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  1. Rishi Sunak has drawn up plans to give nearly six million people a one-off £500 benefit payment in an attempt to stave off a revolt over universal credit. The chancellor yesterday met the prime minister and Thérèse Coffey, the work and pensions secretary, to discuss alternatives to the £20-a-week increase in universal credit. The government increased the benefit payments for nearly six million people in March to help families cope with the coronavirus crisis. The move added an extra £1,040 to claimants’ annual incomes. The boost in universal credit payments is due to end in April, leavin
  2. I won't even take a covid test. Goodness knows what happens when they stick a nose right up there!
  3. Shake

    Greta is 18

    Once killary clincunt goes near Greta, she'll be a slave to the satanic order. I kinda pity the poor women now and those like her. The likes of Miley were forced to become so immersed in a character that she must now play it out. If Greta follows this satanic route, they must embody the modern celebrity. She must be outspoken at all times. She physically cannot leave people alone and concentrate on just being a performer for the globalists. Once she hangs around with the builderberg group, she will be invited into their rituals. She may of done that alrea
  4. Shake

    Greta is 18

    strange twatter message... She says she can't be controlled now and will be exposing all the climate change bullshit and who her "handlers" were. Seems fake to me. My thought is that it is satire... she is mocking people who know such truth and trying to gather them and speak to them. NOW SHE IS OF LEGAL AGE, we can sue her and her handlers for crime against humanity. She is also wearing a "flat earth" top. i don't want to obsess over this spoilt brat but she has done a lot of damage to the youth of tomorrow and now she is an adult, can join the
  5. Shake

    Greta is 18

    So Greta is an adult now and I guess she will have more of an authority forced upon us by the globalists. I have got to hand it to them though, previously being a child as a spokesperson, throwing her being "on the spectrum", and it stopped most people from arguing against her, and made anyone disagreeing look like a twat, stroke of genius. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/uk/greta-thunberg-at-18-im-not-telling-anyone-what-to-do/
  6. Agreed. I didn't mind the likes of cannon and ball (he died of "covid" apparently) or comedian/game show host bob monkhouse that floating turd James cordon wants to come back. He is the piers Morgan of comedy. i find all the comics follow their paymaster. Frankie Boyle used to be funny but spiels the covid script. there won't be another billy Connolly
  7. Its to do about this topic because of the mention people are leaving the urban sprawl to go somewhere else. I am am not into real estate, just a place on my own.
  8. I am in a urban city at the moment... not exactly the most friendliest of places but I'll get through i would happily do a trade... those who have a second plus home can stay there, while I can move into a place of my own and try and find some work. I can but dream
  9. Good. I can maybe have a place of my own
  10. I only watch some telly to hear storm. She speaks much more sense than the red head
  11. As a child, I always rolled in the mud. It builds up the immune system better than any vaccine
  12. The experience reminded me of that movie "they live" We've got one that can see ..in all my years, even pre covid... tesco have always had terrible customer service
  13. it's a problem. Just got shouted at and harassed by their "customer service" for not wearing a mask. They had a bench and I just wanted to sit down for five minutes and security was called because I didn't leave. I sat their for five minutes and stood my ground. Absolute crappy experience from tesco
  14. I know.. but still we have to be optimistic
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