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  1. To think I once admired Matt Groening.
  2. Yes, an industrial woodchipper would be the right tool.
  3. This is too sinister for words. This will happen to the majority us here if we're not careful.
  4. I had some twat say to me the other day "Not long now and we'll be back to normal life again" I tried to answer, realised I was talking to a branch covidian and just laughed instead. Thing is, it was a hysterical type of laugh.....I think I may be losing it.
  5. Line up for your satan juice but be prepared to wear a gimp muzzle for the rest of your life and be forced to distance yourselves from everyone. A never ending nightmare.
  6. That looks like adult chickenpox. I had it myself two years ago.
  7. Misplaced trust? They KNEW that at their age the sniffles had a 99.99% survival rate. No excuse for ignorance and stupidity of that magnitude in my humble opinion.
  8. What sort of idiot would see that coming towards them and allow it to be pushed the full way up the bugle??
  9. The woman told him she had it all on film. Highly likely that A) She'll show his employers B) He'll be sacked. I bet the wanker wouldn't have given that much verbal to a bloke.
  10. I know. There are times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  11. Definite scissor kick to the windpipe job.
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