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  1. The media is doing a great job here and all around the world.... lol at what waking people up?
  2. To the contrary... keep fighting!!!
  3. Sounds like something someone would say who didnt want information to be spread. The shill is out in the open I repeat we have visual on the shill.
  4. Its comical that they think anyone on this site would actually believe that a 12 or 13 year old is responsible for that
  5. No reason to get up in arms everyone should have known this was coming. Just keep spreading the info.. people are waking up.
  6. I went to the socialist clown who is the director of the countering hate groups Twitter and he retweeted someone else's tweet showing a poll and basically saying cmon guys we need to deplatform icke as this isnt even a conspiracy group... in regards to the fact that the people voting in the poll arent even " conspiracy " minded people. There will be alot of old people... and alot of young people for that matter that will gladly take a vaccine but in all reality I think the elite are behind the 8 ball right now when it comes to public reaction. I see it here in the states.
  7. Praying to his make believe god that isnt real and is make believe?
  8. Ya adderall posted a link to a YouTube video and the video is something he/they made and it was taunting with clown music and said you idiots got hacked by a middle schooler and the next screenshot In the video was of a middle school kid that looked like a jock lmao.. not even close to a kid that would be a nerd. It was so cringey and obvious. So is it 77th brigade or mosscab?
  9. Ya a bioweapon used to take civil liberties away and used by the same Zionists that control trump.
  10. Wow crazy the amount of people waking up. Everyone who believes in good and is fighting the good fight needs to keep spreading info on all fronts. No need to hide behind religious BS. We have natural rights, and if they got a problem with that then do something about it.
  11. If you can understand the bloodline and the importance of it, its everything. Its everything to them and its everything in being able to make sense of why they are doing this or what the point is.
  12. That's beautiful and great to hear! We are coming to a fork in the road... their is becoming less and less middle ground. Their are the people that will double down and go deeper into their habits and societal beliefs/prisons and then their are people that who have amhad that little inkling here and there over the years who are now beginning to wake up. This goes much farther beyond this world and the awakening has to do with light and forces beyond the human level... as well as the evil. It goes beyond the human level and into the spiritual realm. They have interbred and kept their ancient and I mean ancient... bloodlines. We humans have mixed dna and are light beings although our dna has been mixed with theirs thousands of years ago when they gave us their intelligence. But we revolted.... anyway... I can assure you they want to eliminate every last one of us at worst and at best they want to have an extremely lowered population to control easier and to be their slaves. But this is what they WANT. They have hijacked religion and have made their prophecies to pre program us but it's not over... the battle is always being waged.
  13. Go watch michael tsarions origins and oracles genetic manipulation series on youtube if you want the full story. I cant praise it enough he does the whole of history to where we are now... ancient history, even galactic.
  14. And please stop acting like your rogue. You gave yourself away with the right wing nazi stuff... in the words of the great marlon Brando, you're nothing more then an errand boy.
  15. Rather then typing out the word vulnerability you type half the word and then a bunch of dots? Lol is that hacker slang? Go outside and get some sun light, quit with all the internet porn as you smell musty, and get a little self confidence and respect for yourself.
  16. Why would they hack the government? This is an errand boy for them doing the hacking. 300$ ?? Hahaha
  17. Youre trying to prove your point by saying you joined a whole week and a half ago rather then yesterday as if saying you've been here for so long lol... give me a break.
  18. Not necessarily.. you think you and one other guy that have been arguing back and forth for 30 mins negates the whole thread or any other potential future input from other members? Try having some perspective...
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