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  1. You don't know fir a fact what Icke says is THE truth. Its simply his version based on his experiences. When so much is unfolding that has been hidden for centuries (in some cases) then the best we can do is remain flexible. Wasn't that long ago that folks thought science was right about everything. Blanket dogma of belief is what put us in this mess. I'm happy for you if you feel his work is the new bible for your belief system. Perhaps tell us of your personal experiences and why you think it is the only truth out there. At the moment all I see from your comments is the need to feel like you are right and others are wrong if they don't agree. It takes significant internal work to be rid of programing of that type, I know, because I've lived it. Most if our programming comes up to age 7 (science calls it imprinting). The vast majority carry stuff we aren't even aware of. Dr Espen explains it well here: https://youtu.be/wo7KM7ooju0?si=vKjBONRkK-qn0Oyh
  2. I saw something interesting today re the "simulation" idea which I'm still mulling over as it's something I've not heard anyone else talk about. So the basis was that we do live in a kind of simulation matrix but that we manifest it as a collective. If we think back to covid era, and the majority belief was that it was real and dangerous, and therefore we lived in a twilight world of outside influence until some of us got wise and began to speak out, thereby slowly changing the narrative from fear to hope. Definitely an interesting concept which actually makes sense when we look at how the quantum field works.
  3. Yes I would agree in that respect. Standing in your truth is admirable. I suppose what I was getting at is the expectation by those who are unable to grasp hold of their own fears and overcome them, that someone like Icke, or RFK Jr etc who do show these traits become automatic heroes. Having conquered a lot of crap in my life, courage is the one thing we can all tap into. Looking outside ourself for that can be a dangerous game, its how we end up with the control matrix of religion, politics and finance. We need to find it within not without.
  4. I don't disagree with you re saviours or the possible new age label as a hijack via govt etc. However, its blanket statements of "all x is bad" that bug me. Nothing is ever just one thing. For example, perhaps its similar to the conspiracy theories term, it makes it easier for some to fall into the whitewashing trap. Conspiracies have been proven to be truth multiple times in the last 3 years, I suspect the same will be true of the new age label. If they try so hard to make stuff look silly they are most likely hiding something, so I prefer to wait and see and remain open to either outcome. Another problem i have with labels like this is that it tends to stop exploration of that subject, which is of course what they want, and need, to remain in control.... I think we also need to remember that Icke is no hero either and I doubt he would want to be labeled thus. He is simply fulfilling his destiny and purpose, as many are.
  5. Is it just forums where folks chat that are going down or whole sites? I tried Maxs site and it worked fine, but I'm.not a forum member so didn't check that.
  6. Every time you comment you seem to want to slap a "new age" derogatory label on everything you have not experienced. What is it about the new age concept of love and peace that you find so abhorrent? Perhaps you may need to do some clearing work on your own belief system, rather than quite endlessly that Icke is right about everything. Icke writes from his own perspective and experiences. I have mine, you have yours. No one person is right about everything. We choose to come here, might as well enjoy it in peace and harmony, leave the judgement and negativity at the door.
  7. I have also been doing a similar thing for many years, trying to work less and less so that the system couldn't take it all, and that was before I was either awake or spiritually awake. I now live off grid, which is a challenge to be sure, but better than the work-eat-sleep mindset in a million ways. In your case I would just say to be careful of only online money, it could be removed in an instant if the grid does go down. Good to have back ups.
  8. Seriously, you may need to step away from the conspiracy mind set for a bit. The crest is clearly to do with growing hops and wheat for beer. The school has a heavy connection to that. The yellow and black things look like bees. The woman seems like a mermaid. As for the rest, you can see patterns everywhere if you choose. The British people don't have any authority to go shutting down private schools. Connecting everything to freemasonry is nuts. Having said that, I'm sure plenty of places are breeding grounds for paedophile behaviour. The Royals had their own supplier, his name was Jimmy Savile. They knighted him for his services.
  9. You are making some wild assumptions here and coming across as aggressive when someone disagrees with you, for no reason. Just because his character exudes calm does not make him wrong as you suggest. Perhaps he is father along his journey than you and has good reason to think that way. Quoting Icke as the number one source of all your knowledge means you need more sources perhaps? Icke has his point of view, I have mine. You,yours. No one person has all the answers. Acting like a bully or being derogatory doesn't change that. Mr H is correct, it is as simple as:- your focus is your belief. If you choose to believe AI will grab you and force you to comply, then it probably will because thats the belief you set up for yourself. All tools (such as AI or just a hammer) can be used for good or bad. We make that choice. Humanity can choose, individually and as a collective. Nothing is set in stone.
  10. That is actually a technique used in NLP re changing the picture colours etc. Its also a "manifestation" technique. What I've come to realise is that regardless of the description used (be it science or spiritual) it all leads to the same thing. Controlling our own destiny not having it controlled for us.
  11. Personally I feel the "path to enlightenment" is an individual one. There will be commonalities here and there, possibly to ensure that we can see another's viewpoint, but our journey is our own. By sharing our beliefs perhaps we can learn from each other rather than have the separatist mindset that has been pasted on to us by those who wish to control.
  12. Both Robert E Grant and Billy Carson have done amazing work about Egypt that us also very recent. The library that Dale mentioned is written on the walls, but not all can see it unless it is pointed out. Thoth built the pyramids. His name is inscribed in the King's chamber. The history of humanity's origins are written into the granite walls. Roberts recent work ties it in with sacred geometry, hidden codes, maths and symbology. Look for Robert Grant Code X on archive.org or Gaia.com Billy Carson, Emerald Tablets These guys have been working together with some others to unravel this puzzle. Fascinating work.
  13. Saying "its all about love" is pointless unless we live it and practice it. Otherwise it's just platitudes and words. What is the point of dumping all this diatribe here for you? This kind of stuff is personal to YOUR experience and YOUR JOURNEY and would better serve you as a private journal. Have you not considered that you see so much darkness because that is a reflection of stuff you may still carry perhaps? That we get what we focus on etc? It is possible to banish dark dreams etc. We allow the darkness in, its not an uncontrolled invader. When you stand in your truth, darkness does not and cannot follow.
  14. Just wondering, did it go down while the Anarcapulco conference was on? That would be interesting timing. I just checked and it works for me.
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