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  1. If they watch a lot of TV it could also be predictive programming, or even chem trails. A big part of this whole takeover will be to get people angry because anger literally feeds them. There have been lots of studies about frequencies causing anger. One of the US govt psy ops was all about voice to skull microwave tech that they can use to issue demands straight to single or groups of people. Think the BLM movement and their extreme reactions. Turn off media and try to detox from phones/ wi-fi etc. One more thing- do you have a smart meter in any of those properties you mention? Smart me
  2. Ive seen it here in Mexico too. Folks are so used to it now they even have a suntan around the mask!! I told one old bloke after he had said he had pneumonia as a child that masks cause bacterial pneumonia and he ripped that thing off so damn fast, beautiful to see ....!
  3. Well the whole point of this is to train people to react how they want. There are examples of places in the States like Florida, where the mask idiocy has been lifted and yet people, still wear them. It's training, just like Pavlovs Dog experiment, just human version.
  4. Yep, anger feeds the machine that rules us.
  5. yep, one of the many 'test' pandemics over the years
  6. You can also grow lots of food in limited space too- in pots or vertically up walls/ balconies, inside near windows that face sun etc
  7. The more this whole thing goes on the more it feels like we live in a Westworld/ Matrix combo
  8. Ha ha! thats awesome, is there a better quality one?
  9. So I saw this on a property forum today. Apart from being utterly ludicrous, I feel this is the beginning of the land grab. First they make it near impossible to make a living from rental property, then they impose the most ridiculous rules, bit by bit. Now we have 'breathing spaces' as part of the reason someone can decide not to pay the rent, leaving the landlord no option but to try and evict, which racks up massive debt and charges. IF they manage to get possession of the property via the legal route ( much more difficult now) or they will seek to try and sell, assuming there is a market t
  10. yeees, and where do you think stuff like that begins? It begins with one person calling someone a name, just like joining in the 'karen' crap. Its just programming of prejudice in its early stages. Giving you a feeling of superiority is what the agenda wants, its negative emotion used against us. Psy op.
  11. ooo look! what a surprise, data being leaked by NHS- AGAIN! And they want everyone to submit their entire DNA profile to plunder it with no blow back
  12. Well its like anything- its how you use it that matters. If we want to come together we should be more careful of language. Language matters way more than most think it does. Words have power, else why do you think so many are so easily hypnotised by media....? You can laugh at them without derogatory language, which generally leads to anger. Only a suggestion of course :-)
  13. so where is the follow up about what's in it then?
  14. Riiiight! but you just called someone a "karen"....so....that is the same as sheeple or any other term. If you dont understand what I mean about separation then you have a deep dive learning curve ahead. All these terms are about putting people in boxes with labels, they separate us from each other, just how we have been programmed to do. There is nothing you can do except laugh and move on, but using name calling of any type is just negative vibes which effect everyone. If you dont know, we are beings of frequency and we are all physically / spiritually connected, like bees in a hive. We have
  15. *sigh* name calling is no antidote for anything. Appearance has nothing to do with anything. Anger is pointless. Its ALL about separation in ALL forms including language. Don't you het that yet? Your reaction plays right to the agenda.
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