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  1. Here's my bunting... Happy jobilee!
  2. Lavrov is right.. Hitler was a jew.. His mother was a Rothschild. I bet Russia has a lot of detail about this
  3. What the hell happened to him over the years?!
  4. Well they made a Hollywood movie recently, probably tied in with the occult. I've totally gone off goo fighters.
  5. Indeed. Can anyone translate the skit for me?
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned but a chat room would be good.
  7. There is a high amount of roma gypsies in ukraine, one of the highest amout in Europe I do believe... 35,000 in Kyiv alone (pre Russian intervention) NO chance they will leave once setting foot.
  8. So far, Russia has been cut off from Facebook, Youporn and CNN. They're working on depriving the russians from coca cola next. If they keep up with these sanctions at the current rate, Russia will become the most well adjusted and healthiest country in the whole planet in a few months time
  9. Gates will be one of the first rats to go underground when the shit hits the fan. I just found out that he/it was already at the defence summit in Germany last week. World Economic Forum- CHECK Vaccine programmes - CHECK And the inevitable defence advisor What next!?
  10. And the one before is willy wonka.. aka poroshenko
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