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  1. Id like to know different agendas that haven't quite gone their way this past year or past decade even that they've either backed off of or whether it be by statistics or just a feeling you've had that they aren't where they'd hope to be. I get that everything is doom and gloom but their is hope and good will prevail. The one im happiest about is the polls showing how many people are willing to get vaccinated.. this is everything to be able to depopulate because as the grip tightens down the less people going against them the better and make no mistake more and more w
  2. I'm curious as to when this inevitable conflict will start? I'm sure it will be a gradual process as far as anti China, Iran, and/ or Russia sentiment and multiple events leading up to with a high probability of a coherct or false flag attack on israel.... but what year do you guys think things really pop off in regards to actual military action and combat? 2024 in trumps last year of his second term and he pulls an FDR? Does anyone have any quotes that can answer this or any numerology that would point to dates the elite would want to use as far as ritual goes?
  3. Is Trump the guy the elite want behind the wheel for another 4 years?... or has he divided the country enough and now its time to stop pretending and bring in a hard-core socialist and get the nwo on the roll already ?
  4. In the event it would be rigged i would think Trump would win. Ive had the thought recently that the way things have gone this year especially with the rioting lately that they could be setting the left up to go ape shit when trump wins after being behind in the polls...
  5. Who wins? Biden leads in all polls... but is Trump the guy the elite want in? Is it rigged? Can anyone recall a former president that was elected after being this far behind in the polls with only months to go till election day? Obviously trump was in 16 but it wasn't this much....
  6. I'm actually not a troll... im trying to prove to a friend. There is no other thread on it so whats your problem? Kick rocks.
  7. That guy sounds like he's just making it up as he goes
  8. Hi All, So I'm trying to gather some specific information in regards to the original moon landing and also get some chatter started... So iirc not to long ago I read on this board that their was a freemason flag planted before the U.S. flag? Is there video of this and assuming there isn't can anyone direct me to where this info came from? I'm also interested in the audio chatter between the astronauts and its double and esoteric meaning on any of their recorded audio and also the real meaning of the eagle has landed. What about Kubricks connection?
  9. Yup... the question he asks can be turned right back around on him... why would you want to believe a lie? Are you scared of reality?
  10. What about where he explains how they arent meant for this type of testing?
  11. He will no longer be on youtube, google, or iTunes... only Spotify. Does this mean he will have guests on that he wouldnt have had on youtube?
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