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  1. Because they have given their soul to the devil. They don't believe what you and I believe. They are not beings of the light. They don't not need, want or feed off the light like us. These air force pilots are no different than the front man politicians or corporate demons. They are born from the same families. High ranking military, high ranking cia, fbi etc....
  2. For sure. Reddit is a cesspool. I think the very nature of reddit is for liberal minded cucks.
  3. You obviously don't understand how bitcoin or most of the other crypto work. They are decentralized and a decentralized currency comes along to challenge the central banking system and thats what you have to say? LOL. now crypto based digital currency issued by the government are different. But the top cryptos rn are a gift to those who invest early.
  4. I agree with you ultimately it won't be won with guns. The Third World War is an information war and has been going on for sometime now. Thanks brother, I appreciate that. We are all in this together even if we are separated by a pond.
  5. Hmm.. Thats obviously the plan for the Controllers is civil war. To me the way I see things going is a push to get people Into cities and cut off people who aren't in cities economically and energy wise. I can't say we really are close at all to a civil war even though the media is trying to push it like crazy. I do think it's as fragment and 2 sided as ever beyond repair but I think the final nail in this country's coffin over the next 10 to 20 years won't be a civil war as much as it'll be economically destroyed. I live in a rural area and while it would be a major adjustment to live a more primitive lifestyle that is my outlook in the next decade plus before I ever would move back to a city. Now for the people in cities who are moderate or right leaning they have a battle on their hands.
  6. They aren't getting the guns and never will. Now as far as Chicago, NYC, California Cities etc... all major liberal cities I wouldn't bet on them having any sort of real ability to defend themselves in 20 years. These places are already bad as far as rights go and are getting worse but when you take the majority of the country not just rural but states like Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Texas that are heavily populated and are essentially 50 50 right vs left its not feasible for them to confiscate anything really if they were to ever be granted the legal ability to do so as the vast majority of law enforcement aren't willing to die try, because that's what it would take. It should be noted also though that California just had a recent AR ban overturned and while California demographically does have a good amount of conservatives it is still a major leftist states. If you have trouble In California good luck In the majority of the country.
  7. Their are over 20 million AR style Rifles in the US. That doesn't account for all other semi auto rifles that are just as effective.
  8. As someone who is a gun rights advocate I can assure you most of the firearms in this country are owned by conservative right leaning people and moderates. With that said, there has been a major push back at the lefts gun grabbing attempts in the past few months since the left took power of the presidency, house and senate. They have all 3 and are having a hell of a time right now because it's the moderately left people who have never cared about owning a firearm who are buying firearms at record rates month after month for well over a year now. It turns out if you show people that you can't and wont protect them they will in turn do what they can to protect themselves. On one hand the media is pushing for more anger and more rioting and on the other hand its selling firearms out the wazoo.
  9. So essentially their is aluminum particulates in fluoride? Fluoride comes from the aluminum industry though? Idk.. still sort of confused but you guys have been helpful. It would certainly seem like fluoride is valuable in destroying our health but that the fluoride molecule has nothing to 'stick' too essentially and this is where aluminum comes into play making it fluorine?
  10. Can someone provide me with links, videos, or their own knowledge of how to remove aluminum from the body. Its my belief that it's finding its way into our bodies in more ways than just vaccines. The chemtrails have been completely over the top and relentless for the past few weeks where I live and has me thinking.
  11. Id like to know different agendas that haven't quite gone their way this past year or past decade even that they've either backed off of or whether it be by statistics or just a feeling you've had that they aren't where they'd hope to be. I get that everything is doom and gloom but their is hope and good will prevail. The one im happiest about is the polls showing how many people are willing to get vaccinated.. this is everything to be able to depopulate because as the grip tightens down the less people going against them the better and make no mistake more and more will wake up, but will they be able to have kids to pass on their views to?... so people not jumping in line for it at as high as rates as they'd liked makes me happy and I'm not sure their is any reason to believe in 6 months most of those people are gonna change their mind. Also, here where I'm at in the states their was the initial stuff about coin shortage and I think most places and people weren't having much of that.
  12. I'm curious as to when this inevitable conflict will start? I'm sure it will be a gradual process as far as anti China, Iran, and/ or Russia sentiment and multiple events leading up to with a high probability of a coherct or false flag attack on israel.... but what year do you guys think things really pop off in regards to actual military action and combat? 2024 in trumps last year of his second term and he pulls an FDR? Does anyone have any quotes that can answer this or any numerology that would point to dates the elite would want to use as far as ritual goes?
  13. Is Trump the guy the elite want behind the wheel for another 4 years?... or has he divided the country enough and now its time to stop pretending and bring in a hard-core socialist and get the nwo on the roll already ?
  14. In the event it would be rigged i would think Trump would win. Ive had the thought recently that the way things have gone this year especially with the rioting lately that they could be setting the left up to go ape shit when trump wins after being behind in the polls...
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