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  1. If you need their souls trapped as AI in your crazy game, maybe thats why. Total megalomaniac control is the end game,I suspect they want to integrate as many as possible before the next apocalyptic reset. It's all bonkers when you try to use logic to explain it!
  2. In case you haven't seen it the cabal put out another video of preparation for the next big pandemic which will be here in early 2025. According to that video it will be much more severe than previous 2020 planned version. They are saying many will suffer brain death (zombie style) and huge numbers will be permanently disabled in other ways. Think it was a WEF video. I suspect they will continuously wind up the fear for the next 18 months or so. Interestingly, many are predicting major solar activity to cause devastation between now and 2025 too.
  3. Well levels of volcanic and solar activity have been changing for a long time. If you follow any of Jason at Archaix, or Ben at Suspicious observers channels you can find a lot of info on just this subject. Jason comes at it from a standpoint of provable ancient texts and thousands of hours of crunched data, Ben from a scientific standpoint around sun spots, volcanoes, and weather patterns and other such data. Yet, they both come to the same conclusions. The earth will experience a major catastrophic event, possibly 2 of them. The solar stuff has the power to knock out all communication and electricity. He thinks we are due one this year or next. Ben also says that 2040 is the year of the real reset- the one which an apocalypse will happen, as does Jason. Jason noted many repeat cycles over thousands of years, his work is really fascinating. On a personal note, before I knew about either of these two chaps during my waking up and spiritual waking I was shown 2040 as a notable time ( didnt know why then but since came to be shown that this is when many will leave the planet). I have also had dreams of the darkening of the moon and blood red sun such as is in Jasons work. I think I posted one of his timelines in a separate thread. If people paid more attention to this subject rather than arguing over what stupid shit the cabal pull on a daily basis, they may get to see whats really going on right under their noses. As I said in the other thread, I feel the reason they are pushing so hard to get folks into the mainframe is to capture as many souls as possible before the world burns ( again!)
  4. Pfiser is only one out of at least 8 companies involved in the jabs. They were moaning about their 50 something percent drop in profits since covid jabs and pill in the press this week. O doubt they care about one royal.
  5. Well for a start I live off grid, I'm actively trying to wake people up in my local (foreign) community and beyond. I share, with all my new spiritually awake friends, our experiences so we can help people recover from the matrix programming and learn to understand our true worth and power. I'm not sitting on a computer every day whining whilst hoping it will miraculously resolve itself like most. I dont even have internet that often. You are mistaken, I'm not trying to tell people what to think, simply pointing the way to a better understanding of self whilst living the path and purpose I've been shown is mine. I'm not waiting or looking for a hero and I keep on trying to help, regardless of how much most still.like to use derision as a weapon. Unfortunately most people dont want real truth. They want to argue over a version they find palatable. One that fits their current world view. The vast majority are simply stuck in anger and fear and dont even know it or how to get out of it. New age stuff or that woman you mentioned have nothing to do with my own journey, though Ive met plenty of those, and they are just as bad as the angry types. They all live on hopium. We are walking in two worlds right now, a collapsing one and one to come and it wont be an easy road.
  6. There seems to be a lot of pent up desperation from the cabal for this to work in their favour. If those predictions from researchers about another magnetic pole shift come true around 2040, then this is a race to the finish. The goal is to get as many souls into the tech AI mainframe via jabs etc before the big worldwide disasters hit.
  7. Based on what proof are all those comments? And why does it matter to anyone?
  8. Good grief. People still arguing over this bullshit. You've all been had by a psy-op. How much anger and derision has been displayed here in the 400 + pages? Fact is, nobody knows. Its ALL supposition based on your own belief system. Non of it is any kind of proof. Anyone can make a video or doctor an image to present as proof. This is a fine example of how humanity is controlled and kept in low vibration states. Such as anger, fear, hate etc. Instead of arguing or getting emotional over pointless crap, why not try exiting the system of your oppressors? Make an actual difference to humanity.
  9. Indoctrination is everywhere. Constantly shaping how we should think and separating humans into them and us. So called freedom people fall for this gig all the time.
  10. The reason is the same as always, to keep fear high. They want you in fear of everything. Fear is control 101. Have you not read 1984?
  11. Doesnt make me wonder at all. Some people have big feet, some small, so what? Just because someone has big feet doesnt make them a man a poodle, or a giant, it's a ridiculous assumption as is this whole thread.
  12. Doesnt make her a man. Many from black ancestry have big feet. And there no proof re the baby bump comment.
  13. The terms 'safe and effective' are meaningless unless quantified by something like "against x virus" or whatever. Most of the problem is that people dont read or listen to the language being used with their brain switched on. Or rather the avoidance of using proper language creates enough ambiguity for people to make assumptions of truth about those statements.
  14. Would have been great apart from the music and screeching
  15. There are those who have escaped that path too you know. I watched s video last week of a lady who was sold as a child into that. After escaping she is now into helping people recover from all kinds of trauma. While in that zone she taught herself to disconnect from her physical body. Her initial choice may have been out of her control but her future path was hers to create.
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