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  1. The new types may not be fully human...just a thought. Or they could just be fully mind controlled, we know thats possible by now, plenty of evidence from black ops etc
  2. oh look, feminist virtue signalling via dolls to initiate the very young into how to kill people with bioweapons
  3. Haha! well that makes sense! Unfortunately here in Mexico there was never the 'exemption' thing, but we are not locked down either. They did play at it for 3 months last year tho and Im sure it will come here eventually. However, it is a country of abundant food, and a huge amount of space so there's that at least.
  4. some Spanish doctors posted on Bitchute a video which said they found graphene in rainwater recently.
  5. Umm..... actually it will harm you. Wearing a mask for 20 minutes lowers your blood oxygen by 30%, which will literally lower you IQ over time. Plus, you are breathing back in your own bacteria and carbon dioxide which can lead to bacterial pneumonia. And, just as an aside, if you happen to buy a mask with nano particles in it or graphene then you may as well have the jab. So yeah, masks are harmful. Id rather wear an exemption than a mask, at least you can breathe with an exemption sticker or whatever, though in practice I wear neither.
  6. Personally I think the whole crypto thing is leading down the path that the global cult want us on, ie; digital currency. I feel that crypto is a training ground getting people ready to accept digital currency, which literally has no value, like all currency. They paste a 'freedom from government' label on it and everyone believes it. Its just numbers on a screen used to control you. Although the idea of a 'freedom' type currency sounds great in theory, but, the thing I can never get passed is that we (the populace) dont own the internet and all digital currency is transacted that way including regular fiat for the most part. So, if the internet were taken down in a 'cyber attack' for any big length of time such a weeks or a few months, which has already been announced, then ALL currency you hold could be reset to zero to force people to use the new (Im assuming) world control currency. And then, you have folks who think gold or silver will save them, but at the point where you need to use it there would most likely be people starving due to lack of funds to buy food. Who would trade gold or silver for food? The main argument being ' there will always be a black economy'- but will there? Its a heck of an assumption. The only way out of the beast system is to not use any of it- food, money, shelter, energy.
  7. Crikey! This could so easily happen and there is a groundwork being prepared for it now. It is bizarre being inside a real life 1984 novel!
  8. Not all new 'wild' lifestyles need to be as rough as camping. Children tend to adapt to most scenarios but you have a point with the elderly. However, if we stop viewing them as a burden and more of an information source then maybe we could end up with proper communities. The community Im building will be one where we all have a cabin or other shelter but we all work together to use the land for the benefit of all. No need to go ful rustic. IMO
  9. The problem with all this celebrity worship is that it has created a kind of hero worship culture. This has bled through into the so called 'truth' movement. Everyday I see younger folks who have watched some videos from 'the dollar vigilante' about Mexico and now its some kind of utopia for them based on one con mans opinion who just wants to make money off them. These people are just as brainwashed as the folks people like to call sheeple. Ive spoken to huge numbers of people who are waiting for someone to save them, like we are in some kind of B rated movie.
  10. yeah its not the first time Ive come across a mental cognitive dissonance block, seen it in many other people too. I figure we may have limited time to still have contact with our families, especially as so many folks are leaving countries and relocating. There was a time when she avoided talking to me as thats her default 'argument' mode. The psychological programming is so deep.
  11. Nope, its not about info, I gave her info, she shut me down with the 'conspiracy theorist' slur and just refuses to believe anything I say. She was always a lover of rules.....me on the other hand....polar opposite to that. I keep in contact but Ive already let go of my family in my head and heart.
  12. I said to my sister last week that 45,000 Americans have died as a direct result of the jabs from just ONE of the eight jabs available. The real estimate is more than likely 4 times that. Her answer was 'so what, its less than have died of covid.' Yup. this is what we are up against, blind faith in the government system no matter how bad things get. She has now accepted that this is the 'new normal' -wearing masks, endless jabs and authority. However, she is clinging on to her middle class ideas that their money in the bank will see them through and that they have a non mortgaged house so all will be good. This is the main problem with the masses, they just want to be able to say 'Im alright jack and I dont care about anyone else' whilst virtue signalling their mask wearing, jabbed status. Indoctrinated, hypnotised sickness of the mind.
  13. Their medicine kills us more often than cures us anyway. Have not been near a doctor or hospital for treatment for 30 years. I watched a hospital kill my mother, and slowly kill my father. Im not a fan
  14. That alone should terrify most people, but it wont because the phone addiction is too strong. Cyber polygon will be the biggest problem when they unleash it. It will be a HUGE shock to most people. Another reason why crypto wont save anyone ass too.
  15. This is so true. So Im in Mexico amongst 'freedom' minded people and even they cant organise themselves to do anything. Many are just sitting around on a beach thinking all will be well if they can drink enough smoothies and do yoga/ meditate all day under some illusion the Mexico will remain free. The flip side of those are the 'anarchist' ( or 'ancaps' as they like to call themselves) folks who think that crypto/ Jeff Berwick is some kind of combined god that will allow their lives to continue as it is but without government getting rich off of Bitcoin or some other pretend currency, they spend their days arguing over which conspiracy is right or wrong and how to use their crypto in the world we have now. Then you have those with mental issues such as control freaks/ parental issues/ programmed by the system/ passive aggressives etc who are just running from one place to another looking for someone to solve all their problems or to blame others for not them not knowing what to do or how to make a decision on their own. In amongst all those are a small core group who really know what the way forward is, they see the dangers and are planning survival strategies together with like minded folk in small groups. The real challenge is finding THOSE people and gathering them.
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