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  1. I don't know what to trust or believe anymore, if you are really who you are presenting, please message me your pic so I can verify
  2. Aha! After hours of countless research sources indicate that Chica is in fact David Icke, or should I say... Richard Branson!?!
  3. You would think he'd at least want to participate in his own forum
  4. The greatest reason to be sceptical of DI's work may ironically be the fact that he's alive
  5. Perhaps link a random YouTube video that syncronistically fits all the pieces together
  6. Yes, lol, you can't even watch the interview on his site without signing up for a newsletter, then every time you watch a video on YouTube you will get an ad with him saying, "Hey, you, you've been stalking me all over the internet, why don't you sign up for my course to grow your own business", when the only reason I went to his site is to hear what Mr Icke had to say, part of which is that we are going into a big brother economy and private small businesses are in trouble
  7. Which recent book do you recommend to connect these dots?
  8. I read his books in the 2000's. Which recent book do you recommend I read to connect these dots? I would like to know exactly where organized crime fits within this heirarchy. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRslMViUs0lrG6oUiaaFH5w
  9. First it was reptilian aliens orchestrating a global conspiracy predominantly from London. Now it's a sabbatian cult operating out of Israel. Then there's the extra dimensional entities called the Archons and talk of Saturn and the moon. Mr. Icke makes such transitions without actually connecting the dots and demonstrates the same lack of critical thinking he accuses the mainstream of. Explain
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