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  1. Would this be a worldwide implantation because I am just wondering of third world nations such as sub Saharan Africa or somewhere like Bhutan? I hope there is pockets of escape
  2. I find it disturbing the cheers and applause Hopkins gets. She is full of bile and I can't stand the cow. Perhaps the organizers want to lead the crowd and others onto a dead path?!
  3. Yeah that's the killer. Out of likes...at least these home kits day two and eight I will test a banana instead since unsupervised
  4. It s a unpleasant experience. Me and my pal booked last minute to Spain. It wasn't a requirement over there. Never book flights whilst pissed up on vodka. I felt dizzy afterwards for about 20 minutes. I feel disgusted with myself as I don't wear masks in the UK or taken the Satan juice.
  5. I made the mistake of taking the devils cotton bud up the nose. I didn't know it was mandatory. Do you or anyone else think it contains nano parts?
  6. folks, I'm flying back to the shitshow tomorrow. I had three wonderful weeks in Spain I feel sick with worry. I had the stick up the nose for the first time today, as its mandatory in need to fly. I was hoping I would be left to my own device and cheat by scraping the lower part of the nose. NO, THE FUCKER RAMMED IT RIGHT UP TO MY BRAIN.Talk about uncomfortable. I really do pray to heavens above there is no nano technology in on of these things. I have to take another two when I get back, but I'll cheat. It's very uncomfortable and the bastards had to do this four times as I kept moving my head Anyway probably my last time abroad before more draconian measures begin in September. Has anyone had these RAMMED right up there and do they contain nonobots?
  7. They will blame the non jabbed. They will have to find a scapegoat.
  8. Warm weather, cheep booze and the locals having a cheery disposition in life makes me feel wonderful. Unfortunately Javid savid or whatever the fuck his name is could make Spain turn into a red zone so it's back to the hell hole this week. I've had some offers teaching English €12 an hour part time. I could go for it but because of brexshit I only have three months. Was close to repopulating the world with a seniorita but she was only studying her masters under PHIZER
  9. It does indeed. Carrefour sell it by the ton for a Euro. It's not bad. Definitely much better than a £1.80 bottle of white lightening cider!
  10. Well blacks should be sceptical because the US government at the time injected them with syphilis an many other nasty shots It's now on a worldwide scale and its satanic. Small business` are closing because of the Satan jab. If noticed there is no joy when these idiots queue up for their jab No sense of a party. Very subdued atmosphere
  11. Lol. Meanwhile in Syria...
  12. Sounds like the next so called variant
  13. Definitely some.attitude change with the double ..from my experiences so far, not innuendo. A so called friend has become more irrated and aggressive since he took the shot in June (astravenica) I only mentioned it's an experimental trail until 2023 and he went ballistic. Jesus wept. If this is what we will face, where is my self defence toy?! It's becoming dangerous I think to mention that I or others have not taken the jab. Every cloud and all that... he is no longer considered a friend but a manipulative idiot because he can't admit facts. Dangerous these people because they won't admit they followed lies. Rollin spring 2022
  14. Its mental, I can't interact with the NPC/woke cyborgs anymore, they are insane
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