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  1. Hi, I joined the DI forum a while back when I was isolated and needed to connect to other people. Since then we have been having face to face meetings and the internet became obsolete for me. Unfortunately, I am in a position of needing to use the internet again. Jasmina, good luck with the new platform. A group called Freenation in West Yorkshire has been de-platformed from a few places so we could use something like this. What are the next steps to take to get it operational? I'll help if I can.
  2. DOES ANYBODY KNOW THEIR COLLAR NUMBERS! Hate to derail the humour thread with a dash of seriousness but this video is taken in Sheffield. I recognize the rainbow crossing and the police ladies on horses. On Saturday in Sheffield our gathering was basically attacked by thugs in uniform, including those women on horses. A man had a cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated after what witnesses say being trapped between a horse and a doorway. We don't have video footage of this and it might not be correct, but these women are part of the crime scene. They were there on previous gatherings, but kept their distance and didn't interfere. I actually thanked them at one stage for doing so. This means that they KNOW Pierce Corbyn and Mark Steel were not organizers of the event. The Battle of Sheffield, as it is known, started as a peaceful gathering with guest speakers. Police presence was very heavy from the start. An order came from up high to arrest Pierce Corbyn and Mark Steel. We surrounded them to make sure that they didn't take them, so the police violently broke through the crowd and the whole scene erupted into fighting and chaos, and then tragedy as someone basically died for a few minutes before being resuscitated by police (to their credit) and ambulance crew. If anyone knows their collar numbers, please let me know. Anyway, back to humour. How many coronacowards does it take to change a lightbulb? One. The coronacoward simply holds the bulb whilst the world revolves around their fears.
  3. Hello again folk Well done for sorting the forum out! Must have been a lot of work; beyond my expertise anyway! An update on the off-grid movement. The number of people who are involved and seriously committed is small but expanding. There are online groups doing so and also the Freenation meetup in Hyde Park, Leeds is having good results with communities starting and so forth. Also, protests are happening such as the weekly one in Sheffield by Stand Up X. This is great news; people are protesting the conspiracy itself and not some small aspect taken out of context. Meanwhile, we are connecting physically offline and helping each other out. To be honest, I am quite surprised that there is no coverage of the counter-movement against the totalitarian state on the David Icke website. It would be worth doing; presumably galvanizing ourselves and people into action is the whole point of our collective efforts. If anybody wants action; whether an off-grid movement or the protesting/activism side of things, please direct message me. Lots of love guys and gals, The Kat
  4. Update on movement: Yesterday in Yorkshire there was a meetup of about thirty people; a sizable chunk of them were serious about going off-grid. There are many independent groups organizing this; and things are happening physically and underway. There is also more activity online. If anybody in the UK wants to put the effort in, somewhere to go will be manifested for sure. Contact me directly and I can put you in touch with some of these groups. People who are not in the UK contact me anyway. We want to network local and everywhere so we can make this movement worldwide. Be careful not to get so engrossed with the research, conspiracies and fear that we forget to escape the slaughterhouse and make the world a better place!
  5. Nice quote! Totally agreed. Gonna go fruitpicking myself, till the off-grid stuff is organised. I have a van and a trailer where I can live
  6. An update on the movement; There are a large number of people in the UK making plans to go off-grid. If anybody is serious about going off-grid before the next lockdown tyranny, there will be people to go off-grid with if you are in the UK. Also, anybody who wants to do any other form of activism can be linked to appropriate groups. Please PM me if you are interested. We are at a stage now where if we want to be free from the tyranny we can be. Of course, a few groups going off-grid by themselves aren't gonna stop the new world order; this is why it's imperative to do it en-mass. Please visit the website of the Rebel Warrior Movement for more information. If you are interested in participating in either going off grid, or some other activism, please PM me. https://rebelwarriorleader.com/
  7. Mate, there is a bunch of counter movements going on. https://rebelwarriorleader.com/ https://theconsciousresistance.com/ I'm involved in bringing down this cabal, even if it takes me three lifetimes! It's happening, at an exponential rate. Anyone who is serious about bringing down the control system, or at least escaping it, message me. Any yes, OP, your strategy involving the religious figures is worth a try.
  8. Hello wonderful people, Before I get into some stuff bridging the gap between possibility and action, I think some awesome points were made that I am gonna address: Nice attitude! True warrior spirit! Precisely, good point. Make no mistake; we're going into the fray. This strategy poses extraordinarily risk and we are NOT going to avoid the system by running and hiding. We are heading for conformity, extermination or battle. But we can 'fight' on our own terms. We choose the battlefield. We need to expand our definition of what we mean by 'fighting'. This is why I don't use the word. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a belief that violence is 'wrong' per-se, but there are alternatives. There's much to be said for learning how to destroy, but what about creating? The plan is to build/farm/science better and more efficiently than the nazi's can. Also, and this is really important, we, as a whole, need to retain communication with those imprisoned in the matrix. This doesn't need to be online. Why? Because we are acting a a means for people to get out if they so choose. We are intent on expanding our numbers exponentially. The more committed people we have, the better civilization we have, and that will in turn make people want to live freely. It's a matter of numbers, focus and powerful intent. Could we develop technology to counter the drones, radiation and so forth? Sure we can, but we need a lot of people and to focus and work together. What about telepathy? That could be important. Off-grid doesn't necessarily mean low tech. What about people around us seeing that we have more efficient agriculture and better healing? It will make people realize that there is an alternative. This is the main thing; 'fight' by striking at their weak spot. In this case, their weak spot is their inefficiency. Absolutely right mate! Great idea. This can (and should) happen at the same time as going off-grid, as sort of a pincer movement. The two strategies are complimentary, not mutually exclusive. Going off-grid en-mass isn't the only strategy to do something about the system. Now, in terms of actually doing this thing... Let's say your situation is obviously a long way off going off-grid. Start one step at a time. How are we defining off-grid anyway? Ultimately, it involves complete independance of the system. None of their transport systems, parts, laptops and so on. Most of what is considered 'off-grid' is really just an intermediary phase. We have always got a long way to go. It is a path of ever-expansion. Don't think about the entire journey. Focus on the next step. Whilst practically improving your situation, reach out to people and contact and network (as people are doing right here right now). Synchronicity will line up as long as your intention is clear.
  9. Hey Problem Child, It is quite a big step from being fully domesticated to living completely out of the system. This is a good example of this process already starting. 'I don't know much about living off - grid, but I do know a good alternative healing technique'. If there were fifteen people; one of whom, let's say, has a large piece of land (or knows where to sqaut one), a couple of whom are expert growers, one of whom can build and maintain engines, a few who are fantastic labourers, some who can identify lots of plants e.t.c, and you who have a good healing technique, and you all have the intent on thriving and expanding, then you are pretty much there! Of course, I know there's a long way to go before that happens, but the point is that you don't need to know everything about surviving, because we will all be in communities - except maybe for the hard as nails who can survive alone. Tomorrow, I am going to write a post hopefully breaking down the barrier between the situation now, and the amount of work required to leave. In my case, I'm slightly more prepared than most but even I cannot survive by myself completely off-grid - yet!
  10. Hello folks; Given the obvious totalitarian agenda; for those who do not want any part of it, want to thwart it, or simply want to live peacefully, I have proposed (and am involved in enacting) an uncomplicated strategy for the aim of going off-grid en-mass. The idea is removal of dependancy from the system and peaceful non - compliance to reduce our energy imput, negate the effect it has on our lives, foster personal development and create our own civilization (s). But that may seem like a pipedream. After all, one of the agenda's of the system is to reclaim the countryside. They are systematically putting pressure on off-grid communities as it is and doing their darndest to make sure no-one lives a life of freedom. Besides, the vast majority of people are not in a position to forseeably go off-grid, so it may sound like a nice idea that is not applicable to the real world. In this communication I am going to address these issues. Most of the communications that happen on this forum are regarding either the system's strengths or how evil they are. To understand how this stratergy is expected to work it is necessary to understand not just their strengths but their weaknesses. How is the system structured? We need to know this first of all. For all it's apparent complexity the only universally pervasive aspect of it's structure is laughably simple. Imagine a pyramid. You know, the one on the dollar, the illuminati triangle? Where do we see this pyramid in graphical form? In office buildings, because it denotes a hierarchy. The top down pyramidal hierarchy is a universal component of the system and determines it's every function. Niel Hague's art is the best way to visualize this. If I wasn't such a complete technophobe (I can barely use a computer!) I would include an image. At the top of a pyramid is it's capstone. For a business this may be the CEO. For a school it's the headteacher. For the overall system we can define this as the illuminati. The definition in this context is there the INTENT is broadcasted. The lower tiers are the ENABLERS of overall intent set by the top of the hierarchy, and they would, so far in this model, have something to gain from enabling the intent of the capstone. 'But' I hear you say 'The illuminati are clearly against natural law. The lower-downs have nothing to gain from their pshcopathic schemes and they for the most part don't know the agenda'. Absolutely right, which is where compartmentalization comes in. Compartmentalization is most obviously used for secret military projects to keep them secret. An engineer, for instance, would work on ONE part of the spaceship and the rest would be kept secret. Under no circumstance would he ever meet the pilot! This concept is pervasive in the divide and rule model. Black people and white people, as exampled by the recent events, are given different sets of information about the other race in todays world, and previously black people were overtly given a different caste and made into slaves. Religions are given different sets of information and pitted against each other. People work on mostly a single career and changing careers is a lot of effort. All of this is compartmentalization, and is designed to reduce the flow of information and stop people working together. Divide and rule as they say. So we have a basic structure which is a top down compartmentlized pyramidal hierarchy. The capstone (illuminati?) is in the know. The body (everyone else) has divided knowledge. The body are, by necessity, made to be weak, dispirited and divided. The capstone has an intension that is so agains natural law and so wrong that the only way to get people to work towards that intention is to trick them and weaken them. This is the basic structure. Anything else is just adding flesh to a skeleton. How does that help us? This structure has such a fatal flaw that it is a miracle it has survived this long. It is built on a house of cards. It is the most pathetic excuse for a civilization ever. It's entire existence revolves around making it's body, the seat of it's workforce and the manifestors of it's intension, weak and divided. It could not hold toe to toe with any genuine civilization. How does something manifest in this world? Some representary mathematics goes like this: Manifestation = Intention x practical effort (in the direction of intention) x faith in ones abilities x spiritual stuff The intention at the top of the hierarchy is there very strongly indeed, but the body is divided. They have different and competing intentions which are manipulated so that on average they would vibrate in the direction of the capstone's intention. Most of the practical effort is wasted in keeping the hierarchy intact. The workers are dispirited by design and the entire thing is an inversion of all that is good. The system's strength exists by it's sheer size, but it's DENSITY OF MANIFESTATION, that is, manifestation power per person, is frightfully low. They are weak. Getting back to going off-grid. Yes, they are taking the countryside and have a genocide in store for us. The plan is to be stronger than them, which sounds hard but only because it hasn't been done before with FULL, KNOWING, FOCUSSED INTENTION. Our manifestation power is intended to be greater than theirs. In practical terms, that means that we can grow food more efficiently, be healthier and stronger, multiply our numbers exponentially, defend ourselves cleverly (there are alternatives to fighting). A few people going off-grid for their own self preservation will do nothing and they will eventually succum to the genocide. A mass movement with all our might and spirit focused on manifesting will grow like Japanese knotweed. Now, how do we get from here to there? Let's say that our situation makes it apparently impossible to go off-grid. OK, it might not happen tomorrow. The agenda is advancing fast as well, so it can seem like there is not much of a chance. If I, little me by myself have so much work to do to get there and only x amount of time it can seem impossible. But you are not alone. There is an element of faith here. Once the intention has been set, the COMMITMENT TO FREEDOM like we label for step one, synchronisity will move in the direction of freedom no matter how far away it may seem. No, this is not a passive process and involves a serious amount of mental, emotional and physical effort. But you don't know the full journey, only the steps ahead. Step two is composed of two parts. The first part is to transform your situation in a direction to going off - grid. You don't have to know how to do it or how long it will take, just start. Do ANYTHING that feels likely to help. The thing you don't know yet is what events and people will manifest as a result of your intention. The second part of step two is communication. Have direct communication with other committed people and share plans, experiences, insight into people's situations and so forth. Reach out and find more people who are ready to take the spiritual plunge into committing to freedom. Help the movement as a whole, and not just your own situation. Eventually, you will manifest a social group and a situation that is aligned to your next step, even if at the beginning it would have seemed impossible. Helping the movement as a whole with genuine intention and communication will have that reflected in manifestation on your part. There is a starter pack at https://rebelwarriorleader.com/
  11. Lizard Spirit, that's a really useful reply. I see that you don't have the means to go off-grid, I don't either yet. You are absolutely right as well about their agenda to reclaim the countryside. The plan is to make the numbers of people who are doing this, and the energy that we will do it with, increase exponentially. It is a sort of all or nothing scenario; either do it with full expansive focused energy or perish. This is why we emphasize the first step, which is commitment. In a couple of days, I will post something a bit more detailed explaining why; A. You don't have to be close to being in a position to go off grid to start B. The weaknesses in the system and their agenda (and they are truly whopping weaknesses)
  12. OP, It's happening! If you're ready to take the leap of faith, there is a massive team being assembled to do exactly what you described en-mass!
  13. I just found this thread! Definitely, it's gonna happen! I'm doing the same thing; growing stuff in my Mum's garden to get into the habit of producing our own food. If you're definitely committed to this (or to a similar course of action), pm me. The more people we get, and the more skilled we become at agriculture, health e.t.c., we can create lots of off-grid scenario's and everyone can choose how they want to live
  14. Hey folks, If there was a doorway to freedom, would you take it? It does take guts, and the path it leads to might be a tricky one with steep drops, obstacles and so forth. But it might seem an intelligent option if it leads out of the pig farm when we know that we are soon for the abattoir. This isn't the only door to freedom, but it is a door nonetheless. To go through the door, simply read this thread. Then, simply commit in your heart to freedom (note that this is not a commitment to any specific lifestyle, social group, movement or plan of action, just to your own unadulterated freedom). After that pm me. The first steps have already been explained. To keep the door visible I am going to spend an hour or two every couple of days making communications on this forum. I will put additional info on this thread (which won't be much because the strategy is deliberately kept simple). Also, I will respond to topics leading towards a positive course of action. The reason why I am choosing this forum as one of my means of communication is because David Icke is a good researcher. Therefore, users of this forum won't have to be 'educated' on why it might be a good idea to undergo a strong course of action to regain our freedoms. As an end note, does anyone here know any other good places to communicate a plan to go off-grid en-mass? Facebook and Twitter annoy me too much to make me want to go there...
  15. numnuts, you are absolutely right! The entire design of the system is based on making everyone in it weak and divided. The intention of the tiny minority at the top of the hierarchy is really only for them. Below, as I have explained in another post just now, the intention (and also effort, belief in oneself etc) is divided in a million directions. It has to be, because who in a hierarchy obsessed state would intend for what their SUPERIORS want, which is for THEM to be inferior! They are inefficient at making society functional (which it has to be somewhat to support those at the top of the hierarchy). Their armies and police state and teams of bureaucrats are only big and strong because of the system's sheer size. As soon as we give them some GENUINE competition with regards to living as a society, they are completely screwed!
  16. Kat Bottom


    Beautiful thread! I think a positive attitude is a great thing; we don't win freedom by being mired up in how scary everything is all the time. On that note, rather than talk in detail about the strengths and power of the system (which is still important to know) let's put this in perspectives by broadcasting their weaknesses and showing that the emperor well and truly has no clothes. (edit) This may be a long read before the HOPE bit becomes obvious. Believe me, it is coming at the end, but requires some context first. The single most pervasive concept in the structure of the system is the compartmentalized hierarchy. This is such a simple structure; the top of the hierarchy is home to those who are percieved by themselves as being the most powerful. The rest of the hierarchy serves as a means for the many to carry out the will at the top. To maintain a control structure and prevent people from seeing the whole and working together this hierarchy is compartmentalized. Knowledge is restricted to some degree within each compartment. People are divided. This works on many levels; communities of political opinions are put into conflict with each other, economics is designed to make people go down a single career path to prevent broad knowledge, the military use this to keep secret projects secret. Meanwhile, the top-down gradient is designed to keep people chasing their own tail pursuing dreams of higher status. Basically, the entire system operates by making it's subjects (on which it is dependant) weak, distracted and divided. Knowing this structure gives me more hope than anything in the universe. How? Why? Because a structure designed to make it's workforce/source of energy weak and divided is inherently weak itself! Think about it. How pathetic is that? 'I, Billy big bollocks at the top of the pyramid, am dependant on everything below me being weak and innefficient'. Their system is crap! The only reason they still exist is because we (as a whole) believe they are so strong, and haven't bothered creating something better - yet! Still don't believe me? Let's get some (passable) science on to this; How do we manifest something? It goes Intention x grounded effort x faith in ourselves x spiritual stuff = manifestation. Or something like that. The INTENTION is entirely there at the top of the pyramid. Below the 'capstone' or the Illuminati level or whatever, compartmentalization begins. The agendas at this level are divided, and this goes right down to the bottom where it is divided further. The effort down below is mostly wasted just trying to keep the hierarchy intact, and they have little faith in themselves because of the whole design of the structure is to make most people miserable. Their manifestation power is only there because of their sheer size and lack of competition. Their manifestation power DENSITY, that is manifestation power per unit human energy, is pathetic. It is tiny. They are extremely vulnerable. Again, they are only there because we haven't focused our intention, action, faith and spiritual stuff properly - yet! These armies of light beings aren't some imaginary ungrounded concept. WE are here right now. I am a spiritual warrior sworn to take down the system and bring in freedom, and so is EVERYBODY here if you want to be. Dawn, you asked for hope that the good guys are gonna come out on top. I hope this delivered. WE are the good guys and we CHOOSE to come out on top!
  17. I think you're right on both parts. The first step (after being committed oneself) is to get committed people involved, whilst learning any skills that are likely to come in useful. We build a network of committed people, and from then we can discuss specific plans. Each group, to go off-grid, would need to be able to survive agriculturally. So there needs to be people who are good at permaculture, between us we would have to know the natural environment really well e.g. what plant and animal species may need protecting, people who can build shelters, healers and doctors - yes, mainstream medicine is 85% crap but we need to be able to replace their emergency care as well as holistic medicine. Each community, before going off grid, will need to be able to survive and thrive. Without getting the network of committed people, of course, there can be no plan. We need to know what skills people have first before specifically moving to various places. We also need to take in personalities and individual ambitions, e.g. if somebody wants to be a healer, we need to help that person facilitate that. The third step is the actual coming together bit, but it cannot be done without first doing the steps that can be started literally right now. What I am saying is that we are not just jumping ship without proper planning. There is a plan, and we are taking it step by step.
  18. Hi guys and gals, well done for coping amongst the chaos! I think there is very little point in this forum and David Icke's work if we don't use our collective minds and courage to go down some intelligent route of action. There's no use knowing that we are headed for the slaughter house if we don't turn back. Do you know that science is censored? Of course you do! Did you know that the system is designed to be divisive and inefficient (to keep us chasing our own tails?) Of course! Anybody who reads David Icke's work knows all this. Why am I pointing this out? Because it means that if we were to go off-grid en-mass and seriously use our brains and courage to create whatever we want as a society, we would have a serious advantage in terms of our efficiency and agricultural/healing technology. A big off-grid movement has already started, though it's in it's infancy. There is a plan, and it's simple and doesn't involve telling people what to do. There is a vision, a specific goal like all good movements have. The vision involves multiple communities living completely independant of the system. These communities can be in many shapes and sizes; large fixed towns, small farmstead communities, nomadic tribes, wandering groups, flotillas of boats, island comunities e.t.c. The amount of them keep growing as we set that as our intention. Each community can live however they want. There will be inter-community communication for those who choose, and we can share skills and technology. People can move to different communities if they don't like their own. Nobody needs to be forced with an ideology. There is no leadership. Communities can organize themselves how they choose. The first step is to have the balls/ovaries to commit. Decide 'Right, bollocks to this I'm going off grid! Don't think about the 'how' yet. The second step is in two parts. One part is changing your situation to facilitate going off grid. Don't worry if you don't know (yet) where to go or what is happening, have faith! Do things like learn any skills needed, clear your presence from the house by tidying up, get fit, learn to identify trees, anything that you feel might be a good idea. The other part is to communicate to other people via whatever means is available. We all have the internet on this forum. Obviously, PM me. Also, try to find other people, tell them of the plan, get them to commit. Forget changing the system. The system, as is obvious to people on this forum, is specifically designed to be a tyranny. Making minor changes via activism is like trying to convert a house into a flying saucer; the house is designed for the precise opposite function! It was great, for example, when women got the vote through activism but the joke is that 'democracy' does not exist anyway! We can't keep doing things through minor changes like so. Let's not bite the hand that feeds. While we are dependant on the system; unable to live without supermarket food, transportation, internet and their sewerage system, we cannot do much to stop our inevitable fate.
  19. Great attitude! The next stage is logistics. First, getting the critical mass, then getting them all in Washington DC on the fourth of July. I'm in the UK, otherwise I'd be there with a burning torch, a bottle of moonshine and a bad attitude. My rough plan is to gather as many GOOD farmers, inventors, healers and so forth, share technology and go off-grid en mass with better tech than the system, COMBINED with good old fashioned activism. If you feel it's right, keep going with your plan. Get that critical mass, and march on DC. Could be seriously dangerous, but dangerous is just another word for fun. Well done for actually planning to do something mate.
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