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  1. Maybe Donald Trump is playing both sides - because he has to! He is a maverick, difficult to control by the elite. I hope his agenda is about the people, as he says it is. Apparently he is draining the swamp, saving the children, stopping human trafficking.... I was so shocked to listen to David Icke, who I follow for years and I know he is right most of the time. This time I hope he is wrong. We need to able to believe in something. Trump might have been elected by the Elite but turned out as a non-puppet - fighting the Elite. He is the first president who is not a pedophile nor a satanist. The Elite can't blackmail him. Was he rubbing shoulders with them? Yes! But just to figure out what is going on. He has to be two faced to play their game. I really hope David Icke is wrong on Donald Trump.... Listen to this please: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/believe/e/53938663?autoplay=true
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