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  1. I used to believe there was a conspiracy to destroy the white populace. But in reality, we just live in a world of greed. At the end of the day, it's much cheaper to import nurses and doctors and people from the third world than produce our own. Kalergi was a mixed race supremacist. But I don't believe his ideas caught on. If you actually look at what the USA did post WW2, they imported NAZI's which helped them fly to the moon. From my experience Freemasons are Zionist supremacists more than anything else. Sure, I bet there'd be a lot of them whose wet dream is a Jewish supremacist state, with the Eurasian/Negroid mixed race Noahides worshipping them after they build the Third Temple, and the Jews living out their lives as the worlds priests. But that's simply not going to happen. There's also globalists who want to depopulate the earth, no doubt about that. BUT North America, Europe and Japan have already shown the best way to depopulate. It's pretty simple. Education and modernization. Right now (thanks to mobile technology), the third world itself is already changing. Womens roles of just producing children is changing. The elites know that modernization (and culturally westernization) of the third world will lead to depopulation and then a stablized population. No matter what happens we are on Earth and will go through another mass extinction event. Which we're done many times before. The only way to stop this cycle is the colonization of Mars and eventually other planets. Elon Musk is so desperate to do it, probably because he knows where we're heading. And that will produce another human race altogether, one far more different than Whites/Black/Asian etc. Tt may not just be the physical that evolves different, but also emotional and spiritual aspects of the human race. We really don't know the effect of living that far away from the Sun. We live 147 million km from the Sun, Mars is another 83 million km. Crazy to think that 3,000km on earth has produced completely different skin tones and features. Probably a tall skinny white human race would naturally develop on Mars.
  2. Germany Must Perish View: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015025295299&view=1up&seq=9 Written by Zionist and Jewish supremacist Theodore N. Kaufman in 1940. A guy who advocated not only for Germany to be wiped off the face of the earth. But the sterilization of Americans. Map showing Theodore N. Kaufman's wish: The book is an important piece of history as it was used by the Nazi's in evicting Jews from their homes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manchester Evening News - Monday, 22nd September 1941 NAZIS EVICT THE JEWS OF HANOVER Following the Major’s order evicting them from their homes within 24 hours, the German Commander in Hanover has begun herding the city’s Jews -- men, women, and children -- into the mortuary hall of the Jewish cemetery. The eviction order also provided for the sale of their property, the proceeds to be handed to them “at a given time”. One reason for the order was said to be the book written by “the Jew, Kaufmann, in New York” -- presumably “Germany Must Perish,” by Theodore N Kaufman --- demanding the “sterilisation of all Germans and the employement of German soldiers as coolies in foreign lands”. The eviction order said “The present war has been forced upon Germany by the Jewry of other countries. In order to relieve the distressed situation caused by the war, I see myself compelled to narrow down the space available to Jews n this city. I therefore demand that you leave your present abode immediately.” --- A.P ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. He already picked up the Tree of Life award as far back as the early 1980s. You only get that if you are a massive Zionist and part of the so called "elite". As for Biden, he's just the same thing on the other side of the coin. Massive Zionist and career politician. Absolutely terrible at his job and only their to shake hands and sniff girls hair. Trump has the tree of life award, a square named after him in Jerusalem, and gold coins minted in Israel with his head on. He is the chosen one.
  4. That is a moderator from the forum AboveTopSecret.com I've been going to that website for years, it used to be an amazing forum filled with intelligent posters. Now though? Completely riddled with right-wing populist political punks. I noticed this and decided to do what I normally don't do and that is create a thread there. To go against the grain. I entitled it "If You identity as Alt-Right, Support Trump, Supported Brexit: You have already been Duped". Now I wished I had saved it. But in short, I wrote that I had been researching Zionism for 20 years, which included subscribing to Israeli Media. I noticed a trend over a decade ago about how Israeli collumnists and political think tanks talked about how globalism is not actually in the interests of Israel. How a Jewish nationalist state would be seen as immoral in a world of open borders. That we are headed towards a post liberal American hegemony world. That Mossad have infiltrated every nationalist movement. That every populist movement in Europe and South American is allied with Israel etc. That Trump already fulfilled 3 Zionist goals. Which was pulling USA out of UNESCO and UNHRC, and recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital. That they want to build a third Temple etc etc. That they want to create a world adhereing to Noahide Laws. That the left is there to cause chaos, that the right is there to restore order. That the alternative media is Zionist controlled. (Ben Shaprio, Milo Yiannouplous, Alex Jones, Owen Schroyer, Carl Benjamin, Avi Yemini, Dave Ruben, etc etc). Now it sounded very conspiratorial, which is absolutely nothing for a website whose motto is "Deny Ignorance". I put it out there to see what replies I would get. That thread was removed. And I was notified via Private Message. I responded They replied. Now, I have been a moderator on a big internet forum. Normally when something doesn't meet the standards, it is because it violates the terms and conditions and normally posters are given some type of warning. Now I didn't violate any terms and conditions there that I was aware of. I asked a simple question, which can simply be answered as YES or NO. Their reply was simple: Now obviously, I am thinking that any threads created that doesn't show Zionism in a positive light will be deemed bigotted and removed with that answer. So I replied: Their reply? They weren't really answering my question: So I tried again. What did I get in return? NOTHING. No reply. But it is no surprise. ALL of alternative media seems to be infiltrated by Zionists. I talked about similar things on Breitbart six years ago when I noticed this trend, only for my comments to be removed and me blocked. Other websites if I ever talked about the nationalist links between Israel, completely removed. Nobody wants it, nobody wants to talk about it. This is why David Icke is "cancelled" in many circles, because he is not afraid to criticize Israel if ever he talks about Zionism. Ironically, I didn't even criticize Israel in my thread and I actually said I am neither for nor against, just the trends I have noticed. That we must question our beliefs and were they come from. Because Populism didn't come from the ground up, it came from the top. We are being socially engineered to exactly where they want us. Maybe in the coming months, If I have the time, I will go into detail. David Icke and this forum is more important than ever, because there just isn't anywhere to go. Especially when it comes to TRUTH. Alternative media is a joke!
  5. By the mainstream media. And even before Trump was elected, trust in the mainstream media worldwide is at the lowest it has ever been since the printing press began. The mainstream media helped many politicians become Prime Ministers and Presidents by giving them a positive light. However that only works so many ways until the people see it for what it is. B.S So what do the "elites" do? They switch it up. It's like Wrestling, the mainstream media has gone from babyface to heel. Still as popular as ever, still serves a purprose, but in a different way. The more they attack trump, the popular he will be.
  6. David Icke going against Trump is the very reason why out of all the conspiracy circles, David Icke is actually the only guy who seems the most legit. Gislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are/were Mossad. Photo'd many times with Donald Trump. Who knows what dirt they have on him. His entire foreign policy has been a puppet of Mossad. If Donald Trump was going after human trafficking, then why did he say " I wish her well" When talking about Gislaine Maxwell? A human trafficker of child prostitutes? Tell me that? The problem in the USA, is that it is so much of a cesspool of career Zionist politicians who do not beleive in America, that Americans are almost waiting for a Messiah, believe anything. And right now that just so happens to be Donald Trump. As long as he slags off them other career politicians, he can do no wrong. Regardless of how bad he is.
  7. There won't be one specific capital of the masonic New World Order. Currently: Financial capital = City of London Corporation Military capital = Washington, United States Spiritual, Religious = Vatican City Future: Financial capital = City of London Spiritual, Religious, Moral, Justice, Cyber-Secutiry= Jerusalem Israel. With the future of military being robotic, and most warfare being done through social engineering and internet. There won't be any need for a military center. Especially after a third world war (which will be paramount for the third temple to be built), wars will be illegal. Who needs a first ammendment when you are already being controlled what to think without you even knowing it? Who needs a second ammendment when a drone can shoot you in your sleep?
  8. I've been listening to him since 1998. Unbelievably believed he was the real deal until 2010. The guys a Zionist controlled hack. Alternative media has been hijacked by Nationalist movements and political activists controlled by Zionists. He openly defends Benjamin Netanyahu. And helped get the biggest Zionist President since Trumen.
  9. That's the most interesting part of the documentary. And a conundrum that must be repeated as much as possible until we get an answer.
  10. This is How Post Malone makes his money A Mumbling generic modern rapper. Yet the the video below is how Post Malone really wants to make his money. Playing the following music. Plays guitar No autonune Raises $7 million for charity. Hopefully, this gives his record company enough confidence to let him actually make the music he wants.
  11. Shadowgate. I watched the documentary. I immedietely had the suspicion that we had real whistleblowers here. When you have 2 whistleblowers, and you have such a large network of operations. Then logically speaking there will be many more coming out after the first. 100? 1,000? The only situation then is to let the information out, but only controlled information. What you have is a documentary that only scratches the surface and hence fall flat. A reporter who helped make the documentary is arrested to make it seem legit. All this does is create a Streisand Effect which will have all eyes upon it and make Alex Jones the gatekeeper of the information. It was interesting to see Patrick Bergy on Infowars and mention the USA and Israel, yet Alex Jones sits uncomfortably and says "Well it's the Chicoms obviously" totally ignoring what Patrick is saying.
  12. Lauren Southern Dave Ruben Tommy Robinson Steven Crowder Paul Joseph Watson Avi Yemini Ben Shapiro Alex Jones Owen Shroyer Carl Benjamin Donald Trump Michael Savage Breitbart (please add more to this list) They all have one thing in common 1.) Spread pro Israeli propaganda 2.) Are either Jewish & Zionists, or Noahides & Zionists or Christian Zionists. 3.) Spread anti-Islamic rhetoric Anyone paying attention to Israeli media 10 years ago would see how Israelis were talking about Globalism being detrimental to the goals of Israel. A country like Israel (a Jewish supremacist state) can not survive in a world of open borders. It would need nationalism. But only cultural national for the world and ethnical nationalism for Israel. In order for this to be achieved, Mossad and pro Zionists had to co-opt every nationalist movement and turn it to a pro Israeli organization. The BLM being anti-Israel is no accident. This is all by design. The left is there to create chaos, while the right restore order. The goals *Destroy democracies *Create chaos *Expand Israel *Build the 3rd Temple *Create their own living messiah *Have the world worship Israel adhering to Noahide laws All this lunacy is by design. And when people look online to see what's the truth, they run into gatekeepers like the above.
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    I think any food shortages will effect Africa and places in Asia the most. However, these food shortages would be used as a form of control within first world nations. Which is probably the goal at the end of the day.
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