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  1. Hi, I joined the DI forum a while back when I was isolated and needed to connect to other people. Since then we have been having face to face meetings and the internet became obsolete for me. Unfortunately, I am in a position of needing to use the internet again. Jasmina, good luck with the new platform. A group called Freenation in West Yorkshire has been de-platformed from a few places so we could use something like this. What are the next steps to take to get it operational? I'll help if I can.
  2. DOES ANYBODY KNOW THEIR COLLAR NUMBERS! Hate to derail the humour thread with a dash of seriousness but this video is taken in Sheffield. I recognize the rainbow crossing and the police ladies on horses. On Saturday in Sheffield our gathering was basically attacked by thugs in uniform, including those women on horses. A man had a cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated after what witnesses say being trapped between a horse and a doorway. We don't have video footage of this and it might not be correct, but these women are part of the crime scene. They were
  3. Hello again folk Well done for sorting the forum out! Must have been a lot of work; beyond my expertise anyway! An update on the off-grid movement. The number of people who are involved and seriously committed is small but expanding. There are online groups doing so and also the Freenation meetup in Hyde Park, Leeds is having good results with communities starting and so forth. Also, protests are happening such as the weekly one in Sheffield by Stand Up X. This is great news; people are protesting the conspiracy itself and not some small aspect taken out of
  4. Update on movement: Yesterday in Yorkshire there was a meetup of about thirty people; a sizable chunk of them were serious about going off-grid. There are many independent groups organizing this; and things are happening physically and underway. There is also more activity online. If anybody in the UK wants to put the effort in, somewhere to go will be manifested for sure. Contact me directly and I can put you in touch with some of these groups. People who are not in the UK contact me anyway. We want to network local and everywhere so we can make this moveme
  5. Nice quote! Totally agreed. Gonna go fruitpicking myself, till the off-grid stuff is organised. I have a van and a trailer where I can live
  6. An update on the movement; There are a large number of people in the UK making plans to go off-grid. If anybody is serious about going off-grid before the next lockdown tyranny, there will be people to go off-grid with if you are in the UK. Also, anybody who wants to do any other form of activism can be linked to appropriate groups. Please PM me if you are interested. We are at a stage now where if we want to be free from the tyranny we can be. Of course, a few groups going off-grid by themselves aren't gonna stop the new world order; this is why it's imperative to do i
  7. Mate, there is a bunch of counter movements going on. https://rebelwarriorleader.com/ https://theconsciousresistance.com/ I'm involved in bringing down this cabal, even if it takes me three lifetimes! It's happening, at an exponential rate. Anyone who is serious about bringing down the control system, or at least escaping it, message me. Any yes, OP, your strategy involving the religious figures is worth a try.
  8. Hello wonderful people, Before I get into some stuff bridging the gap between possibility and action, I think some awesome points were made that I am gonna address: Nice attitude! True warrior spirit! Precisely, good point. Make no mistake; we're going into the fray. This strategy poses extraordinarily risk and we are NOT going to avoid the system by running and hiding. We are heading for conformity, extermination or battle. But we can 'fight' on our own terms. We choose the battlefield. We need to expand our defi
  9. Hey Problem Child, It is quite a big step from being fully domesticated to living completely out of the system. This is a good example of this process already starting. 'I don't know much about living off - grid, but I do know a good alternative healing technique'. If there were fifteen people; one of whom, let's say, has a large piece of land (or knows where to sqaut one), a couple of whom are expert growers, one of whom can build and maintain engines, a few who are fantastic labourers, some who can identify lots of plants e.t.c, and you who have a good healing techniq
  10. Hello folks; Given the obvious totalitarian agenda; for those who do not want any part of it, want to thwart it, or simply want to live peacefully, I have proposed (and am involved in enacting) an uncomplicated strategy for the aim of going off-grid en-mass. The idea is removal of dependancy from the system and peaceful non - compliance to reduce our energy imput, negate the effect it has on our lives, foster personal development and create our own civilization (s). But that may seem like a pipedream. After all, one of the agenda's of the system is to reclaim the countr
  11. Lizard Spirit, that's a really useful reply. I see that you don't have the means to go off-grid, I don't either yet. You are absolutely right as well about their agenda to reclaim the countryside. The plan is to make the numbers of people who are doing this, and the energy that we will do it with, increase exponentially. It is a sort of all or nothing scenario; either do it with full expansive focused energy or perish. This is why we emphasize the first step, which is commitment. In a couple of days, I will post something a bit more detailed explaining why; A. You
  12. OP, It's happening! If you're ready to take the leap of faith, there is a massive team being assembled to do exactly what you described en-mass!
  13. I just found this thread! Definitely, it's gonna happen! I'm doing the same thing; growing stuff in my Mum's garden to get into the habit of producing our own food. If you're definitely committed to this (or to a similar course of action), pm me. The more people we get, and the more skilled we become at agriculture, health e.t.c., we can create lots of off-grid scenario's and everyone can choose how they want to live
  14. Hey folks, If there was a doorway to freedom, would you take it? It does take guts, and the path it leads to might be a tricky one with steep drops, obstacles and so forth. But it might seem an intelligent option if it leads out of the pig farm when we know that we are soon for the abattoir. This isn't the only door to freedom, but it is a door nonetheless. To go through the door, simply read this thread. Then, simply commit in your heart to freedom (note that this is not a commitment to any specific lifestyle, social group, movement or plan of action, just to your own
  15. numnuts, you are absolutely right! The entire design of the system is based on making everyone in it weak and divided. The intention of the tiny minority at the top of the hierarchy is really only for them. Below, as I have explained in another post just now, the intention (and also effort, belief in oneself etc) is divided in a million directions. It has to be, because who in a hierarchy obsessed state would intend for what their SUPERIORS want, which is for THEM to be inferior! They are inefficient at making society functional (which it has to be somewhat
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