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  1. It would be a problem if people were still dependent on the state and corporations. The solution is being as independent as possible, so problems like these do not arise. Being independent can only have positive effects, it is the solution to what we are facing. Growing your own food, sharing with others, protect yourself and others, etc.. No more dependency, means freedom and responsibility for yourself!
  2. We'll have to creative with the forms resistances!!! haha. Make it an art, the art of resistance! :) I agree, one person can make a difference, but to make a change, you need groups. And with all that is heading our way, we need groups. I can't imagine myself, casually waking up people, while they are leading not far away anymore to the slaughterhouse. Depopulation is so close, that the only way to fight it, is to resist, and find a way to survive. We can't sit around and wake up people anymore. Action we will have to take, and we will. After what I see happening with this lockdown, it's certainly not far anymore!
  3. Thank you both for the replies, very interesting what both of you are saying! i'd feel so bad if I would have agreed to crossing the street. Almost like I would've sold my soul to them. Bweh. So i'm also glad i resisted, and I'm glad you did too. The more people resist, the more we take our power back. It's the way to go. I also had to sit 6 hours doing nothing in that cell. Can't imagine spending days there, oof... Problem now is that they have everything on lockdown, I do agree to truthseeker27, in that it is a bit selfish. But I think I have to be somehow. If people do not decide to take those 5G towers down, I have no intention whatsoever, to stay here. Either we do something here, or i'm out, somewhere else where they are bringing those towers down. And then maybe where they are resisting, I can resist with them. It has to be a group effort. If I go and try to take that tower down myself, I'm going to be arrested. so no use trying that, and no use staying here. Maybe it shouldn't be completely off grid. Maybe take back a city, make it anarchy, like they did in mexico. Cheràn the village or city is called. Kicked out all politicians, police, and started making their own rules and protect themselves instead of having to depend on state. The thing with protests though, going on streets holding signs, is just playing into their game. Protest i'd see, would have to be a lifestyle, of many people, to be able to do something. Being independent of state and corporations is the best protest i think. So maybe it won't be completely off grid. But I do hope people will come together!!
  4. Hello :) I felt like making a thread here on the David Icke forum. I do visit sometimes, and find interesting views here, and I do agree largely to David Icke. I have found something where I do not agree with David, after 8 years!! I do still agree with him, but in an another view, I could disagree. So i'm excited for the new information coming in! The reason for making this thread, is asking people what they are planning to do in this situation. For me, to put this into perspective, we are in the beginning of medical martial law, where we are heading to total control. If I could say what I think would happen, if we did nothing is: - A lot of very absurd draconian laws, that must be obeyed, for the "good" for others. - Disobey = "jail" or Isolation cell. Fines don't matter anymore. - Tracking 24/7, smartphones, televisions, nantotech in vaccines, quantum dot patches, etc.. - Mandatory vaccines - Knocking on your door to force "sick" people to come with them to concentration camps or hospitals. - 5G & vaccine killing huge amounts of people - "New education" meaning the new brainwash - Travel = killing yourself - Eating = killing yourself - You don't agree? You need education. - etc.. This and more is coming our way. My solution, is that as soon as they announce testing and vaccine, i'm leaving the city. I want to meet up with people, because isolating yourself is making yourself an easy target. The only thing i see what we can do, is fight back. No more sitting around and watching what is going on. No resistance = takeover by NWO I currently live in Belgium, and I'm planning to leave ASAP. 5G towers are being erected, I feel them being very oppressive, sleep is not restful anymore, lot's of headaches, very busy mind, breathing air is difficult and always "warm" so no fresh air. Vaccines and testing is coming but I don't know when, so i'm watching. Lot's of absurd laws are coming here and in general, it doesn't look pretty!!! I've had the experience with being "jailed" or had to sit in an isolation cell in the police dept because I did not want to cross the street. People here started to obey the rule of having to walk on one side of the street. And if you want to go back, you have to cross the street. I found this rule absurd and decided on the first day, to not obey on this rule. The first day they implemented this rule, I went walking on the "wrong" side. As I was walking, minding my own bussiness, a policeman points at me and says I have to cross the street. I stay friendly and say no. So I kept walking. He comes running behind me and orders me to cross the street. I again, said no, I find this rule absurd. Suddenly, a second policeman comes, and throws me to the wall. They both start arresting me, but first give me the choice to either cross the street, or come with them for jailtime. I said, i'm not going to cross the street. So they took me with them. I had to sit in an isolation cell for 6 hours, for not wanting to cross the street. This, is the insanity coming at us. People, who are planning to stay in cities, either have a huge amount of awakened people planning to resist, or are planning to obey the government to the slaughterhouse. I have no option, but to leave and find like minded people. If I stay, I'm a goner. So I want to be part of an active resistance. Planting my own food, living of the grid together with others, being away from this altogether. I don't know how yet, but action has to be taken. So peeps, What are you planning? p.s. They do manipulate posts I think, just like they are attacking and manipulating Davidicke.com. So quesion as much as you can!
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