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  1. Considering their little daughter is missing - possibly brutally murdered - the McCann’s look very jovial. One would think they’ve won first prize on the Thunderball.
  2. Twirl Twilly to cure coronavirus
  3. Human predators can wreck our lives. Every schoolchild should learn about them; failure to identify human predators leads to catastrophe in our private lives and in society. How can we spot them, and how should we deal with them? Here is the complete list: o Human predators are mean. o Predators are utterly selfish. o Predators pretend friendship and love but they feel absolutely nothing for others. o Predators are charming and good at flattery, but they don’t mean a single word of it. o Predators brag and boast and make up outrageous lies. When challenged, they blame others.
  4. Video inspired by Eminem song “Kim”
  5. Canadian Nurse Breaks Her Silence On Vaccines https://www.bitchute.com/video/jpwdgHgx4XVC/
  6. FEB 2021 - His house in danger of flooding
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