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  1. Hes talking about the fact you're having the convo in this specific thread. You're not talking about anything at all regarding the thread title. Go start another thread!
  2. So if Ink hadn't been a ' hidden ' mod if you will, then would everything be lost? Can someone explain what the benefits of that are and just what we'd be looking at had all the mods been deleted?
  3. Can anyone confirm as to whether any of the site / forum was backed up?
  4. Fair enough.... at any rate my claims regarding their lousy character and being lost souls that have drifted far from the light still remain.
  5. Luckily Our mods have been able to retain the .0001 percent of the site they needed to keep it running. A lesson learned now hopefully as it appears lady luck is on our side. As she always has been and always will be, as we fight for the light. Nature and the natural order beyond this world will always have our back. Let's come back stronger then ever!!!
  6. Push us down and we will raise up through the cracks. We cant be stopped.
  7. Well given the language the hacker uses and their imagery it's clear to see this is a hate filled lost soul. Imagine the type of fella it would take to want to take down the best truth platform on the internet? A forums whose intent is to expose evil....what a sad person.
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