercise for that which is very simple too. Worked like a magic bullet for me ( as a visual learner)
  5. The problem is not really whether they are awake or not, its fear. Fear of loss of their existing lifestyle, fear of death or pain, fear of authority..... Unless those who were previously thought of as awake start on their spiritual awakening, then they most likely won't remain awake. The conspiracy stuff is just a springboard into further learning. They can choose to take that leap or remain in the system. Letting go of the money system will be the hardest lesson of all. All those who think crypto will save them are misguided, its just another form of control training you for the universal credit digital currency thats coming. This is bourne out by the countries who are now promoting crypto for example. Money or rather, currency, is THE biggest control mechanism of all, and it is all actually worthless compliance. Its all just perceived value, non of it matters. Here is a quick and simple exercise for anyone who feels a bit lost: This question can often lead to knowledge about your true purpose in this life. Allow your your inner self to guide you to the answer, dont force it. The first thing that pops into your head is usually an indication of the path you must take to feel and live your true purpose and to truly exit the matrix of control. Sit calmly and quietly and ask yourself the following question: If all your financial and personal issues were no longer a problem for you, what would you do with your life?
  6. We really are heading into an era of everything being a hate speech crime and everything fun being illegal, just like 1984, with a touch of Soylent Green These entities are so deranged they will try to bring an end to anything that even remotely smacks of freedom and fun. Already we have seen the banning of travel; banning the simple pleasure of finding a green space to sit in and contemplate; the pleasure of a random chat with a stranger removed with 'social' distancing; psychological breakdowns due to mask mandates; enforced food changes via lockdowns and media promotion etc There was even a time where they tried to blame covid on animals and stop pet ownership. I wonder when the shock will come to all those politicians who have pushed this crap on humanity? How long before the penny drops for them and they realise they too have been had?
  7. Yes I tend to agree re 'knowing' and experience ( been through that myself a lot over the last 2 years)- certainly works for me. However, when you say that to others, most do not understand what you mean, so I really use 'beliefs' as a description to get conversation to the right place where you can then go deeper with those who are not quite as far on in this journey as others but may still be willing and open to learn more. I totally agree about hearing others experiences, because, from what Ive witnessed, it helps everyone learn more and move forward if they can explore these thoughts and experiences with others. One of the great things about this system breakdown is that we are becoming more free to talk about this stuff now as its is happening to more and more people who wake up. The more we talk and connect, the more we learn from each other, the more we piece it together, the quicker we move forward both alone and together. I had a fascinating discussion with a new friend the other day about the 'dark ones' and our combined experience of feeling or witnessing these entities. Amazing the similarities in that conversation. I ran into someone once who could see them. But most Ive chatted to feel them, they just dont know how to describe it usually. I look at it this way; every dark one we feel and are able to get rid of, is one less for us all to deal with and the easier it will become to truly win this game.
  8. oh for heavens sake. What stupidity. If stuff is 'fortified' then it aint natural its manufactured. I wasnt attempting to play any card, Im not the one with an agenda... Just stating facts, every vegan Ive ever met takes some kind of supplement, hence not really existing on vegan food but vegan food with additions which are manufactured. Your animal slaughter stuff is idiotic. Its perfectly easy to buy natural honey from those who keep bees locally without bees having their wings torn off. Its also possible to milk a goat without killing it or causing pain etc. I could go on, but why bother? If you know anything about the true reality of this existence, you should know that everything is sentient, including plants. So if you rip a carrot up by its roots you are still 'killing' it so you can eat it. How much pain do you think it feels? The arguments are nonsense that its all death and pain in meat land. Veganisim is bullshit, and I say that as someone with LOTS of vegan friends. ALL of whom have some health issue or other and all of whom are expecting everyone else to fit in with their idiotic control beliefs. Constantly trying to force their ideas on people for the tasteless crap they eat. "eat carcass" - honestly, you have been media brainwashed. Your language betrays you Im afraid. Like many who are rabid about veganism its based on emotional bullshit to get you to buy stuff with a 'Im precious' label, which, unless you grow it yourself, you have zero idea as to whether the organic etc claims are true. Or even any of the so called cruelty videos. Its all there to separate us from each other by use of virtue signalling and cruelty labels. "Meat eating- defacto satanism" seriously. What utter codswallop. No wonder you dont want to comment further, because by doing so you make yourself look utterly brainwashed. Always easier to close your eyes than face truth. Ive yet to meet a healthy vegan, and that after meeting over 100 this year alone. ( I ran an event where vegans were the dominant species LOL) Every single one moaned that nothing was good enough. Never met a bigger set of heath nazis who have control issues around food in all my life. I dont choose to dictate to you about what you eat, so why, as a vegan, should you think you have the right to do that to others? Nobody does. As a meat eater I couldn't care less what you eat, and I dont choose shove any agenda down your face like most vegans do to others. Get off your high horse already. Wake up and see what's really going on.
  9. 11 new cases, OMG. We are all gonna die.
  10. With all the madness going on right now, the best release possible is to laugh it off for the pure stupidity that it is. Which, also happens to be a great way to keep you sanity in place. The other day I was thinking, are we now heading to a place where something funny is going to be claimed as 'hate speech'? I remember in the 70's and 80's how comedians and sitcoms on TV programs were allowed to say anything so long as it was funny. And now, we are almost at the tipping point of the flip side of that coin where you wont be able to say anything without being deemed a hate crime terrorist. It also brought to mind the scene in 1984 film where they were all wearing grey and too scared to speak or even look at each other in the eye for fear of a connection and a slap from the overlords. Today I was musing about the trend for grey home/ office interiors and clothing which has been going on for some years now and I am left wondering again....are they training us to accept the greyness of life to come? Time to break out the Hawaiian shirts in rebellion!
  11. Well when you think about it, the totalitarian turds who run this planet, for now, are constantly giving us the answers of what we need to do or see to make humanity whole again. Above, as @Beaujangles said " Suggesting that you need to go back in time to correct what is wrong today"- that is exactly what we need to do, look at ancient history for the answers to what has been done to us before. Its all been tried many times over. Monuments with inscriptions document it, ancient texts document it, art documents it. The clues are all there to see, IF you want to look and survive to be a better person in a better place. However, one other key point is this: Humans have survived this every time it has been tried. We are survivors because we are more powerful. Another point they keep pushing which is true, is that we are ALL one humanity. The spin thats put on it is from a control point. You will all be robots or androgynous so we can control you. But the message underneath is correct. Its all about hiding the truth in plain sight. When you realise this, all else slots neatly into place. Change you belief system to the oneness of all, and life becomes much easier and with a purpose, instead if just a hamster wheel of the same stuff recycled.
  12. " or some other cause" .....gee I wonder what that could be? How can it not be known- as it was televised, they lost the ability to check video footage now then?
  13. Joe Rogan = now controlled opposition just like Alex Jones and all his crew. Using everyones fear to sell shit or tell half truths mixed with outright lies. ( And that includes freedom lovers. many of whom are still in the fear mode)
  14. there is also the FreedomCell Network which is growing worldwide. I am involved in that here with the founders. freedomcells.org You can make your own cell or join others
  15. So perhaps you need to examine why if you have spotted a pattern. Breaking patterns is what this whole journey is about. What happened in your life that makes summer bad for you, when generally speaking, thats when folks get a lift due to more light and heat. ( in Europe at least)
  16. oh yes, the vibe you give out REALLY matters. You literally get back what you put out. Ive heard so many people moan about mask wearing and other covid crap for example. I find if you approach with a smile and a happy disposition you tend to get it come back at you. from there is where we get conversation etc. the more you help people, or forgive them (even if they try to shaft you) the more comes your way that is good for you personally. It really is amazing how easy it is to connect if you just give the right vibe thats open in the beginning. Its really fascinating once you get it and put it into practice.
  17. Shadow work- or otherwise known as getting rid of the dark shit you have held on to, facing it and dealing with it so you can clear it out and move on. You dont need special diet for that, you need to understand how your brain/ heart connect and learn how to tune in to your higher self. The more you do that, in the beginning especially, the more you will be shown about what you really are and your powers. Its like being given a box full of awesome presents but you can only look at one at a time. Anyone who does this work on themselves is part of the change in humanity, whether or not this shows in your 'dna.' DNA is really just a product of the change from darkness in charge to YOU being in charge of your destiny. Push away the fear and just go with it. We have to learn to let go of our programming and past pain. The more you do that, the more you get changes within you. From what I have witnessed and felt myself, its about being open to receive love and to give it more readily. Its about being outward facing not inward looking. Everyone I have talked with who is on this path has had variations of similar themes. You are 'woken up' slowly ( often) by dreams or strange experiences you cant explain etc. Its only when you pay attention to them and start to follow the clues given that you are then shown more. The more you try to understand, the more you are given. Its like a giant puzzle all about you. The key thing is to be OPEN to the things that come, no matter how strange. As a rough guide to give you an idea my own journey has included; out of body experiences, deep intuition, messages in my head, dreams, visions and revelations about myself and who I am at my core, my purpose etc. The more my path is shown to me and the more I stay on it, the easier things become for me. Stuff I need just works out well. I have to put in effort, but I always get what I need at that moment. As Max Igan says " if you throw yourself to the wind, you can ride it' - stop thinking or forcing it, just BE it and FEEL it.
  18. huh. well that is odd. I wonder if this has to do with more mind control to con people into thinking CV19 was just a blip? Nothing to see here, move along.... Paradise isnt what it was cracked up to be ;-)
  19. Well thats a massive assumption that all animals for consumption are treated that way. Second, rearing your own animals allows control over how humane their life and death is. Its always the vegan excuse to not eat meat- this idea that all animals we eat are treated cruelly. Apart from the plain fact of, if we are all correct in what is to come, then where will any vegan get all those manufactured supplements from for their diet? I know a LOT of vegans and ALL of them take supplements to try add whats missing by not eating meat. Something to think about. Its simply not healthy. Also, the other vegan standpoint of not using by products of animals or bees etc does not generally involve any pain etc, so not eating eggs or honey or milk is ludicrous as an excuse for that. Along with that, its pretty obvious the dark ones have been training people to not eat meat for generations, and now they are pushing the bug eating agenda to try change peoples perceptions of what we will be allowed to eat. Finally, there are those who claim you cant meditate properly or become a higher being unless you stop eating meat. This is utter new age nonsense. Whether you can be spiritually awake or not has zero o do with what you eat.
  20. Probably a made up story anyway, as most news is, just to keep the narrative alive ( unlike the people who are jabbed...!)
  21. More subliminal programming to connect the two and the 'disease' that killed them. Keeping the fear levels high. " If a healthy sportsman can die of CV I need the jab so I dont" Fear of death is the biggest motivator of the dark ones.
  22. there wont be a need for jobs soon, unless you want to remain in the system and get paid bugger all
  23. Yes some of us do KNOW. Why? Because we are spiritually awake and have been SHOWN. There are many methods people have been awakened, but first you have to look beyond the petty labels and programs and get in touch with your true self. Then you will understand. However, you cant do that if you dont clear out your secrets or crap from the past, it is part of the process of renewal.
  24. The space will be outside of all the tech IMO. Thats my plan. Get off the system merry go round and live on the land near some other freedom folks with my own power / food/ water. Halfway there with that now.
  25. pretty soon nobody jabbed will live past 30- just like Brave New World. And those that even get close will be constantly ill. Unlikely to be any fit youth in the jabbed
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