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  1. Hi... i think that it will be interesting to see things, not from our perspectives and ideas, but from their ideas... so we can act on it in a different way. In this topic I will like to share an sad and bad idea that i have.. if i was one of them... what do i want... and what do i need i want a world with less population, Yes!, i want a population that i can control yes!.... but what do i need' I still need people to serve me... to work and to do all the things I want and need... So... I have a concern if i where one of them.... which countries (people) do i want to get rid off.. and which ones do i want to keep... I will want to get rid of all the overpopulated countries first, keeping in them only who I need (populated countries tend to be more third world countries, cheap labor, not much studies or knowledge) So why am I vaccinating UK and USA first? Do i want to get rid of them? (maybe the older population yes... maybe decrease the grow rate yes... but get rid of them? No!. My believe is that this pfizer vaccine is planned what kind of planned? well if i was one of them, I will first give and example to the world that things will improve (even thou it went bad already) why? cos I need time... time to vacinate the rest of the world. if i start and things go horrible... who will follow? so pfizer is key. But... Moderna? Moderna is still waiting to be authorized.... but for example.. countries like mexico and others feel themselves lucky (the politicians) that they manage to make a deal with them, as it seem that the Pfizer one will be busy with first world countries first. Is this a coincidence? I remember hearing for the first time in my life Moderna back in February... when they were no one still, but since then, they were already on the lips of the conspiracies... and it turned out to be right!! they where the ones fauci talked the most. then suddenly Pfizer comes with a vaccine with similar trait, and it gets authorized first... I am afraid the real problem (for the rest of the world) will come once the first world countries are vaccinated... Im afraid that if I was one of them, that will be the way I do it... Do first that what I want to keep (yes, a little collateral damage, but compare to what i will do later on will look like peanuts), And I will do it by making it look like like an example of the success.... so then the rest of the world will jump for the vaccine, and it will not matter which lab is the provider, it will be welcome... I believe this plan that we are seeng in front of us, its a lot more cruel and planned that most researches are thinking... We have to think like them, to know in advance... I always try to do that... what will i do. Im sure they think that they are doing the best for the world... but who they are to decide who lives and who dies David... I hope you get this topic.. research about it... and find more of the plan... there is not much time left. And, unfortunately I fell Im not wrong. I will talk more about what will i do if i was one of them, but for now... this is the intro to the topic.
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