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  1. Security on buses. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/10/philippe-monguillot-french-bus-driver-dies-following-attack-passengers-refused-wear-masks His colleagues used their right to refuse to work in the aftermath of the attack but will resume work on Monday under reinforced security, the local operator said.
  2. Youll only be able to use these at certain timesmes of the day, it will be like a greenhouse in there
  3. Heard that those working with Nhs arent allowed holidays till October
  4. Think he wants to disassociate himself with conspiracy theories. He keeps telling everyone he's not one.
  5. Well the marxists are at it, with little Britain being pulled from bbc and netflix. In my eyes they pushed an agenda anyway
  6. A lot of air lines have been repatriating people, SA, Cyprus,Norway, Thailand etc
  7. Shouldn't the focus be on police brutality and state surveillance
  8. Cloudfare is an internet security company. Its just protecting the site
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