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  1. Can anyone who has been in London recently confirm the rumours that Buckingham Palace has had the coat of arms removed from the gate. There have been stories of some boarded up windows, which I doubt. It all links back to the other story about the 'Real king Of England' trying to prove his claim. Im just curious to see how much is fake or real news.
  2. I saw this on Bitchute.com President of Ghana tells truth about the Rockerfeller mandate he received re COVID deliberate economy destruction and destruction of society/ food etc and to bring in Agenda 20 New World Order. Pay attention, he has a strong SA accent, but is clearly appalled. He stated November will probably be the next planned 'wave' release - which will last a planned 6+ months and bring in the vaccine Final scare tactic will be a "30% mortality rate" enabling a "I told you so" mentality to bring dissenters into line. They are planning the total take down of human society. https://www.bitchute.com/video/RaYsgpGVGblY/ THE ENTIRE ROCKEFELLER EUGENICS COVID-19 PLAN EXPOSED - PRESIDENT OF GHANA
  3. There was also an Express article before this video stating the same, but that back then there was not enough critical mass to do it. Here's a few more: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1288298/eu-news-italy-italexit-european-union-brexit-uk-coronavirus-latest https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-23/italy-s-newest-political-party-wants-to-pull-country-out-of-eu https://theduran.com/will-italy-be-the-next-country-to-leave-eu/
  4. Hi All Does anyone have an opinion about Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante. Im looking at relocating out of the UK and Mexico or S America are high on my list of potential places. Ive seen a fair bit of his stuff, tried to contact him as he suggests but nobody gets back to you. Im looking for some help with folks on the ground there who can advise re where to live etc ( as he says his members do.) Can anyone help or point me in the direction of some help? Is Dollar Vigilante worth it? I just cant get my head around Crypto, I also feel it could easily collapse if they decide to turn off the internet ( for example).... who knows how far this culling of humanity will go? many thanks
  5. Does anyone know how to find anti Govt communities globally? Im moving out of the UK soon and want to connect with like minded folks across different countries. Ive been looking bur not found a concise place yet to search for folks. People often recommend Meetup, but I found it to be a bit useless when I was in Spain and outside a regular anglisized area. I dont use Facebook or social media for obvious reasons. Thinking of using Telegram instead. Any suggestions?
  6. I wonder if Icke spotted it? Italians are really pissed at the EU, and rightly so. EU has treated them like Shit during the covid crap.There was a lady on a video I saw who said that Italy had 'been sold' to the US.
  7. I saw this today and wondered if it had been verified anywhere else, as I dont watch mainstream media. Italy has declared it wants to leave the EU. Start the video around 2 minutes in to skip the ads etc. Has D.I commented on this? Wonder if they will go before the rest of the political system collapses?? Now officially passed 50% mark of those who would vote to leave. Interesting times continue... https://www.sgtreport.com/2020/08/the-european-union-continues-to-crumble-as-italexit-officially-begins/
  8. something I made -feel free to share it far and wide ;-)
  9. That is a very negative viewpoint. Have you seen the series I spoke about? They are science based, not some wafty stuff such as you suggest. This is nothing to do with ideas around various religions. It's quantum science, based from peer reviewed documents. Many new scientists are now saying we live in a kind of virtual reality and that everything is connected. David Icke has been saying this for years, and here you are on the Icke forum.... The Matrix is just one representation of that idea. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Not everything is darkness.
  10. Those figures, even if wrong, I think are pretty close. Honestly, pay attention, and you'll see how disproportional it is. Just interesting.
  11. Just recently I watched two awesome series from Gaia. One was Joe Dispenza -Rewired which looks at humans from the standpoint of neurology, and, Gregg Braden-Missing Links Missing links also uses science to prove the fact that we live in a holographic matrix such as DI has been saying for years. It also knits together ancient civilisations, archaeology, science, evolution, big bang theory and much more. Truly, its an awesome series and explains a lot of stuff folks find it hard to wrap their head around, such as quantum science and quantum healing. Both are available free in bittorrent sites such as Concen for those who are financially challenged but want to expand their minds. :-)
  12. OK, so now Im going to ruin every film and series for you from now on, because, once you see this you can't un-see it. It's fun, but also kinda interesting too... So, I watched a video by a guy who was showing that he thought many Hollywood actors were cloned (compelling!) and whilst looking at the comparisons I noticed an extraordinary amount of folks with grey eyes. Now, just for context, the estimated number of folks with grey eyes worldwide is only 3%. I watched a film where more than 50% of the actors in it had grey eyes....hmmm....curious...and its by no means the only film or series Ive seen this in, especially in Sci-fi genre. A few months ago I also started to realise that a disproportionate number of actors are also left handed. Again, for context, only 10% of world population are supposed to be lefties. There are SOOOO many lefties in Hollywood its insane. Honestly, go check. Now I can't help seeing it everywhere, which makes me wonder again about the whole clone thing.
  13. Well, lets all remember that plenty of folks accuse D Icke of being dis-information too. Steven Greer did spend a lot of time showing credentials in his earlier videos. People who have been with him on contact in the desert seem to believe he is genuine. Personally, to me he tends to have the ring of truth about his info. If you want to watch any of the videos / films from Gaia etc you can do it via bittorent downloads for free. 1. download a browser with a VPN such as Epic 2. Download Utorrent ( or use the inbuilt one in Epic) or something like Webtorrent app 3. find the torrent file on torrent sites such as or Piratebay or click the links that are called 'magnet' links or have a magnet type symbol by them. A google search will also find them if you specify bittorrent in your search 4. A 'seed' is how many people have that file available to share- more seeds = faster downloads/ a 'leech' is how many are trying to download it You can download whole series this way assuming you can find someone who has the files and you have the space to store them. Bittorrent downloads files in 'bits' from many sources, hence not traceable.
  14. Did anyone see Years & Years series by Russell T Davies? AT the end they smashed down the control mast, kind of interesting eh? That whole show was about peoples conciousness being 'uploaded to the cloud' - just sayin....!
  15. Well nobody awakens overnight. If the Q movement helps to get people questioning the official narrative, then that can only be good, maybe it will waken them to their erroding freedoms wrapped up as a 'this is good for you' sweet'. I'm sure we all know that you have to get past the WTF paradigm shift in thinking first, regardless of the trigger. Part of the Q narrative is all about fighting the deep state not just party political infighting. But by not reading it how can anyone form an opinion- good or bad? Q is probably a mix of both. Who knows for sure- nobody has all the answers or all the facts, not even David Icke ;-)
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