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  1. So perhaps you need to examine why if you have spotted a pattern. Breaking patterns is what this whole journey is about. What happened in your life that makes summer bad for you, when generally speaking, thats when folks get a lift due to more light and heat. ( in Europe at least)
  2. oh yes, the vibe you give out REALLY matters. You literally get back what you put out. Ive heard so many people moan about mask wearing and other covid crap for example. I find if you approach with a smile and a happy disposition you tend to get it come back at you. from there is where we get conversation etc. the more you help people, or forgive them (even if they try to shaft you) the more comes your way that is good for you personally. It really is amazing how easy it is to connect if you just give the right vibe thats open in the beginning. Its really fascinating once you get it and put it into practice.
  3. Shadow work- or otherwise known as getting rid of the dark shit you have held on to, facing it and dealing with it so you can clear it out and move on. You dont need special diet for that, you need to understand how your brain/ heart connect and learn how to tune in to your higher self. The more you do that, in the beginning especially, the more you will be shown about what you really are and your powers. Its like being given a box full of awesome presents but you can only look at one at a time. Anyone who does this work on themselves is part of the change in humanity, whether or not this shows in your 'dna.' DNA is really just a product of the change from darkness in charge to YOU being in charge of your destiny. Push away the fear and just go with it. We have to learn to let go of our programming and past pain. The more you do that, the more you get changes within you. From what I have witnessed and felt myself, its about being open to receive love and to give it more readily. Its about being outward facing not inward looking. Everyone I have talked with who is on this path has had variations of similar themes. You are 'woken up' slowly ( often) by dreams or strange experiences you cant explain etc. Its only when you pay attention to them and start to follow the clues given that you are then shown more. The more you try to understand, the more you are given. Its like a giant puzzle all about you. The key thing is to be OPEN to the things that come, no matter how strange. As a rough guide to give you an idea my own journey has included; out of body experiences, deep intuition, messages in my head, dreams, visions and revelations about myself and who I am at my core, my purpose etc. The more my path is shown to me and the more I stay on it, the easier things become for me. Stuff I need just works out well. I have to put in effort, but I always get what I need at that moment. As Max Igan says " if you throw yourself to the wind, you can ride it' - stop thinking or forcing it, just BE it and FEEL it.
  4. huh. well that is odd. I wonder if this has to do with more mind control to con people into thinking CV19 was just a blip? Nothing to see here, move along.... Paradise isnt what it was cracked up to be ;-)
  5. Well thats a massive assumption that all animals for consumption are treated that way. Second, rearing your own animals allows control over how humane their life and death is. Its always the vegan excuse to not eat meat- this idea that all animals we eat are treated cruelly. Apart from the plain fact of, if we are all correct in what is to come, then where will any vegan get all those manufactured supplements from for their diet? I know a LOT of vegans and ALL of them take supplements to try add whats missing by not eating meat. Something to think about. Its simply not healthy. Also, the other vegan standpoint of not using by products of animals or bees etc does not generally involve any pain etc, so not eating eggs or honey or milk is ludicrous as an excuse for that. Along with that, its pretty obvious the dark ones have been training people to not eat meat for generations, and now they are pushing the bug eating agenda to try change peoples perceptions of what we will be allowed to eat. Finally, there are those who claim you cant meditate properly or become a higher being unless you stop eating meat. This is utter new age nonsense. Whether you can be spiritually awake or not has zero o do with what you eat.
  6. Probably a made up story anyway, as most news is, just to keep the narrative alive ( unlike the people who are jabbed...!)
  7. More subliminal programming to connect the two and the 'disease' that killed them. Keeping the fear levels high. " If a healthy sportsman can die of CV I need the jab so I dont" Fear of death is the biggest motivator of the dark ones.
  8. there wont be a need for jobs soon, unless you want to remain in the system and get paid bugger all
  9. Yes some of us do KNOW. Why? Because we are spiritually awake and have been SHOWN. There are many methods people have been awakened, but first you have to look beyond the petty labels and programs and get in touch with your true self. Then you will understand. However, you cant do that if you dont clear out your secrets or crap from the past, it is part of the process of renewal.
  10. The space will be outside of all the tech IMO. Thats my plan. Get off the system merry go round and live on the land near some other freedom folks with my own power / food/ water. Halfway there with that now.
  11. pretty soon nobody jabbed will live past 30- just like Brave New World. And those that even get close will be constantly ill. Unlikely to be any fit youth in the jabbed
  12. mid fifties age range again, way too many for coincidence
  13. good grief. Another thing I forgot to mention is that they are all sick at the same time which is interesting. From memory they were jabbed in Dec 2020
  14. cant see J&J shot on there specifically, but it has been withdrawn from sale. She had the jab right at the start when it first came on the market
  15. Thanks, yeah Ive seen reports of arm damage after the jab before in the freedom press. I remember her saying after she got the J&J that she 'felt funny with a screaming headache and pain in her arm straight after the jab' but she just 'took a paracetemol' and felt fine! So...take a poison, feel shit, but nothing bad about the jab. Not sure if she had boosters but I know she had the flu shot a couple of months before the J&J jab. I gave up asking about vax as it just leads to arguments and I dont need the negative energy.
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