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  1. Or maybe its one rule for the rich...dont the owners of Harrods have connections to the monarch still? I personally cant believe that any kind of law will 'save' humanity. Only way we save ourselves is to fully escape the system of control.
  2. Neils- that website is American. I cant read stuff thats on that site as its such a bad website. However, frankly I ignore most of the bullshit laws. I am extremely glad to have left the UK. All my friends tell me how bas it is now but they all have the apathy mindset. "I'll just keep my head down, everything will be OK" meanwhile the world goes to shit around them, brought on by their own inactivity and fear of authority.
  3. I agree that all law is a form of enslavement. We do not need laws to live a good life. Neils2: Ive never believed we are helpless or weak, unfortunately there are those who love to follow rules ( my sister is one) and who feel that governments are for our own best interest regardless of the damage they do to humanity.
  4. If this idea is so brilliant, why are you putting it on an open forum? Banks dont care about the loss of currency when all money only has value which is perceived. We allow them to tell us currency has value when it does not. They can crash the system any time they want, they can turn off the internet when they want, they can turn off the grid any time they want. So what if the market crashes, its in their agenda to do that after all. They want a market crash to bring in their new system, it has been said many times. By the way, taking all your money out of th
  5. So it seems that Common Law is all the rage to 'fight' the New World Order crap. Its taking off just like Q did. I believe this is just another hero on a white charger solution. I may be way off beam here, and I know this will upset some folks purely because it fits outside the current narrative, however, I feel it should be at least debated. We all want freedom, however that very mindset can work against us. After a year of lockdown nonsense, people who want freedom are getting desperate to jump on any band waggon just to feel like we are doing something to rail against the system
  6. Well rather than just be patronising then perhaps you could show me what that pertains to. I dont pretend to know every symbol on the planet because Im not that arrogant. We are all learning in case you'd forgotten that. BTW I never said I found it offensive, just pointing out how many ways we are controlled, but apparently attacking people is the way to go.
  7. You misunderstand me. Thats exactly the point. The elites ARE controlling us with words, imagery, and symbols etc, its ALL mind control. Words have a frequency vibration. If they are used in a negative sense those using them help the agenda. Just as forwarding all the bollox lies in the press, or arguing over anything. Its all mind control to keep our own frequencies low. Knowing the various forms of manipulation make us wiser and less controllable, it gives us choice. So do me a favour, and keep your anger in check, think things through before you get angry. Negative emotions are also a
  8. Patriot: from the word PATER, as in Father, as in FATHERLAND. ....Remind you of anything? Just a little more male worship in the words. Can you see why it has been co-opted for politics....? Patriotism used to be a term of derision. People ought to understand the words they use not just fling them around like confetti. Lets take the recent psy op Q nonsense, all about patriarchy. ( another word formed from PATER, by the way) Are you getting it yet? The clues are there if you wanna see 'em.
  9. The reason that people are not getting ready is simple.....they do not see the danger. Those of us who do see the danger are trying to prepare for the coming spiritual battle. Many will be culled in the new AI takeover unless we join together and stop fighting for the programmed 'beliefs' we hold.
  10. if you believe your god will come and save you, what are you on the David Icke forum for? Surely you know by now that WE are all one consciousness, WE are all part of the oneness, there is no single god/ ruler. That is a myth put out to control humanity and to separate us into smaller and smaller groups so that we can be conquered and taken over by AI. The various predictions are there to carry on the myth, a bit like the Q psy-op. Stop pushing your god rubbish. There is NO GOD of any description. WE are the gods because we are all part of the whole ( well those that are awake and spiritual an
  11. Its time to stop the infighting and accusations about who is right or wrong, it plays right into the hands of the black death who rule over us. You have all missed the point. This movement is about FREEDOM. People are fighting for OUR FREEDOM. To get freedom we must have people who do not live in fear and who are capable of seeking the truth. If you call it 'truthers' you are misrepresenting the meaning behind it all. Why would you feel anger towards people who are trying to free you. Those who seek to control us need our fear and negativity for their system to work. Go watch 1984 or
  12. There is so much muddled thinking around what is or is not a Virus, which causes a LOT of arguments, so I thought I would state the facts from one of the worlds biggest experts DR ROBERT YOUNG in : Definition of a virus, for those who still dont get it, is: liquid waste created by your own body. 1. You CANNOT catch a virus. 2. The true meaning of the word VIRUS = POISON. ( go look up the original word if you don't believe me.) 3. Therefore in viral vaccine theory whereby; 'a small amount of a virus is injected into a person to help the body create antibodies and stre
  13. Hi all, so I just came across this on the Telegram UK group. This initiative is to plan a reopening on 30th January like the Italian restaurant owners did. Just join telegram, and your area appropriate group to be part of it. Sorry if the links do not show- just copy and paste into your browser. Each link is a specific area organsing themselves via Telegram. BUSINESS OWNERS, OPEN YOUR BUSINESS! WE MUST UNITE AND STAND TOGETHER FOR OUR FREEDOM. OUR FELLOW ITALIANS DID IT EN MASSE WITH 50,000 OF THEM COMING TOGETHER TO OPEN AT THE SAME TIME. IF THEY CAN DO IT, SO CAN
  14. Dont worry, Q will come riding in on a white charger to save you....... :-0 Oh wait.... The Saviour has hopped it to Mar A Largo to play a bit of golf and abuse a few more minors. Ah well.
  15. youtube is essentially AI dressed up as a company.
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