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  1. It would be a problem if people were still dependent on the state and corporations. The solution is being as independent as possible, so problems like these do not arise. Being independent can only have positive effects, it is the solution to what we are facing. Growing your own food, sharing with others, protect yourself and others, etc.. No more dependency, means freedom and responsibility for yourself!
  2. We'll have to creative with the forms resistances!!! haha. Make it an art, the art of resistance! :) I agree, one person can make a difference, but to make a change, you need groups. And with all that is heading our way, we need groups. I can't imagine myself, casually waking up people, while they are leading not far away anymore to the slaughterhouse. Depopulation is so close, that the only way to fight it, is to resist, and find a way to survive. We can't sit around and wake up people anymore. Action we will have to take, and we will. After what I see
  3. Thank you both for the replies, very interesting what both of you are saying! i'd feel so bad if I would have agreed to crossing the street. Almost like I would've sold my soul to them. Bweh. So i'm also glad i resisted, and I'm glad you did too. The more people resist, the more we take our power back. It's the way to go. I also had to sit 6 hours doing nothing in that cell. Can't imagine spending days there, oof... Problem now is that they have everything on lockdown, I do agree to truthseeker27, in that it is a bit selfish. But I think I have to be somehow. If people do
  4. Hello :) I felt like making a thread here on the David Icke forum. I do visit sometimes, and find interesting views here, and I do agree largely to David Icke. I have found something where I do not agree with David, after 8 years!! I do still agree with him, but in an another view, I could disagree. So i'm excited for the new information coming in! The reason for making this thread, is asking people what they are planning to do in this situation. For me, to put this into perspective, we are in the beginning of medical martial law, where we are heading to total co
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