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  1. I used to believe there was a conspiracy to destroy the white populace. But in reality, we just live in a world of greed. At the end of the day, it's much cheaper to import nurses and doctors and people from the third world than produce our own. Kalergi was a mixed race supremacist. But I don't believe his ideas caught on. If you actually look at what the USA did post WW2, they imported NAZI's which helped them fly to the moon. From my experience Freemasons are Zionist supremacists more than anything else. Sure, I bet there'd be a lot of them whose wet dream is a Jewish supremacist
  2. Germany Must Perish View: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015025295299&view=1up&seq=9 Written by Zionist and Jewish supremacist Theodore N. Kaufman in 1940. A guy who advocated not only for Germany to be wiped off the face of the earth. But the sterilization of Americans. Map showing Theodore N. Kaufman's wish: The book is an important piece of history as it was used by the Nazi's in evicting Jews from their homes. -------------------------------
  3. He already picked up the Tree of Life award as far back as the early 1980s. You only get that if you are a massive Zionist and part of the so called "elite". As for Biden, he's just the same thing on the other side of the coin. Massive Zionist and career politician. Absolutely terrible at his job and only their to shake hands and sniff girls hair. Trump has the tree of life award, a square named after him in Jerusalem, and gold coins minted in Israel with his head on. He is the chosen one.
  4. That is a moderator from the forum AboveTopSecret.com I've been going to that website for years, it used to be an amazing forum filled with intelligent posters. Now though? Completely riddled with right-wing populist political punks. I noticed this and decided to do what I normally don't do and that is create a thread there. To go against the grain. I entitled it "If You identity as Alt-Right, Support Trump, Supported Brexit: You have already been Duped". Now I wished I had saved it. But in short, I wrote that I had been researching Zionism for 20 years, which included
  5. By the mainstream media. And even before Trump was elected, trust in the mainstream media worldwide is at the lowest it has ever been since the printing press began. The mainstream media helped many politicians become Prime Ministers and Presidents by giving them a positive light. However that only works so many ways until the people see it for what it is. B.S So what do the "elites" do? They switch it up. It's like Wrestling, the mainstream media has gone from babyface to heel. Still as popular as ever, still serves a purprose, but in a different way.
  6. David Icke going against Trump is the very reason why out of all the conspiracy circles, David Icke is actually the only guy who seems the most legit. Gislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are/were Mossad. Photo'd many times with Donald Trump. Who knows what dirt they have on him. His entire foreign policy has been a puppet of Mossad. If Donald Trump was going after human trafficking, then why did he say " I wish her well" When talking about Gislaine Maxwell? A human trafficker of child prostitutes? Tell me that? The proble
  7. There won't be one specific capital of the masonic New World Order. Currently: Financial capital = City of London Corporation Military capital = Washington, United States Spiritual, Religious = Vatican City Future: Financial capital = City of London Spiritual, Religious, Moral, Justice, Cyber-Secutiry= Jerusalem Israel. With the future of military being robotic, and most warfare being done through social engineering and internet. There won't be any need for a military center. Especially after a third world war (which will be paramo
  8. I've been listening to him since 1998. Unbelievably believed he was the real deal until 2010. The guys a Zionist controlled hack. Alternative media has been hijacked by Nationalist movements and political activists controlled by Zionists. He openly defends Benjamin Netanyahu. And helped get the biggest Zionist President since Trumen.
  9. That's the most interesting part of the documentary. And a conundrum that must be repeated as much as possible until we get an answer.
  10. This is How Post Malone makes his money A Mumbling generic modern rapper. Yet the the video below is how Post Malone really wants to make his money. Playing the following music. Plays guitar No autonune Raises $7 million for charity. Hopefully, this gives his record company enough confidence to let him actually make the music he wants.
  11. Shadowgate. I watched the documentary. I immedietely had the suspicion that we had real whistleblowers here. When you have 2 whistleblowers, and you have such a large network of operations. Then logically speaking there will be many more coming out after the first. 100? 1,000? The only situation then is to let the information out, but only controlled information. What you have is a documentary that only scratches the surface and hence fall flat. A reporter who helped make the documentary is arrested to make it seem legit. All this does is create a Streisand
  12. Lauren Southern Dave Ruben Tommy Robinson Steven Crowder Paul Joseph Watson Avi Yemini Ben Shapiro Alex Jones Owen Shroyer Carl Benjamin Donald Trump Michael Savage Breitbart (please add more to this list) They all have one thing in common 1.) Spread pro Israeli propaganda 2.) Are either Jewish & Zionists, or Noahides & Zionists or Christian Zionists. 3.) Spread anti-Islamic rhetoric Anyone paying attention to Israeli media 10 years ago would see how Israelis were talking
  13. ZuZu


    I think any food shortages will effect Africa and places in Asia the most. However, these food shortages would be used as a form of control within first world nations. Which is probably the goal at the end of the day.
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