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  1. The BBC will suspend all of its programming, with BBC One’s coverage of the event being the only thing on air. Should the Queen die during the night, her death will not be announced until 8am. Her portrait will then be shown, along with the national anthem – as was the case in 1997 following Princess Diana’s. While other channels are not required to interrupt their scheduling, it is almost certain they will. All comedy programmes on the BBC will be suspended during the 12-day mourning period. Just the start. Twelve days of their mourning. www.bristol
  2. Nothing wrong with destroying the monarchy. What they actually do apart from raping, stealing and being the one of biggest benefits cheats in the land.
  3. The French...so you are the spokesperson of the whole country? Are you a member of the 77th brigade?
  4. The next time challenges me, it will be along the lines of the following.... "Where's your mask?" "I don't wear them, I suffer with CFS" Puzzled look on the yellow vested idiot If you want to know what that is it's COMMON FUCKING SENSE
  5. What supermarkets do you folk seem to get the most hassle from by the yellow vest idiots? It seems to me Lidl, closely followed by Waitrose are the top contenders. Just got followed around by two yobbos. I only stated exempt and the old walkie talkies started. I was just waiting for any sort of physical contact because my phone video was on the ready. That £9000 could've got me the fuck out of the concrete jungle
  6. My minutes silence to philip
  7. Is that Chelsea Klincunts lovechild?
  8. Ive made 100 photocopies of this and I plan to distribute through random letterboxes. Something to do and get my exercise as well
  9. Laughing so much at the moment. A certain radio station that I like because it plays alternative tunes are playing the violin music because of you know who has died All through the state run media, the same violin music, including 6 music.
  10. Couldn't of said it better. Anyone crying over the death of a (fill in the expletives) are not right in the head. Ickes book...the children of the matrix woke me up to the evils of them lot. Diana was ritually abused and the satanic cunts can fuck off to be honest
  11. I don't care what anyone thinks. Glad that evil twat is dead.
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