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  1. And he just happened to be THIRTY THREE.
  2. I wonder if anyone in Australia still thinks it's about a case of the sniffles with a 99.9% survival rate. Surely some real pushback there soon.
  3. Do these wankers really think people will be answering the door to them? I haven't answered the door to a face I don't know in years, let alone nowadays.
  4. They should have given up flying and got a job at Lidl or Aldis mixing with thousands of people day after day........they'd still be alive.
  5. This thread just reached 4 million views.
  6. I can only talk about the circles I move in including family and friends Fluke and here in my world it's about 20% that have had it. Perhaps I'm lucky to have reached the stage in life where I'm not fully surrounded by cunts.....nor do I need to be.
  7. Yes, 83% of adults with no Satan Juice in them. Probably the same throughout the world.....The MSM make up the figures for the UK....they're laughable.
  8. This, in my local newspaper online edition. I looked through the entries but couldn't find a supermarket worker.
  9. Ah, that'll be the ones filled with Satan Juice dropping like flies where they have no immune sytems this winter.
  10. Look at the jaw and shoulders on it. I'd say that's a bloke.
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