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  1. Precisely true (liked but not showing due to system limits). These mega-mengeles have preprepared the entire plan from A to Z, leaving no escape-route for any country. Imo, only a West-wide mass-resistance could make a difference, a push back starting from grass-root actions in one's local community, enlightening one's own children and family, sharing DI videos, articles, interviews with decent experts, etc. (one or two countries alone can't win the Covid-war - the WHO-dictators would cut off any dissenting country from trade, travel, etc)
  2. I fully agree to the extent of 40%, but no worries, the time of semantics (and of syntax) is over.
  3. Good point. Just thought of something similar. I will wear one of these over a face mask:
  4. I will buy one of these and will be wearing one over a face-mask.
  5. We need to save shops, cash, local economy mate. If we rely on online shopping, we give away the remnants of competition since Gates and co own the internet. Besides, we need to stay united. Young and middle aged groups should be spared from the mask-torture too.
  6. Sorry to hear that. But if the owners of this platform don't believe it is worth keeping a platform alive for those who support their work and cause, then we do have to move on and find another place where our effort is appreciated. That's what David himself says in many interviews: "No excuses and no playing the victim. Move on."
  7. Ch. Miller


    Lol! Let's send the link to Soros, Gates, Fauci and his gang
  8. More and more of us are aware that many of you reside in the West with an anti-democracy and anti-white agenda, which has been funded by Soros et al. It is not your God giving you this planet - it is your enemy letting you occupy the West temporarily, but be aware, after you completed the task of getting rid of us, the NWO-cult shall get rid of you too. Such is the main strategy of all fascist dictatorships and of all empires. Divide et impera. We are not your enemies - they are. So consider taking the side of your Western hosts who received you with good will, friendliness and an open heart. Join our fight against the NWO-elites' alarming anti-white agenda and against the even more alarming Covid-war on us. Join our fight to restore freedom and democracy in the Western world.
  9. The fascist world-dictator spoke again (he lies only when his lips move): https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-cases-deaths-who-infection-rate-global-latest-a9616366.html
  10. The face masks are just the beginning. Just wait, these guys have far worse plans stored for us. *Disclaimer: No it is not a racial war, not at all.
  11. That's the leaflet I will distribute to everyone who complies: You have 3 options: 1) If you are not sick but you think you as a healthy individual carry a lethal virus, then stay at home and seek mental help, since you don't belong to a sane society. 2) If you are sick, then stay at home. 3) If neither 1 or 2 applies, you can go anywhere without a mask.
  12. That's where we meet now: https://thecrowhouse.community/viewtopic.php?p=3073#p3073
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