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  1. any law can be twisted and used against you if the instigator wants to find a way....
  2. Its only a temporary hiatus. If they managed to change a law that quickly it won't be long before it is replaced with another. Its a game of carrot and stick. Let the people think they have won some ground before you hit them with something bigger. BTW, who do you think makes ivermectin or any other drug to control a non virus or %g symptoms? Either way, they make money- jabs or other drug poison, all the same. Do you not think there is a possibility that these drug therapies may not also become deliberately contaminated?.... or that they are testing stuff in a live scenario...?
  3. Ive been thinking this for a while, that most of the stuff people forward to get outraged about is staged. The photos in the press certainly are and we dont even know if the ones who are in the firing line are real, or just actors being beaten up. However, the fact remains that it spreads fear and anger, both of which play nicely to the agenda.
  4. Where is the queen and all her cronies anyway? Why are they not shouting "annus horribilis" ... from the palace window and reassuring the surfs all will be well if they just pay taxes and wear a mask?? Conspicuous by their absence.
  5. "Lockstep" as in the Nazi salute routine... interesting language
  6. plus, there are poisons in the masks...
  7. Well likeability is all part of the game...and most people are hypnotised and programmed and unable to use common sense anymore. Its why they are so easily controlled by media and 'celebrity' or news anchors etc. Ive seen MANY so called freedom people who just want someone to take all the pain away and vent their anger. Carlson is not genuine, he is part of the game, and yes I have watched him, but if you want to believe what the television tells you-have at it.
  8. BUT that is exactly how controlled opposition works.... Tell you some of the truth while still pushing the lie that covid is real. They do it to confuse everyone so we don't know the full truth. Confusion is a trick to stop us taking action for change and waking up. They also do it so it can be quoted as being 'out in the open' whilst still telling a lie. It's a con trick- slight of hand. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."- Vladimir Lenin
  9. Whilst the sentiment is nice, there are some anomalies with it... 5G devices- all devices not just 5G community banks are still banks, money IS the problem, trying to hang on to it will perpetuate the control ALL media forms have been infiltrated, there is no such thing as truly uncensored media, its all opinion Wearing a ribbon or band is wearing a label, just like we have been programmed to do. Choose individuality and free creative thought instead.
  10. So are you saying that those fighting for freedom should not use the tools available just because the so called cabal do it? They cross promote to get the message out to a wider audience. Power is in numbers. Someone who follows Icke may not be aware of Ward, but by cross promoting the message gets out, and that is what really matters.
  11. That image tells us many things, it's a veiled message IMO: 1. GT is very androgynous looking- "Androgyny may be expressed with regard to biological sex, gender identity, or gender expression. When androgyny refers to mixed biological sex characteristics in humans, it often refers to intersex people" 2. The root of the transhuman agenda is androgeny, this is more training for us to get used to the idea. The dripping is the slow move towards transhumanism which is now in progress via the jabs. 3. The liquid is black ( the elite favourite), most probably ferrous- magnetic- magnetism & 5g+ is the grid for the coming tech apocalypse 4. The single eye- elite symbolism of mind control 5. It could also represent the graphene oxide- also black and magnetic-which will be the root of transforming many humans into borgs. 6. The words: "The Time Is Now" - in other words- THEIR time to take over has been deemed by them as this moment. 7. The words: "The Power Of Hope" another reference to the 'hopium' of the human race waiting for a saviour, and how hope is a fundamental way we are controlled. Hope keeps us immobile and not reacting to our enslavement, slowly sleep walking to our own downfall. Hope is also about promises of something better at some undetermined time, how many of those have we heard over the last 2 years? Subliminal programming via images.
  12. Actually, 'germ theory' such as colds and flu spreading has never been proven. Its just a theory, like the theory of evolution/ relativity/ vaccines etc, and of course there are whole industries built up around them to make money off of your fear .... pharmaceuticals / detergents/ cleansing/ chemicals to kill 'germs' / doctors/ hospitals/ shower and bath products etc etc. A 'virus' as defined by 'science' ( if you believe in such things) cannot exist outside the human body and its is not something you can catch. All the medical jargon is a trap to keep you believing via confusion, misinformation and indoctrination into the system lies. One of the excuses that people use now to stay 'asleep' and not face the truth is that they 'trust the science' which is peddled by media. So here is a question or two: If you believe in science, then are you now picking and choosing which bits of 'science' to put your faith in, just like those who are choosing to stay asleep? Wouldn't it be better to let go of the science thought process and consider that you are greater than a few labels pasted onto you by the overlords? If you believe in germ theory, then you must also still believe in 'science' ( the new religion). If you believe in science then you must believe in 'doctors' who go to school to learn the system 'science' so they can hack a pice out of you or push some poison into you via a pill. We can only get sick by some kind of external poisoning, OR by our own belief patterns and the emotional distress which has been allowed to build up inside us from those beliefs. Only by dealing with the deep emotional traumas can we truly allow our own bodies to heal us and be free of the system programming.
  13. Biden will die on his specified scripted date, one that is astrologically important to the cabal, like they all do.
  14. You can also get a swede and hollow it out, add some garlic and honey and use it as a cough syrup. Make sure you get raw unheated honey, lots of supermarket honey is just sugar water.
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