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  1. 8 Trillion?? Fuck me, that's more than I earn a year.
  2. Bob Hope 100, his wife 102, Kirk Douglas 103.......The list goes on.
  3. Reddit.....the absolute shithouse of the internet.
  4. No disrespect intended but my personal response to that is fuck the sheep....It's those thick muzzled bastards that are going to take us all over the edge of the cliff with them....Their feeble compliance is complicity in my eyes. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.
  5. The media are controlled by the same people who are perpetrating the covid hoax.
  6. Doh! I'm getting old and so are my eyes.....I've just turned the pic sideways and there's the old pyramid and eyeball. Always knew he was a wrong 'un.
  7. They're just doing a top up of Barium, Strontium and Aluminum. Perhaps it's good for us.
  8. I've never worn a gimp muzzle and never will but I must say, I'm shocked at how many sheep are wearing them outdoors even though they don't have to. Even young people...........I'd estimate around 60% where I live. Hypnotised by subliminal messaging directed at them from their idiot screens in my opinion.
  9. The people above's IQs added together wouldn't reach double figures. I despair.
  10. My wife and I have never worn a mask and never will We arranged to look at a property with an estate agent today and he said you must both wear masks for the viewing......I told him we didn't do muzzles and should we call it all off.....He said "ok, no problem, see you there. Just say no.
  11. Excuse my French but what a prize cunt. His grandfather probably sat in trenches up to his neck in mud and bullets. If he's looking down on this he'll be disgusted.
  12. My statement does not imply that the vast majority of the population CAN'T do shit. It implies that they WON'T do shit. Sad but true. I wish I were wrong.
  13. It is the same girl in those two clips.
  14. I keep saying it on here but I'll say it one last time. The ONLY way this disgraceful crime against humanity stops is when the police and military realise their own families are going to suffer along with the rest of us and down tools.
  15. In the minds of the sheep that will be quite reasonable behaviour by their governments for a case of the 'sniffles' survived by 1419 out of 1420 people.
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