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  1. STRICTLY SYMBOLISM............... In 2018, UK TV Channel 5 Star aired a fly on the wall reality programme called 'Bad Teen To Dancing Queen'. Ballroom champions Michael Stylianos and Lorna Lee take on several troubled teenagers who have been expelled from school, in trouble with the police, theft, violence, etc. The dance training takes place at the DSI London Dance Studio. Below is a screen capture from episode 2 . Alternatively, view on this YouTube clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpaW0t2iKqY&t=1201s Note the DSI logo on the door - particularly the Square Spiral. DSI - DanceSport International Ltd. formerly known as Hearn & Spencer Ltd., was founded in 1982 by Geoffrey Hearn and Peggy Spencer MBE. Dance Sport International, is the World's leading maker of Ballroom & Latin dresses (incl. costumes as seen on Strictly Come Dancing) DSI sell a range of Dancewear and accessories. i.e. DSI Logo Cufflinks....................... We know from the leaked FBI Document that there is 2 Spirals - TRIANGLE and ROUND. Each one has their own specific meaning. However, notice the SQUARE SPIRAL in the middle in that TV programme on 5 Star. OctoZone holds the hypothesis that this Square Spiral may have its own specific meaning like the Triangle and Round Spiral. If so, what does / could it mean? We are putting it out there as an open question. If you come upon this Square Spiral on your movie and TV travels, please report it back here. Other examples of the Square Spiral can be found in classic 'Octo Ring' movies. Below is a few brief examples. Opening scene from Speilberg's A.I. Film. Boy enters the home for the first time. We see this scene before his face is revealed. Then much later in the movie when they enter the 'pleasure zone', again we are presented with a round spiral and square spiral. In the movies Uncle Buck and Back to the Future I - More square spirals.
  2. I note the current advert from Ford motors (doing the rounds of British TV) has the usual Octo signaling. From 1 year ago.............etc............... It is also important to keep in mind that this type of signaling is not a new phenomenon. It has actually been going on for decades. You have been 'seeing it' for years, but perhaps you are only becoming aware of it now? Take look at this post which is nearly 19 years ago. Clever guy, he spots the pattern recognition but is not sure what it is. Note the '808' and '888' signaling he mentions. These two are the most repeated sequence of numbers. Bringing it back into a historical context, Hollywood Land is one of the major bases of the Octo force. These are the original licence plates in California (Hollywood Land). - OCTAGON - All Hollywood movie film reels were shipped in OCTAGON metal boxes. That is what definied it as 'Hollywood'. On a wider note, anytime a TV Car Advert comes on your screen, get your OCCULT FIREWALL up immediately as its usually one big predictive programme! FORD PRO INTELLIGENCE - Your are tracked and traced at all times..................... THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY (Hyundai). Finally...............
  3. What does it mean? Free up the next 50 hours, have lots of coffee, cake and your favourite music lined-up. OCTO ZONE - Firewall For the Occult World https://www.octozone.is/getting_started.html
  4. THE OCTO PLATE The next time you are watching TV Car adverts, films, etc notice that the licence plate often contains the number 8. A couple of brief examples: Notice the French Cars: Just a coincidence perhaps? I don't believe so. Have you seen the French Presidential Car of Macron? Nissan do it too! Xero Accounting getting in on the act........... But it is all a big conspiracy - right? In the Philippines, Congressmen are assigned a government licence plate of '8'. Let's look at the U.S.A. The inauguration plate of J.F.K in 1961. BUSH - THE 8 MAN In Hollywood Land (California) the Octagon Plate was mainly used for Police, Government and Mafia cars. ie. "DO NOT TOUCH". Note the licence plate contains an Octagon symbol with the letter 'E' inside it. This 'E' means 'Exempt' [free (a person or organization) from an obligation or liability imposed on others.] The Golden State (Sun Rising Symbolism) In the 1987 Film 'Wall Steet' we see the car of trader giant 'Gordon Gekko ' (Michael Douglas) giving us the Octo signal of power. I could keep going on this. The point being is that 'Truthblast' is right - Blink And You'll Miss It - But you first have to know what you are looking at and for! Thus, be on the look-out for the OCTO plate.
  5. Deaths in the Republic of Ireland continue to rise. Data is for 1st Dec - 29th Dec 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  6. PΟRNΟCRACY 'French feminist icon, filmmaker, and adult film director Ovidie investigates shocking modern changes in the international adult film industry, and how the arrival of web sites showing amateur and pirated clips has transformed the way porn is made and consumed. In her investigation, she exposes how a group of programmers hijacked the adult industry to create a mysterious multinational corporation that virtually controls the entire adult industry worldwide.' PORNOCRACY - Official Trailer (2018) https://www.thefilmcollaborative.org/films/pornocracy
  7. WHERE HAVE ALL THE WORKERS GONE? Regardless of the sector in Ireland, there is a shortage of staff in all areas. Recruiting and retainment is now a huge problem. Those applying for the Irish Police Force - aka 'Gardaí' can't even pass the 'fitness' (Health) entrance test and it's a growing problem as confirmed by the Minister for Justice. Below are some press snaps from the past 20 days. Tic - Toc - Tic - Tok - Tic - Tok Mental Health Services falling apart........................ Don't expect an education cause there ain't no Teachers.......................... Nobody to drive the trucks............................ Fleet Transport Ireland
  8. [Note to Editors: All info published below if freely and publically available online] https://www.rip.ie 'RIP.ie is an Irish obituary website dedicated to publishing death notices in Ireland. The Central Statistics Office [of Ireland] (CSO) used RIP.ie in an attempt to calculate excess mortality from March to September 2020, in a study it published in November 2020.' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIP.ie Almost every Funeral Director Company in Ireland uses RIP.ie to post notice of every death they handle. Thus why it is regarded as an accurate and trustworthy source of data. From the published death listings on RIP.ie, OctoZone took randon samples from the death notices and observed pattern recognitions. Namely, deaths that fall into the following areas: - 'Suddenly' - 'Unexpectedly' - 'Died at home' - 'Died after a short illness' The period we sampled was between mid-October to late November. Regardless of the day, week or month, 'Sudden and Unexpected' deaths are listed. What is most striking is the relatively young age of those 'suddenly' passing. Below we present a small randon sample of screen-shots from www.rip.ie. We have not included those who died 'after a short illness'. The deaths span the entire age spectrum from early teenagers up to early 60's. Obviously we are not in a position to draw any definitive conclusions, but it does raise important considerations as to why so many young people are suddenly dying in Ireland? We will continue to monitor www.rip.ie to see how things evolve.
  9. 'THE FINAL DRAW' 8 Stadiums for 8 Groups All powered by OCTAGON Octagon (Sports Agency) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octagon_(sports_agency) 'Octagon is the global sports and entertainment content marketing arm of the Interpublic Group of Companies..The two divisions which make up Octagon are Athletes and Personalities, and Marketing....Operating out of 50 offices in 22 different countries, Octagon manages the sports and entertainment marketing efforts of the world’s most prestigious brands...' Alan Watt and William Cooper - The Truth about Football and Sport The Truth about Football and Sports "it's the Roman Circus! What do the people do when they became restive [restive: stubbornly resisting control], when the people are asking questions, when the people don't like the policy of the emperor? He sends them to the circus." "I know men who don't know anything in the world expect who plays 3rd base for the Meths, and they think that's a great accomplishment, and they meet and pat each on the back, bond, go and have beer, and talk about last night's game...It's sad, it's really sad." Cooper But its only a game............... Football is just an 8 letter word! Bread and circus. Indeed, distraction is their goal. It's all a load of ballocks............. The man of the people..................Gazza Here's a couple more....... Robbie Knows How To Play Ball Too............ Let me Octotain you! Who was it that said all roads lead to ROME?
  10. Kingsman - 2017 POPPY = 'MILKY JUICE' "DANCING DISEASE" THREATENS THE WORLD! Irish researcher Thomas Sheridan posted this video on the 2nd November 2022.......... view below............
  11. The Exorcist II : The Heretic - Film 1977 Children in the background playing with Octagons - particularly a red coloured one. Remember the head turning scene in The Exorcist I ? [1973] while 'Over The Edge' from 1979 tells us [with a Red Octagon, One Eye Symbolism and children inside it] to: .................WATCH OUT FOR CHILDREN
  12. Pinocchio 2022 - Walt Disney - Note the Red Feather. Where have we seen that before? 8 - The 'Pleasure Island' full of Red Noses. 'Boy Ring' Symbolism Further Research: - THE OCTO RING - Hollywood's Pedophilic Occult Coding System
  13. For those looking to get insight into the area of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), the presentations of Jay Parker at the 'Free Your Mind Conference' are a must see. Jay Parker - 1st Free Your Mind Conference Jay Parker - Free Your Mind 3 Conference "this [image] is from a show called 'Andromeda' starting Kevin Sorbo. In the second year of the UPN Series Andromeda, Kevin Sorbo encountered a race of being called the 'Magog'. The Magog are a race of primative beings that are so ignorant all they do is destroy everything in their path - plantets, people. They destroy everything. All they are is wreckers. They worship an entity called 'The Spirt of the Abyss'.
  14. Note that Speilberg likes the 8 pointed star............ SOME DOORS SHOULD NEVER BE OPENED
  15. - THE HATS OF THE CHILD CATCHERS - Often touted as the all time wholesome family movie, 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' is in fact a very sinister movie with Paedophilic undertones and codes. "Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Oh, you pretty Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" Let's look specifically at the 'The Child Catcher' scene. The Child Catcher is depicted as a black-clad, large-nosed man who is employed to hunt down children and take them away. He carries a large net of the sort used to catch butterflies, and a rather menacing-looking hook. The "Anti-Christ Superstar" himself also uses very similar hat symbolism. SMELLS LIKE CHILDREN Side Note of Interest: Note the launch date of the album "Antichrist Superstar" - OCTOber 8th. Mr Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket. Charlie The original Child Catcher. The Strange Properties and Histories of the Magic Hat https://www.laphamsquarterly.org/roundtable/strange-properties-and-histories-magic-hat
  16. The research of Martin Damman {Artist and Photographer} may add to the current gender bluring agenda of the elite. Damman is a collector of private photo albums from various wars. He went through 100's of albums from WWII and found so many photos of cross-dressing german soldiers he decided to publish a full book of them entitled: "SOLDIERS STUDIES - Cross-dressing in Der Wehrmacht" So, why was cross-dressing so popular, widespread and accepted within the Nazi German Wehrmacht? Damman is not able to offer definitive opinion stating "there is no way to prove anything." Are today's events merely a continuation of this Nazi ideology? Young male german soliders cross-dressing. All part of the occult ritual? "THE NAZIS DIDN'T LOSE THE WAR - THEY JUST HAD TO MOVE" The Most Dangerous Game We can also reference the works of American author Peter Levenda, particularly his book - Unholy Alliance : A history of Nazi involvement with the occult - https://archive.org/details/unholyalliancehi00leve Peter Levenda - Rise of the Nazi Cult
  17. CERN, Stranger Things 3 and the Red Octo Gate........... Open the OCTO gate...........Stranger Things Season 3 Viewer is given a prolonged shot of a RED OCTAGON. Predictive Programming anybody? CERN ('Stranger Things' ?) ATLAS Octo gate is now open......... But don't worry, we have the 8th Space Warning Squadron to keep us safe! "They Shall Not Pass" I haven't seen part 1 vol 2 Season 4 yet..................To be continued.............................
  18. With the launch of Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2 today, Octozone takes a brief look at some of the symbolism in Season 4 Vol 1. 'Hand Tossed' Interesting wording from Walmart online - 'BOY MEAT LOVERS'
  19. Also note the Red/White Colour Pedo Code: Let's have a brief historical and pictorial look at the 'Red Book'. The UK NHS. Where is the NHS 'Red Book' coming from...............................American Academy of Pediatrics............ They even have it in Australia......Queens Land.. But the symbolism of this is wider............. The 'Bible' of the Vatican! The Red Book.... A 'Who's Who's' of the organisation........... EDUCATION............ Soviet Propaganda Posters “There are two classes, two cultures.” One half of the poster shows a soldier wearing a Nazi swastika armband burning books by Communist authors (church in background). The other half shows triumphant workers holding up books by Communist authors. North Korea Finally...........The Financial Red Book................... !
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