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  1. I believe there is always a reason why they use the names that they do for anything. Everything has meaning to these freaks
  2. slow sterilisation others have said, followed by death. In Africa they have already said that the previous vaccines have sterilised large parts of the population. You missed the point that it will change your DNA This is what is in it:( along with lots of poisons such as aluminium, chromium, flouride etc CHAd 0x1 vaccine - tested on monkeys recombinant= DNA molecules formed by cloning from multiple sources- originating from ANY species- ie; not found in nature RNA sequencing from human MRC-5 = from lung tissue of aborted white male foetus of 14 week old MR
  3. 2020-12-03 11.00.14.mp4 2020-12-03 11.00.14.mp4
  4. A little reminder of what Bob Marley died for- Playing For Change ( world musicians sing Get Up Stand Up)
  5. Hmm well you know Rotheschild has been selling up his estates right for at least the last 5 years.....so...
  6. The biggest threat to world peace is people not waking up to the fact that we are ALL connected, we are not separate nations, peoples, genders, countries, or any other label tied on to us by indoctrination. The Only way forward is to stop playing the cabal's games of separation in all things-which keeps us fighting and believing black is white and visa versa, or good and bad, or that someone who will come and save us. Humans have immense power, if they would just wake up to their spirituality and realise where the power lies, and its not with the cabal or any other nut job despot p
  7. I flew KLM the whole way, though I think the MX part was operated by Air Mex via KLM if that makes sense! I'll PM you re your son -where I am etc. Happy to meet him if he is nearby I dont speak Spanish, but its not difficult to get by, Mexicans want to help and are very friendly. There are many expats to connect to lots have dual language.
  8. hmm well who do you think owns all the big delivery firms and supermarkets? They are pushing people down the road of not shopping local, hence killing small business an ultimately only leaving big corporates to own everything...Think a bit more before you fall into this trap. Use local as much as possible, or lose it for good.
  9. Heh! how true. everyone is sick now, no one is healthy anymore. People are effing stupid to believe in this crap just so they can have a job, thats all I will say.
  10. Yep, its everything that will be affected. They want proprty to collapse as we wont be allowed to own anything. There has been a land and property grab by Govt going on for years in UK, most people just cant or refuse to see it
  11. Welcome to connect with me there if you want to chat more directly. Lots of folks here will try to help others heading out of they can. By sharing our experiences it keeps us all safe and helps with the fear factor.
  12. Yeah the Dutch are awesome, but they are rule followers for sure. however, its really all about not giving a damn and just acting normal mostly. You get away with a lot by being nice!
  13. There is an Aussie lady having same issue trying to get out of Oz with two cats as airlines are shutting down or deleting flights. Why do you need to go via UK first?
  14. Thanks for all the well wishes! There was no PCR testing when I left, or in Norway or AMS. Things may be different now though re PCR- I left two week s ago. In MX there are freedom cells actively encouraging folks of a like mind to gather together. Many are looking at off grid etc. There are certain places where people are gathering. Many come down from the States or Canada ( of they can get out- Canada is particularly bad for locking people in the country) But there are also lots from other EU countries. Ive met Aussies, Latvian, English, American, and Mexcicans in just
  15. The folks in Hong Kong have really figured out how to do a protest that works and is very organised, via flash mob type of action. Worth watching this one. Interesting to see how different cultures react
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