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  1. She looks a little bit like greta
  2. Haha that Greta has a cheek talking about climate change in Glasgow. Still it's sad... probably mk ultra
  3. Haha I hope that Coldplay took the jabs. Nothing worse than waking up in the morning listening to that so called music
  4. Sorry if slightly off topic but red ice media know about the scamdemic
  5. I dont mind a bit of red ice radio
  6. There is a special place waiting for fauci.
  7. It's dangerous times. China wants to take over the planet. At least Trump stopped their advancement
  8. Hahaha..very cringe. I would share it on my favourite social media platform (not) but I'll get another ban
  9. Hahaha. My better half is Swedish and she can't stand that Greta
  10. Very proud of my Scottish roots. Won't change to be a Somalian for the world
  11. Slightly off topic but I can imagine that spoilt brat lecturing the people of glasgae next month.
  12. Yuck. Gun, bullet, head...at least Americans have that.
  13. Give me asbestos over these jabs anyways
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