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  1. Sadly, you are right. Fucking braindead gimps.
  2. MSM lying?.......Don't be ridiculous. As if they would.
  3. Well it feels like a grilling mate. We're all singing from the same hymn sheet here I hope. You're right, I did ask you to elaborate but perhaps I shouldn't have. It's too late for deep discussion, I'm dragging my poor old body off to bed now. Perhaps tomorrow. No disrespect intended. Peace.
  4. Why have you picked me out for a grilling?
  5. I don't quite understand your question......care to elaborate?
  6. More and more plod refusing to inflict violence on peaceful protestors would be a start.
  7. Until the police and military worldwide realise that they are helping the 1% ruin everyone's lives permanantly, including their own and their families' we are helpless in my opinion.
  8. Fluke......do yourself a favour and stop reading the fucking Daily Fail. It will damage your brain mate.
  9. Just had this pointed out to me that somebody said "Wait until it really gets cold outside...you'll start seeing little plumes of breath clouds coming from the top, the sides and underneath the faces of our muzzle -drones... Yep, even the most donkey - like intelligence will have to concede how ineffective they are in reality" This is very true.
  10. Somebody on twitter translated it from a German newspaper. I'd like to think they were lying but I doubt it.
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