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  1. The outcome of breathtaking brainwashing. So, so many sheep......they're suffocating me.
  2. READ: “Sorry, we’re a democracy, and that means no whites allowed.” Given that Zelensky has now officially drafted every male aged 18 to 60, no male between those ages who is killed can be counted as a civilian casualty. They’re all part of a state militia: There's this American guy based in Kiev, Gonzalo Lira, who's been doing some really interesting livestreams - was saying some stuff like Zel basically opened the prisons and has been giving out weapons like candy and people are frightened to go to the shops, not because of "Russian bombs," but because there's hordes of armed criminals running around... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPxpPT4b4vnDlX0sBGz3r4Q https://www.youtube.com/c/CoachRedPill If they literally said “women and children can’t leave either,” it would look too obvious. But they seem to be doing/trying to do everything they can to prevent anyone from leaving the country, and even from getting out of the cities to safer rural areas or smaller villages that are less likely to see fighting. The whole point is to maximize casualties IMO - and, as Lenin would say - the TERROR - - like that famous speech where he said he'd be willing to eliminate 90% of the Russians leaving only 10% of [the] "white negros" Putin says he’ll cease all military action IMMEDIATELY if the terms are met. 07/03 Russia can halt offensive right away if Kiev agrees to Moscow’s terms – Kremlin Kremlin spokesman says Russia wants Ukraine’s neutrality, recognition of Crimea, and independence for Donbass republics RT: 07/03 Ukraine calls Russia’s evacuation proposal ‘absurd’ RT: So much blood....truly hearts my heart, given I know the Peoples truly horrific history under literal Satanic regimes, - just as much of the thought of all the children being poisoned with injections. On a final note; all the Western media pretending the "West" (or Ukraine) could even win this war? Come on man, apart from the Mongols and the Satanic Bolsheviks, what other country has ever won a war against the Russian Bear? (*in The Borderlands/not Japan) Didn't go so well for Napoleon and he drafted nearly all of Europe, didn't go so well for Hitler and say what you will, but he had a pretty awesome army. Thought this was interesting... and just for a laugh not so "illegal" anymore..... but it'll cost ya $1000 - and its a complete BYO lol - Brilliant post mate.
  3. Not for one moment suggesting he was 'suicided'
  4. Thank fuck for that....I'm two stone overweight.
  5. Two Thai Masage girls caught on CCTV leaving his place 2 hours before he was found dead......Who did he think he was.....John Entwistle?
  6. These two pictures have nearly brought my lunch straight back up.
  7. Can't help but think that the very same people buying this fake war are the same twats that put on gimp muzzles and rolled their sleeves up for the satan juice.
  8. Cheeers Orange.....I remember this well. It was the year my wife and I married, we were both 20. Women in those days were so much more beautiful than they are today in my opinion. No duck lips, tattoos or piercings.....They also behaved like ladies. "Shut up you stupid old fart" comes a cry from the back.
  9. Nice username!
  10. My grandaughter's other grandad had his booster so he could go abroad 5 weeks ago. Same age as me, keeled over with a stroke after 4 days and died two hours later. Bloke on the other side of the road jabbed and boosted up to the bollocks collapsed with a heart attack while out cycling a week ago......Just heard he died after he had two more in hospital. Only 39. Deaths everywhere but hey, fuck that, look what's going on in Eastern Europe eh?
  11. I suspected it might happen so no hesgoal.com for me tonight
  12. Read your bible. Also, answer me this question....If I live on a globe what happens when I dig a theoretical hole right through to the other side?.....Do I come out feet first or head first? Gotcha.
  13. He did......but there's nothing wrong with that.
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