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  1. Greta Thunberg at Davos. What a poisoned slave. I can't believe how many eejoits like the autistic boy. Can't answer a question without a script. S (he) laughs at it all...dug a hole and can't get out of it.
  2. I've been having most of these symptoms. It's not the cold/flu
  3. The gift that keeps giving To a Republic of Scotland
  4. Red and white santa came from the americanized version of Christ-mas
  5. I use social media to wind up so called people. I am not talking about north of the border. Haven't lived there since '92. I turn on the telly and lust is everywhere. It's disgusting
  6. I don't do Christmas but I do christ-mas. I am just thinking of the boxing day ritual for those poor foxes.
  7. I have split up with my ex for a long time. I find it very difficult to find a good Christian woman who won't cheat on me.
  8. Give me a good moral Christian WOMAN over some dumb spirt ally lost soul who "twerks" over Tik tok I don't want to hang around morally corrupt machines.
  9. Tik tok is disgusting. I don't support the ccp
  10. Aye it is but Parrot and Virgo are forced to leave once the 22/23 season finishes...no doubt because they need to fill the die-versity quota
  11. What a legacy, she's managed to Bury the queen, the British economy, the Pound and the Tory Party in just six weeks
  12. I don't complain about Jones and infowars. I don't have to agree with all Jones is saying but has woken me up since '99 I live overseas but I would buy their products. I can't because of the postage and packaging costs
  13. I have been to Belgium, Brussels to be in particular. The Dutch speaking folk didn't connect with the Frenvh speaking folk. In fact, no Dutch speaking folk entered this bar in Brussels because it was a so called beer called Stella
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