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  1. The thing which worked for me was intermittent fasting. It fits well with when I like to eat so is really easy. I simply moved my eating times. 7-8 am big breakfast, maybe a coffee around 11, 2-4 ish big lunch/ dinner. No more food except maybe fruit. It gives your body lots of time to digest, clean up and heal issues. Go to bed on empty stomach, really great for internal healing because between 10pm-3 am is max body repair time. Lost a ton of weight and didn't change my diet. Having said that I eat very little processed food. Its made to be addictive. Now I live off grid it fits in nicely with when my peak solar power is available too
  2. More about Atlantis in Freddie talk below. Not near UK though.
  3. This is an interesting chat about ancient origins with Freddie De Silva
  4. Bill Gates was not an entrepreneur for computing, he is simply a theif. He stole the operating system and labeled it as his own.
  5. Indeed...and what about those who spend endless hours researching this stuff...? What would they do with their life? All the arguing, arrogance and judgement of others becomes pointless. What we should be doing perhaps, is finding common ground not allowing the system to separate us further.
  6. Hopefully they will all double cross each other out of existence. I think we may be witnessing a mexican standoff type scenario
  7. They will never arrest one of their own, not unless they need a scapegoat. The cult of "celebrity " seems to be imploding in Hollywood right now with various high up gangsters blowing the whistle on each other. Finally their disgusting debauchery is being revealed and dealt with.
  8. Well science has proved that positivity, even the "fake it until you feel it" version changes your state of being and has positive effects on disease. If you do constantly look on the black side that mentality will erode your health long term. Many diseases start with an emotional trauma at the root.
  9. The reason the media love it so much is because its about disaster, which is their favourite fear button. Add to that it killed off a load of rich people who thought they had a charmed life and you have a perfect fear story. Cameron simply added a taboo (at the time) love story.
  10. I'm sorry, I meant the decision making process more specifically. Why should there be strings attached though? I think that's just our programming of allowing govt to do whatever they want without question or pushback. In the end We pay for govt, without us there is no govt. If we ever lived in a true democracy we could vote and make a difference to the blanket decisions of one size fits all forced on the public.
  11. I'm interested in why you stopped channelling MrH. From what I've seen of channelling it comes in many forms. Some are more aware during it than others.
  12. Can't believe anyone still watches that agenda pushing rubbish.
  13. He is right about it being the womans choice though. Govt should not be involved at all. I wonder, for example, if govt suddenly announced men had to be castrated or banned from having any sex by choice, whether they would have something to say about it.... Seems to be ok to interfere with women and their choices but nothing is ever directed at men. If you were suddenly put in a womans body and subsequently put in a difficult position re a pregnancy, then the govt said " you have no choice, the choice is ours to make for you regarding your life and the child's " how would you feel about it? Its easy to make judgements when its not you in that position.
  14. We are all empaths, its just a matter of degree and knowledge of how to tap in.
  15. Re the different types of freedom/ spirituality folks, yes I feel and have noticed the same. For me, I kind of keep a foot in all camps but choose my real friends very carefully. I don't think we are meant to resonate with everyone. We are at lots of different levels as a collective, I doubt we can all be the same unless some big event causes it, maybe. Those who can't or don't want to open up to the spiritual side are just as frustrating as those who can only see their own version of spirituality and are closed to other stuff. Finding the "fully" awake is challenging but I keep sharing my own journey and those folks turn up for me. Sometimes I meet folks and I know its my path to help them. Those turn into true friendships. I think we are on our own journey. Some are meant to come along with you, some not. I attend meetups of the whole mixed bag of types (including jabbed and asleep), just for socialising, and I do my best to gently open them up to new ideas if I can. Just plant a seed and see if it takes root later, no point battering anyone with facts because its too much for most to take on. Those in the info gathering stage are obsessed with knowledge and think everything is a conspiracy or linked to freemasons etc. That gets old quick when you've moved past it yourself. Ultimately we have to learn to let go and not keep contributing to the lunatic ideas spread on the Internet so we can move past fear and help others to do the same. Other than that, its not my purpose to try wake everyone up, I leave that to the likes of Icke et al.
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