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  1. Happy birthday mate. Can't believe it's already been a year, and what a year it was. Stay safe and enjoy some of the Isle's beauty. Don't forget to have a beer.
  2. For long reasons I won't bore you guys and girls with I've recently become very interested in aliens and UFO tech here on earth (Bob Lazar). Having a deep interest in ancient history it was inevitable I'd look into this at some point. Could anyone savee some time and tell me which rabbit holes are worth going down, some to avoid and any UFO specific forums etc? Or documentaries to watch? Thank you :)
  3. You think this is fun? Just wait for the economic collapse that will happen in 3 years when the inflation kicks in. We'll crumble into poverty like the mongal Chinese did in the early AD.
  4. Its probably just his presentation style for fluidity . Public speaking at speed can often sacrifice dotted I and crossed t. It's just style.
  5. Another rich, over privliged, parasite dies after living longer than he should thanks to medical care not available to the people paying for it (tax payers). He and the "royals" are no differnt to tv reality show "stars" . They do nothing and live like gods because they have money. Good riddance, Queen you're next.
  6. You may wish to visit a doctor or psychologist and get some medication, because it sounds a lot like psychosis or schizophrenia. Please look after yourself.
  7. why is universal basic income.... A bad thing? A good thing? I do not yet have enough information to offer my own opinion. Please educate me :)
  8. I've had 4 run ins and a disaplinary at work. I've been angrier and less tolerant of others after so much conflict. I've not changed as a person, everyone has changed around me. All I want to do is earn my pay, buy my food and go home. Not much to ask is it? I've already had to fight not to take mandatory covid tests. I imagine this week I'll be in HR again when I refuse the vaccine. Stay strong everyone.
  9. Covid moves to household pets, making their ownership illegal. Fines of £50,000 for harbouring an animal with possible jail time for a 2nd offence.
  10. 220,000 thousand. Think about that, imagine that many people stood in front of you. That's more people than the army has. That's 220,000 people losing their jobs because their employer won't let them on site because they are unvaccinated, 220,000 refused access to shops, refused access to the dole (welfare),the nhs care they've paid tax into since becoming working age. 220,000 forced onto the street when they can't pay rent, dying of hypothermia, being raped, assaulted, forced into prostitution, drugs, dying of malnutrition. Maybe 220,000 extra prison spaces which cost
  11. I Think what the police have been doing to small businesses owners is sickening. 4 police to one 68 year old woman, a police officer blocking the doorway to a cafe then punching the owner in the face with his handcuffs, yet all the while Spar is open, tesco is open, the range is open. This is all an excuse for the small minded sociopaths to beat up the hard working people of this society, I normally watch from the shadows but I can't do that any longer. Its time to choose a side. I do hope that us and them can become WE, but right now we need show we won;t take it any Longer, this is not a cal
  12. Hi all, I'd hope I've been around long enough now not to be seen as suspicious, and that I'm open minded enough to look at each side of an argument, after all minds work differently and mine can defiantly get tunnel vision. So recently I tested positive for covid1984 with a Gov test, after being sent home for having a high temp, the test was mandatory otherwise I would not get paid unless positive. So it came back "yes you have the covid" , over the next week or so I felt horribly ill. Fever, loss of smell, coughing, needles in the back of my eyes, headaches
  13. With this kind of tracking software going open source, imagine what it will end up in, what ways it might be used.
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